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  1. I thought (Wiganers will know more I'm sure) that the council's share was only 15%. I believe they own the freehold to the land too.
  2. Do they not teach about apostrophes in school any more ?
  3. Yes, I meant to say two decades ago, but you're absolutely right, it was 1999 when it opened. Still, if you look at Saints, Bolton and Salford, which all had fairly similar £20-30m price tags attached (albeit built some years apart), it's clear that £3m is exceptionally cheap.
  4. It cost more than £30m to build, less than a decade ago. The price reflects the fact that it's not an income generating facility without tenants. £4m to buy the whole thing and then offload the football club to a fans consortium for a token £1 would still be an exceptionally good deal you would think. Presumably there is no need to worry about any hidden debts as the company has gone into administration.
  5. Seems like the best approach to me. Best efforts to get all games played, but if some can't be fitted into by the cut-off date, so be it. More of an issue might be if one or other team has a positive test in the week before the grand final or something.
  6. Stuart Cummings did referee the two world cup finals after this one, although the 2000 one was the Australian thrashing of NZ.
  7. 1992 World Cup was refereed by Dennis Hale of New Zealand, back in the days when neutral referees were de rigeur for international RL matches. Shaun Edwards had a moan about him before the match, the Aussies predictably had a moan about him afterwards, so one can assume he did a good job.
  8. I guess this is because there does not appear to actually be a strategic plan, unless someone knows different? In a normal business, you might expect the CEO to have some kind of multi-year strategic goals, for example to increase the number of people playing, to increase the number of amateur clubs, a route by which the England team might win a World Cup, to have women's RL regularly televised, to increase sponsorship revenue, to add one expansion club to SL in the next 5 years or whatever. You might also expect some kind of plan for how to achieve those goals e.g. employ some development officers to increase participation in a specific targeted area or talk to French regional government to see what funding might be available. If the RFL and SLE have any kind of strategy at all, beyond reacting to events and trying to keep current clubs alive and get a good tv deal, it does not appear to be well communicated. Clearly, there are no resources or money for expansion, so that part takes care of itself.
  9. I got the train up from Plymouth for this. In hindsight, possibly the high point of RL's profile with the general public in Britain? Anyone remember whether there was any pre-match entertainment? I guess the Status Quo, Jason Donovan, Carole Decker, Cliff Richard stuff was in the years after this.
  10. You'd have to say that he's made a pretty substantial difference when you consider Hull KR's situation 16 years ago compared with now.
  11. I would guess that looking through the editions of Open Rugby for that period would provide answers too. Something like Russia or Samoa joining the international board would definitely have been reported.
  12. The Scotland/Italy game at Workington in 2013 was one of the best games of the tournament and there were 7000+ of us there. I think this game was meant to be at Workington and got moved to Newcastle when Allerdale Council reneged on their stadium commitments. Thunder have higher average crowds than Workington (and obviously it's a way bigger place), Sunday afternoon kick-off, in a place that's pretty easy to get to. I'd expect Kingston Park to be pretty full.
  13. Did Catalans make a single break in the first half? I don't remember one. Very disciplined, very low error rate. Innes Senior has looked pretty decent for someone playing on loan.
  14. Yes, this is going to be a fantastic event.
  15. It's a different ex-Widnes player called Eric Hughes, who played for Leigh & St. Helens after leaving Widnes. https://widnesvikings.co.uk/a-tribute-to-eric-hughes/
  16. Depends how far back you go, I suspect. Single digit scores were the norm for the first few decades of RL. Widnes didn't concede a try in the first six games of the 1919-20 season, nilling the opposition in five consecutive games. They weren't particularly a top team, so I expect the record is quite a bit higher.
  17. I see Leeds United's new sponsor came several years too late to twitter, and the obvious handle for them had already been taken by somebody else. So, Leeds Utd fans, make sure you look at @sbotop_uk (Link removed by CKN)
  18. This is pretty much how League 1 did operate for a while - play teams in your own area twice and those in the other area once. It made it easier for the southern clubs to make the play-offs, which some people didn't like. Of course, that was when we had Oxford, Gloucester & Hemel in the southern half - the travel arrangements with the set-up above don't look quite so good for the southern half.
  19. I was waiting for someone to post that they still do in Whitehaven/ Workington (delete as appropriate) so I'm impressed that you took the high ground there
  20. You joke, but of course, Victorian/Edwardian era teams did sometimes travel by horse and cart from the railway station to the ground before and after matches.
  21. Slightly odd turn this thread has taken. Seems like there's almost no topic that people on here can't turn into a discussion of historic county boundaries Some of the West Cumbrian amateur clubs have a very long history. Egremont joined the NU in 1900, Wath Brow at around the same time. The Cumberland league has been in existence since the 19th century, although it became the north-western league with the addition of Furness clubs for quite a while. Easy to forget how lengthy the journeys could be at that time. No cars, of course. Teams from S.W Lancs would sometimes travel to Barrow by train to Fleetwood and then steamer the rest of the way.
  22. Can't see that maintaining social distancing at a Skolars' game would represent much of a problem for me. Maybe I would give the Challenge Cup at Wembley, or internationals a miss at the moment though.
  23. Bal Numapo, the PNG RL international, who scored one of the winning drop goals in PNG's 20-18 win over GB in 1990, passed away yesterday.
  24. My first job out of university was in Plymouth. My boss was a Raith Rovers fan. His boss's boss was a Raith Rovers fan. And the General Manager of the whole place was a Raith Rovers fan. Was quite funny when they ended up playing Bayern Munich in the Uefa Cup.
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