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  1. Tangle


    If all the clubs in debt are culled there will be a very small league.
  2. 1963 I was working near Widnes and went to a match with Oldham when they put some form of chemicals on the pitch to thaw it out. We still lost
  3. I thought Brian curry was full back in those games but my memory is slowly fading
  4. When I feel a little down I just think how much worse it would be self isolating with little know it all for company
  5. Saw both our championship finals must be getting old
  6. Me too and at Swinton when we lost to hull
  7. I know who I would like to cull
  8. I hope it’s on off for a weekend in the lakes
  9. People said we couldn’t beat Widnes in1990=when we were in the second division but we did.another game that only seemed like yesterday
  10. Tangle


    Thankfully they are losing. It was an ideal day for a upset
  11. Tangle

    Away tickets

    Clubs get 20% of air tickets they sell for their away games as I go to most away matches I hope we will be selling tickets
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