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  1. Hi, can anyone tell me of the venue for the GB Under 21s v the Kiwis back in 1993?
  2. Hey, if anyone has the above programme and are willing to sell, please let me know? Happy to pay a good price
  3. Lol, fair enough....not what the Aussies call them
  4. Hi, I'm looking for tour 'club games' from 1988 onwards. Anyone have any which are in good condition and willing to sell? Let me know?
  5. You still got the Australian 92 programme up as I can't find it?
  6. Agreed both half backs looked slow and void of any ideas. Was it me or did all our forwards look tired and unfit compared to batleys?
  7. A starter for 3 after yesterday's dire showing...... Flynn.....the smallest forward from last season who I'm still waiting to see him break his first tackle Wright....out of all the hookers we had last season he had to be the slowing and tackling was poor Haley....fans favourite, however the must un fittest prop we had last season and the same yesterday. Struggles to produce effective 20 mom bursts anymore. Seen his day...
  8. What's happened to the buy it now / make an offer tab?
  9. Cheers mumby. I will be bidding. What's your buy it now price?
  10. Better than some of the same old ###### in the squad for Sunday.
  11. Anyone know where Muffer is next season? Don't see him down as one of our re-signings for 2019. I'd have re-signed him personally. Great defensively, could always make a break and scored tries, esp with some of the one who have re-signed for next year.
  12. Hey folks, I am after the above programme. If anyone has a copy, please let me know? I will pay well for a copy Cheers
  13. Mark, I'm interested in the Aussie tour programmes. Get them listed or even DM me plz?
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