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  1. When has there ever been a friendly between them
  2. Tangle

    Mike Worrall

    He is out of hospital,had 3 stents fitted
  3. Tangle

    fixtures out

    Could you repeat that in English for the over 70s
  4. Tangle

    Mike Worrall

    Just heard mike isn’t to well hope he is ok a really good guy
  5. Tangle


    Joe not many flights but you can go Manchester to Carcassonne return for about £40. Remember it’s pretty cold.
  6. Not really bothered what Swinton or any body else does Oldham has been my love for nearly seventy years and I am hoping to see every game next season.
  7. There’s only one daily drip on this site
  8. Also welcome back I’ve missed your wonderful comments and your fabulous support, just don’t get a season ticket sat next to us.ps where have you been during our winning run.
  9. Widnes have gone backwards since then we have improved
  10. Enjoyed the game today, made it perfect for for a family do after . A great advert for lower league rugby better than some of the one sided super league games on sky
  11. Not always Oldham beat HKR a couple of years ago
  12. If we owe stalybridge how come we played there recently , best luck to the lads Sunday hope it’s cooler than here in France.
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