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  1. Also welcome back I’ve missed your wonderful comments and your fabulous support, just don’t get a season ticket sat next to us.ps where have you been during our winning run.
  2. Widnes have gone backwards since then we have improved
  3. Enjoyed the game today, made it perfect for for a family do after . A great advert for lower league rugby better than some of the one sided super league games on sky
  4. Not always Oldham beat HKR a couple of years ago
  5. If we owe stalybridge how come we played there recently , best luck to the lads Sunday hope it’s cooler than here in France.
  6. Can dr players play in this game?
  7. What a wonderful performance that made my weekend magic.
  8. Tangle

    Danny Langtree

    What good news
  9. just bought tickets for the rugby at a discounted price any body going just visit their website save £6
  10. Your views are always welcome
  11. Tangle

    Pop up shop

    I wondered when you would pop up
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