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  1. Enjoyed the game today, made it perfect for for a family do after . A great advert for lower league rugby better than some of the one sided super league games on sky
  2. Not always Oldham beat HKR a couple of years ago
  3. If we owe stalybridge how come we played there recently , best luck to the lads Sunday hope it’s cooler than here in France.
  4. Can dr players play in this game?
  5. What a wonderful performance that made my weekend magic.
  6. Tangle

    Danny Langtree

    What good news
  7. just bought tickets for the rugby at a discounted price any body going just visit their website save £6
  8. Your views are always welcome
  9. Tangle

    Pop up shop

    I wondered when you would pop up
  10. Long term I am worried but then again I doubt if I will be here longterm
  11. Wakefield have dr with Newcastle next season
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