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  1. Hi, Thanks for replying. I have the test match programme v. PNG in 92. It's both tour games I am missing. One against Highlands and the other v. Islands. Be curious to find out if there was anything produced for either of these tour games. I have the Canterbury tour game from 90. It's the Canterbury game from 92 I am missing as well as the Auckland game. Good info regarding the NZ test game in 88. I will continue not hunt for that one.
  2. Hey, some advice needed here.... I've been collecting Great Britain (tests l, international and your games) programmes since 1984. Got them all apart from the following 9. Which are....... 1988 Highland PNG North Queensland NZ test 1990 Kiwi colts PNG game in Goroka 1992 Both tour games in PNG Auckland Canterbury My question is, does any one know if any programmes were printed or produced for any of these games? Saves me searching and looking for something which isn't there. Plus am missing all games down under on last year's tour. Been told by a clue of fans who went out there, there wasn't any.
  3. As promised. Stated Barrow at the top lol, but clearly says Hunslet below ?
  4. Featherstone produced a teamsheet for last night's game with Hunslet. Will post a pic if it later. No price, just a donation box.
  5. Missed Jimmy and Brambani last night. Errors cost us as well as goal line defence and 1on1 tackles cost us. Some very weak tackling at times
  6. Emailed NRL, no response...and also the 'big league' magazine people who have stated they are not producing programs. But couldn't say either way if they going to be any at all
  7. Was told today that Thornton is here for another season by a ex player (last season) so not sure how accurate it is, esp as we have heard nothing from the club as usual. Anyone know if this is true or any news on coach for next season or recruitment? If the Thornton rumours are true, that him and his side kick is back for another season I seriously am thinking about not going back to watch the same rubbish as the past two seasons. Definitely not buying a season ticket but may pick my games if we start to do well Anyone any news?
  8. Hi, does anyone know if any programmes are being produced for our tour down under? Or any for the Pacific Cup games? Been trying to locate them online and by email but no joy. Has anyone any updates?
  9. My best 13 since 87 ish.... 1. Slater 2. ET 3. Inglis 4. Meninga 5. Sailor 6.Lewis 7. Johns 8. Roach 9. Smith 10. Webcke 11. Sironen 12. SBW 13. Hanley 14. Buderus 15. Gallen 16. Lazarus 17.Tallis
  10. Thanks for the update....any more as regards ko time?
  11. Heard yesterday that this could be played Sunday at 6 or 6.30pm. Anyone heard the same? If so, why kicking off so late?
  12. Hi, can anyone tell me of the venue for the GB Under 21s v the Kiwis back in 1993?
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