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  1. I think we can give the club the benefit of doubt after a superb season to see what happens on Saturday. I've heard 2 of our main players have had very good offers elsewhere and may well be considering them and one of our travelling players is departing as well.
  2. I'm sure we have done some business behind the scenes but will see what happens after presentation evening. In thorman we trust
  3. Is there a change in relegation and promotion at the end of the 2022 season or the normal 2 up 2 down?
  4. Superb off the bench. Immediately gets in amongst it
  5. Less travelling for him isn't it
  6. Callum Phillips is having a team build around him at whitehaven by a coach who trusts in him, won't be back to town anytime soon
  7. Sammut will be looking to gain a payday no doubt somewhere
  8. Last few seasons season tickets havnt counted for play offs why should they now? 2 free drinks and a discount next season is a great deal
  9. Greame, personally think your doing a great job and people don't understand what the role entails. But any club word on if we can sign anyone or not for the play offs with no game this weekend an update would be appreciated for us doe hards
  10. More importantly any word on any new emergency signings or the format in which we can try to sign? You couldn't expect a player to sign for the playoffs having not played all season.
  11. It's the same as super league so it's just not well stated about home advantage
  12. There was images of him training and I would also be looking at getting Tom curwen back as well from the wilderness
  13. On the team front for next week, isn't loans out of the question, which is why folk are playing on one leg? The fitness type pack or lightweight as some call it has worked for the majority of the season but now teams have cottoned on and now play direct down the middle. To be a big fan of the thorman revolution, I ask do we have a plan b for the playoffs? As plan a isn't working
  14. If we were to lose in the semi finals and have to get a second chance, that would then mean we would have to travel to the Victor of the first semi final wouldn't it?
  15. Gut wrenching but what a quality end to a season even with covid interrupting it the twist and turns have been amazing
  16. If that happened would it go head to head which we had a draw at there ground? Promoted on away tries rule.
  17. Thank goodness, if there was radio coverage we would have won Sunday, that's why I'm blaming. Fingers crossed, skolars won't be easy
  18. Fell Young Singleton Wellington Holyroyd (super league for me) Doran Forber but apparently retiring Fitzsimmons Odonnell Weetman Barnes Hanley Obrien Henson Scholey Clarke Miller Marwood Wilson Is that enough would all be good enough for the championship let alons
  19. Is miller re injured or could we potentially see a late season return and a possible miracle? Hopefully Fell back to shore up the back line and release holroyd to be free also.
  20. Those barrow lads are a bit bigger then our lads and more experienced but we have done all right this season so be an interesting dual.
  21. Do you feel confident Rob especially after turning us over earlier this season?
  22. Holroyd 2 hutchings 3 Wellington 4 Moore 5 young 6 Doran 7 Forber 8 Fitzsimmons 9 Henson 10 Clarke 11 Dawson 12 Barnes 13 obrien 14 Marwood 15 Lightowler/ Wilson 16 Weetman 17 Singleton
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