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  1. That’s what some said on the way to HKR a few years back
  2. Tangle


    I did not go today I’ve been watching for over 70 years since my parents sat me on the wall at watersheddings I have never felt so low we have had a few bad teams but this is the worst . Hamilton will have to make much better signings for me to buy a couple of season tickets
  3. Tangle


    I’m very interested sadly on holiday but will try to keep in touch good luck to everyone
  4. Hopefully tangle will coach the ladies he must know everything about rugby
  5. I was very surprised by the number of Oldhamers at the game
  6. We’re going joe love away days
  7. How many of last years team played
  8. The floodlights hardly lit up the pitch
  9. Heard that the club house and changing rooms have been the victim of an arson attack at Whitbank
  10. I seem to remember the club was well and truly destroyed before CH came along
  11. It looks to me that a few people who post on here want the club to fail while doing little to help with that in mind this is my last post for some time . I will spend my time I have left planning trips to away matches and saving for a couple of season tickets etc
  12. I remember beating Wigan in the fifties regularly I am sad we have a struggle but I will still be there next season and don’t forget we had lots of directors in the nineties and look we that ended up
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