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  1. It got 11 278 in Lens in 2012, as part of a 3-way series between France, England & Wales. But we don't do stuff like that any more.
  2. Seen figures of 1200-1500 bandied about by Workington fans elsewhere, which seems a couple of hundred up on what they were getting last year. Makes roughly 16.5K total for the round, which is encouraging.
  3. I think that's a bit harsh. He's a pretty solid tackler, you didn't often see him miss one-on-one when playing in the pack or at centre for Skolars. If you look at the highlights here, the problem for most of the tries scored on that wing is that the Broncos defence ends up outnumbered out wide. Juma is then left trying to defend two players. It's the structure on that side that needs some work. Look at how often Jordan Williams ends up marking no-one in some of these attacks. https://widnesvikings.co.uk/london-broncos-a-highlights
  4. Suspect I can guess the answer to this, but was there any attempt to do anything to encourage the Wimbledon FC fans watching for the first time? Squad pen pictures, introduction to the rules, that kind of thing?
  5. I was pretty sceptical beforehand, but it's the best venue they've played at this century - would be absolutely perfect for SL if there was a way to get a winning team on the pitch. The design of the stadium meant there was a proper atmosphere even for a game that wasn't massively competitive, and there's plenty of space and facilities for fanzone type stuff and entertainment. For a last roll of the dice, it looks like a good choice.
  6. Nearby streets. Lots of places with Mon-Sat 7am-7pm restrictions, but I would actually say easier to park than most RL grounds up North. I parked on Waterside Way, a minute or two from the turnstiles. That said, it's probably still just about the least accessible bit of London if you're coming from the North, either driving or public transport.
  7. 2182 is higher than their average crowd in Superleague in 2019. ( For comparison, 1133 watched a game against Salford, 1205 a game against Wakefield, 1419 against Huddersfield, 1503 against Hull KR).
  8. Yes, although the main stand is much bigger than the LNER. I met my son in Putney and then drove to the ground, loads of parking on a Sunday. Excellent acoustics made for a cracking atmosphere in the away end. Really nice stadium, decent catering, friendly stewards. Certainly a better facility than Trailfinders, The Hive, The Stoop, Brentford etc. Without Jack Owens & Lewis Hulme not playing, Widnes looked a bit disorganised in the second half when Matty Smith went off. Obviously London had lost the game in the first twenty minutes, but they worked hard and got better as the game went on. I don't think they're quite the dead certs for relegation that many people thought. They'll need to beat Whitehaven in their next home game, you would think. I'm not one for criticising referees, but I wonder how much thought is given to warm-up games and match fitness for them? He seemed to struggle to keep up with the pace of the game at times. Hard to give the correct decision when you're miles behind play.
  9. Impressed with the plough lane stadium, quite a lot of RL fans walking through Wimbledon before the game. Probably a bit under the 2000 attendance mark. Referee has done his bit to keep the score down, but 5 tries to 1 tells its own story. Broncos down the slope second half though.
  10. 500 sounds about right. I counted a little under 400 sales in the "away stand" but there are definitely Widnes fans who bought tickets in the main stand, because initially that was the only stand made available.
  11. I bought my tickets a couple of hours ago, and there looked to be approaching 2000 seats shown as sold on the ticketing website.
  12. True - although my recollection is that quite a lot of people watched both games - and there were not very many from Oldham. And of course, there is absolutely no reason why the League 1 final couldn't be played as a double header.
  13. As a Widnes fan who has watched a lot of Skolars games over the last few years, this is the first time in a couple of decades I'm expecting us to go to the Broncos and win. That looks like a squad that is going to struggle in the Championship. Home advantage should get you a few wins I guess. Quick scroll through the ticketing site - there's currently 371 seats sold in the away stand, and I know a lot of Widnes fans bought seats before the away stand ticketing was made available. Looks to be getting on for 1500 seats sold in the West Stand too. That's pretty encouraging.
  14. Exactly. The National League Grand Final at Headingley between Castleford and Widnes got just short of 21K in attendance, and a big tv audience, because there was promotion at stake. There's absolutely no reason why a final featuring two of the clubs with similar support levels - Featherstone, Leigh, Halifax, Bradford for example, couldn't fill Headingley today.
  15. It's the classic 'towns which historically were in Lancashire, and still are according to old blokes who attach too much significance to such things, but are now in formerly adjacent counties which existed previously but with very different boundaries' derby. I can't wait.
  16. If Adriam Lam can keep him on the straight and narrow, he'll be the best player in the championship
  17. Waitrose - the supermarket for towns that are too downmarket to have a Booths?
  18. Yes, it's hard to blame the county championship for England's problems when most of the squad barely play in it.
  19. ECB to appoint Novak Djokovic as England batting coach. He has no previous cricket experience, but it still took the Aussies more than a week to get him out.
  20. Meh. I'm OK with the players drinking together at the end of a tough tour. Although drinking with Nathan Lyon might have been a step too far. This is just media muckraking.
  21. For the same reasons that cup games get poor crowds. The world has changed. A reasonable proportion of spectators can't attend games arranged at short notice because of work or family commitments. It's not like when all games were Sunday afternoon and few people worked on Sundays. You automatically knock 20%+ off the crowd by arranging a game with a week's notice, and that's before you start on things like whether it's included in the season ticket. The Grand Final has been a big success for RL. The play-offs leading up to it most definitely are not.
  22. The choice between Wigan and a small town IN Wigan was interesting. Toronto or Vancouver
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