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  1. the Devils met the Mayor of Salford on Sunday. Think it must have been a last minute arrangement. Some great pics of the players who appear to be in fancy dress including the dodgeball outfit. Check out Ian Blease on twitter for more
  2. No, just that at the Willows we all stood in the shed, now those same fans are spread across South and West stand and in the west stand I see less people as that is significantly bigger than the old shed. One fans did travel over from Sydney as well so it explains that
  3. I think Salford and Jackson were a perfect fit at the point in his career. Salford is a small community club, which means they are able to protect a player, he was accepted into the family which became very protective of him after his first 20 mins. He was also astute enough to realise what he stood to lose. He always has time for the fans usually one of the last from the pitch. yesterday his Mum and sisters were out pre match drinking and socialising with the Salford fans again that protective family arm around them and accepted as one of us. He will go on to bigger and better things, heard about a number of offers he already has, be surprised if he sees out a Wigan contract.
  4. Salford are no where near the cap. It is funny that many of the things Marwen was saying 3 years ago are being said by others now. Nooby and Harris just signed anyone who was available with little regard to how they fitted together.
  5. Well I the game. I was surprised by the calls that went against Salford, what were the TJs doing surely they could have helped out. Saints were by far the better side ball in hand, the speed of the play the ball was difficult to deal with. The atmosphere was incredible, the noise in the Salford end was almost constant, I'm not a huge fan of football grounds as I feel detached from the game especially when watching behind the sticks. Hope it isn't too long before Salford are involved in another one. Met up with fans I haven't seen in years as we now stand in the different parts of the ground.
  6. Hastings is a big loss it will be interesting to see how he does at Wigan. His loss would affect any team even Saints. Jones will do well at Hull if he has a player offloading to him. Griffin is another leaving I have mixed feelings on him, he is costly, gives away loads of pens or loses the ball but he has an amazing work rate. Bibby is a solid player but not irreplaceable. Trust in Watson ! The key for me is turning some casual supporters into season ticket holders. This will allow the club to spend more money
  7. Just don't place the bet with William Hill https://www.manchestereveningnews.co.uk/news/greater-manchester-news/salford-red-devils-bet-honoured-17055310
  8. Salford fans from far and wide it seems TonyXIII think they are looking to have a get together at Old Trafford for all overseas fans.
  9. I saw an article in the press saying that as few Salford fans were wearing shirts at Wigan they must have been new fans. I have supported Salford since before they won their last title in 70s but rarely wear tje club shirt or any merchandise. I dont like the material. I have worn t shirts or odd sweat shirt. Are other clubs the same
  10. I don't like the redesigned Salford badge, especially the trident thing on the top. I like the move to Salford Red Devils.
  11. Salford have sold 7000 at the stadium. Another 4000 bought on line thete will be a good noisy crowd
  12. no real rivalry between the sides, nor any real history.
  13. Getting rid of Noble was a good idea, he is spent as a coach. The mistake was appointing Harris. I admit I thought appointing Watson was a mistake just thought it was doing on the cheap. Shows how wrong \I was.
  14. Marwen saved Salford. At the point he joined the club was dead. He was badly advised at the start by people including a certain Mr Chambers. He is responsible for funding Jackson Hastings and Joey Lusick when they first came. I'd be happy if he left his money in the game but left the decisions to the experts.
  15. I just want Salford to perform. I still haven't quite got used to the idea Salford are in the final. We came close at Saints to winning so have it in us but think it might just be too much
  16. I remember the team conceding the try received the ball, all that happened was the team was trapped in their own area.
  17. It seems the advertisers have agreed to allow Salford are in adverts on all the digital signs across the city including at the roundabout for M602 on the way in to Manchester
  18. I think August must have been a joke by Holbrook.
  19. How did Watson not win coach of the year???
  20. Glad you are sorted Tony, My lovely hubby queued for our tickets this morning for a couple of hours. Still not sure it has sunk in.
  21. I hope they are a success. I have concerns regarding their business practices. Toronto remind me of the worst bits of Leigh. High proportion of annoying fans who think they are the 2nd coming. Owner who seems like Koukash sails too close to the edge regarding paying. Having said all that exviting times if they can deliver and start to develop home grown players in a frw years
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