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  1. Weird, Definitely not in my paper - perhaps there is an early edition for the North - often results for evening games do not appear. I do remember getting papers before midnight in London and these were different editions to later ones
  2. Unfortunately, that was just online and not in print
  3. Further reading - TV section of Times - critics choice - bit of coverage and a photo!
  4. Follow up - Coverage in Times today 'Challenge Cup Final St Helens vs Warrington Wembley Stadium 3.0' - seriously, that is it. Although there is a third of a page blurb on 'How to Climb'
  5. I read the Times - there is no mention or build up to tomorrows game - taking into account the Times doesn't cover RL hardly, but is this due to no pre match 'stories' being put out by clubs or RL or pure bias? What's the situation in other papers?
  6. Rather than franchise, shouldn't it be that promoted teams have to meet strict criteria eg owning their own ground (or at least in control), financially independent, youth system, reserve teams, feeder clubs, average attendances etc.
  7. Price of live entertainment is totally distorted now. Its not just RL. My first Glastonbury was £21 and a pint was about £1.50, in todays terms Glastonbury is £240 so a pint should be £16. I used to take non league watching mates to Central Park in the 80's 90's, hard to get a neutral to stump up £30 now.
  8. Listening to it and reading the graphic - it was just referred to as 'Rugby' no mention of 'Rugby League' is this how it's referred to?
  9. Morecambe - (fits seaside destination) - 6.5k capacity and best pies in football
  10. Streaming offers the first opportunity to broadcast without having to sign up to a broadcaster, potentially everything can be done in house with all revenues back to the league. In monetary terms, if Sky can hand over a huge wedge of cash, cover the production costs, broadcast to a very small proportion of the UK and still make money out of it, then why can't the RFL do it on their own? I'm pretty sure more people have the internet than a Sky dish and subscription. The recent boxing match between two numpties shows it can be profitable - it has to be the way forward
  11. I'm a Times reader, until a couple of weeks ago, when he was on Backchat, I didn't know the Times had an RL correspondent because the coverage was so sporadic and methodic (just game descriptions no background or stories and if a game was played later than 6pm no coverage at all) it felt like the reports were filed by someone instructed to write about the game rather than someone who actually liked the game. Came to this site this morning to find out about the Lions tour - which was announced on Radio 2 no less - because the Times didn't run the story.
  12. Weren't Wigan players in a soap many years ago? Emmerdale possibly, Gary Connolly?
  13. Cecil P was a Lancastrian - Baron of Carnforth
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