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  1. They've competed in every Challenge Cup since 2000 apart from last year's cutdown version and have gone out to amateur opposition in the first round almost every time (West Bank Bears, Normanton, Myton Warriors in recent seasons). What's changed this year that makes you think they're likely to compete with a top championship club like Batley?
  2. Cas, less than 2 weeks ago, as it happens. But you are of course correct in the general case. Dewsbury charged £10 on Monday night and had a crowd over 1000 higher than their previous home game. Hard to tell how much the reduced price contributed to the increased attendance and whether it actually brought in more money. Seems to me there are plenty of people prepared to spend £20+ on beer, fizzy drinks, poor quality pies/ burgers, snacks etc. once inside the ground. And plenty prepared to spend similar sums on actually getting to the game, and others prepared to pay considerably more to buy replica jerseys, hats etc. I don't think clubs have experimented very much on segmenting the audience. Would people pay a premium to sit in a stand where people bring food and drink to your seat like in American sports, for example?
  3. Presumably Wakefield didn't lie to the police and the RFL about what happened.
  4. I was trying to do those sums on my way home I.e. how much extra beer and pies do you have to sell to recoup the reduced admission fee?
  5. He's gone from 'why are we giving this guy a game' to 'best player on the pitch' in a very short time. If he continues at the same level, I would be very surprised if he is not playing SL in 2023.
  6. Yes, I doubt Dewsbury features on national TV all that often. Widnes being top of the league probably means we take a few hundred more than a couple of years ago. Still, most people there last night were home fans and the Rams deserve some credit for the work they did to promote the game as an event.
  7. Yes, very much five drives up the middle type stuff from Dewsbury in recent seasons.
  8. Monday nights seem to be working out for the Championship clubs in terms of attendances. Over 2500 for Dewsbury v Widnes, if I heard correctly.
  9. Just got back - very enjoyable game. Got to give some credit to Dewsbury's ground staff for getting the game on given the weather over the last few days, although given the number of ankle injuries the Rams seemed to suffer, maybe the players won't be so happy about it. Nice to see Paul Sykes wearing the number 40 shirt. Attendance 2500 and something, good to see so many boys and girls representing Shaw Cross Sharks. I think the first half was probably the toughest spell Widnes have faced so far this season, perhaps a reflection of who they've played so far though. Eribe Doro the pick of the Widnes players for me, once again. He looked a bit lost in the team last season, and was a bit of a penalty machine, but massively better in the last couple of games.
  10. True - but at the same time, I think Matty Marsh had a stinker at full-back and I reckon York will want to spend the week practising defending that, because I reckon Eamonn O'Carroll will have his kickers watching the video with great interest.
  11. Attendance 2069, pretty decent considering the weather. 500+ from Leigh I'd guess.
  12. Yet another try off a kick by Mellor, this time a chip over the defender which he regathered himself. York 4 Leigh 40 FT. Absolute thrashing in the second half.
  13. Nice run from Aekins (I think) gets a try for Leigh in the corner 4-22 with about 20 minutes to go.
  14. Nice kick from Joe Mellor puts Reynolds through for a Leigh try. York temporarily down to 12 after a late, high tackle on Mellor. 4-18.
  15. It is a pretty strong wind, nothing like Friday though. Rain has eased off temporarily too. Two penalties for tip tackles and one for a high tackle giving Leigh the half-time lead.
  16. York 4 Leigh 2 after 25 minutes. Couple of repeat sets for York, Chamberlain dropped the ball on a grubber kick and the York player got to it first for the try. Conversion missed.
  17. It was the football team's FA Cup song in 1972.
  18. York 0 Leigh 2 after 15. Very wet indeed, not a day for passing the ball.
  19. Absolutely torrential at York, still quite a breeze too.
  20. You sure? Jouffret was on the pitch in the first half yesterday I thought. (Although it did get tricky recognising people in the mud).
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