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  1. Well worth a watch on the highlights too - hilarious stuff. Italy camped out in the Macedonia penalty area for 90-odd minutes, passing it to each other, barely losing possession but barely making a chance. Macedonia get the ball in injury time and score a wonder goal on the breakaway,
  2. Sean Long is still assistant coach at Leeds isn't he? He's been coaching for 10+ years now, wonder if/when he'll step up to head coach anywhere.
  3. 6783. I guess very few away fans. Also Toulouse being at home means a lot of the diehard treizistes from Aude, Tarn etc. have an alternative. Lot of criticism in France about the decision to play at 8:30 on a Friday night too.
  4. York 28 Widnes 6, with about 15 to go. York forwards very much on top in the second half.
  5. Pretty evenly matched teams and a good game so far. Widnes bombed a couple of tries in the last few minutes. You can see why Levi Edwards got an England Knights call though, made two tries and very much involved in the third.
  6. More brilliance from Levi Edwards puts York in at the corner makes it York 16 Widnes 6 after 30.
  7. York 12 Widnes 6. Two bits of individual skill for both tries, Adam Lawton chipped two defenders to score, then brilliant from Levi Edwards for a second length of the field try for York.
  8. York 6 Widnes 0 after 13 minutes, very nicely worked try taking advantage of the extra man after Eribe Doro was sinbinned - couldn't see why, seemed like a perfectly normal tackle, but the ref is obviously much closer than me.
  9. i've spent the last week on Svalbard (amazing place). The locals consider the people from the Arctic North of mainland Norway to be soft southerners living a life of luxury with their fancy plants that grow outside in summer and all.
  10. I can walk to this one from my (temporary) new home. The last time I walked from my house to a Widnes match was an Easter Monday game against St. Helens on the way to the league title.
  11. As requested by Big Picture - this was in the October 1994 issue of British Rugby League magazine, Open Rugby.
  12. Ten teams taking part in a Nines tournament in Athens this weekend (8 mens teams, 2 womens teams)
  13. Four crowds of over 3000 in one round in the championship, suspect it's been quite a while since the second tier achieved that.
  14. Yorkshire is over 5 million population by itself. How much of that you call "heartland" is another matter, but it's already higher than Ireland, Wales or New Zealand, and only marginally lower than Scotland.
  15. Everton's home form is OK though. A lot will depend on whether Leeds get a "new manager bounce". Burnley probably still slight favourites to go down, although I'd certainly rather have Sean Dyche as manager than Lampard.
  16. Yes, 12-0 down after 10 minutes, but well on top for the rest of the game. Nathan Mossop in particular, has been excellent. Both teams have way too many errors in them to be anything other than fringe play-off contenders, but a very enjoyable game with plenty of good attacking moves.
  17. I've posted before - it's the only ground in RL where I wouldn't take my wife & kids. I know plenty of people who just won't go there. If intimidating and unpleasant is how Featherstone as a club want it to be, then fine, but don't then complain when away fans tend to give it a miss.
  18. Funny to read Fev fans bemoaning the lack of away fans at POR. Maybe ask yourselves why people don't want to come?
  19. I like going to Barrow, it's a good ground to watch RL, plenty of facilities near the ground, and nice to have a weekend in the South Lakes. I think Barrow have only won twice at Widnes in the last 50 years, both in the Des Johnston era. Not that has any bearing on the game tonight.
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