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  1. Marshalling has turned into bit more of a commitment these days. Used to be all done and dusted by 9:40 and join friends who've been running for a coffee, but with the increased number of walkers, you're often out until after 10. That is a very impressive effort by those people with spinal injuries etc. We had a lady walked round with a zimmer frame with her teenage grandchildren at Cambridge a few years back; by chance, we had a British Olympian and a European indoor champion running the same day. Good illustration of what parkrun is about.
  2. Opening round of fixtures Jan 29/30/31 Leigh vs Whitehaven (Sat Jan 29) Barrow vs Sheffield Eagles Batley vs Halifax Dewsbury vs Bradford London vs Widnes Workington vs Newcastle York vs Featherstone (Mon Jan 31)
  3. My youngest son was at an athletics event at Lee Valley (coaching for long/triple/high jump & pole vault) when he was in his mid-teens - not too long after the 2012 Olympics. The GB handball coaching staff were there too and basically told the assembled athletes that if they took up handball, they had a decent shot of playing for their country at some level, as there just weren't that many people playing. I always use korfball as my measuring stick for minority sports; there's definitely more korfball players than handball players in Britain.
  4. Eddie Rombo did try to get RL going in Kenya quite a while back. The current setup seems not to have too much interaction with RL elsewhere. https://krlf.co.ke/about_us.html Lucas Onyango, the former Widnes and Oldham player, is also involved.
  5. Zagreb feels quite uncrowded by tourists - very different from Split or Dubrovnik or the Croatian coast and islands. You can draw your own conclusions about why that it is
  6. I'd definitely plan to do both - Bratislava is fun, but it's not that big. The train (or coach, or riverboat along the Danube) is pretty quick and the main things to do in Vienna are all very walkable. I'd go for Budapest over Prague. Venice & Rome worthy options too.
  7. (It was "Stand Down Margaret" by The Beat - not sure you could do something like this on kids tv any more Sang like a heavenly choir.
  8. An hour most of the time, but summer holiday weekends can be a 100 mile queue from Plymouth back to the A303 turn off. I lived in the area when 30K+ people would travel to Twickenham for the county final if Cornwall made the final. Definitely an untapped market currently.
  9. That wins the internet for today
  10. Looks like he came on as a sub. Bit worrying that St. Gaudens two Aussies have gone home after a couple of weeks - their squad was already looking pretty threadbare, and they have no juniors to call on.
  11. I posted on the championship thread a couple of months back, that POR is the only RL ground where I wouldn't take my family. Accept that it's a small minority and the vast bulk of Fev fans are decent people, same as RL fans anywhere else. And of course all clubs have their share of idiots and people who can't take their drink. Still, it's been like that for years and I don't see any action from the club to make the ground feel safe or welcoming for away fans, to deal with racist comments etc.
  12. It does You can get there from Workington in around 11 hours, with 4 changes, for under £250 if you book ahead.
  13. I lived there for a while. You can have a 100+ mile queue to get into Cornwall on a summer holiday weekend. It really will be significantly further than a trip to Toulouse or Perpignan (or Llanelli) if you try to go there in August. That said, it is one of the few untapped markets in Britain for professional sport. Outside of Yarkshire, it's probably the only other place where people still care about what county they're from - calling it Cornwall rather than the name of a town is absolutely the right thing to do.
  14. Fairly standard in UEFA competitions. Neither Rangers nor Celtic have the word Glasgow in their name, Sporting Lisbon don't have the word Lisbon/Lisboa in theirs. Plenty more examples. I guess the non-facetious point is that people will support teams with the names of small places they don't live in. It's hard to find any recent examples of successful name changes in the UK. What matters more is actually doing something to attract a wider audience. Fev would probably have more success with a 'free entry to people wearing flat caps' day than just changing their name.
  15. One of Tottenham Hotspur, Arsenal & West Ham should rebrand as "London & South East England" to outflank their rivals. Aston Villa should rebrand as West Midlands Conurbation. Juventus should rebrand as Piedmont. In the other code, Sale could rebrand as Greater Manchester, Lancashire and Cheshire, but perhaps "Granadaland" would be catchier.
  16. Yes, very easy to get into print now, but we seem to have got to the point where even printed club programmes are not viable.
  17. Feel like I should point out that the Leeds fanzine has a picture of Nelson Mandela being released, and asking "Have the Loiners won owt yet?" I'd forgotten that Leeds went over 20 years without winning the league or Challenge Cup.
  18. Nearly all of this team ended up as pro players and more than half played for England or GB as full internationals. One thing I noticed was that the two players who expressed an ambition to do A levels and university were names I didn't recognise - which suggests they did do that and didn't become pro players. (Bit of googling says one one of the two taught PE and is a cycling coach in Halifax).
  19. Sadly, this is going to be me over the next couple of weeks. Selling the big place where we've been for 20+ years now the kids are gone, temporarily moving into a small rental, and trying to drastically reduce the amount of stuff we have to pay to keep in storage. Already taken a perfectly usable desk and chair to the tip today. Left it out of the front of the house for the day - no takers - so off it goes. Plenty more decent stuff to go too.
  20. I've been to 70+ countries and more than half the states in the US, would still put Vegas right near the bottom of places to visit It's Blackpool or Yarmouth with a lot more money and a lot less taste.
  21. Same for me. More sorting through the loft has turned up a load of old copies of "Treize" magazine. I suspect the AS Carcassonne players might not want to be reminded of this crime against fashion.
  22. A few Aussie "Rugby League Weeks" from around the era of the ARL/SL split too, if anyone fancies rescuing this any of this stuff from the tip.
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