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  1. Some or the contributions on this thread remind me of a group that bully some poor fella at work every day until he leaves (or worse) and just laugh it off by saying it was all done in fun. There is an amazing lack of empathy for what it must be like to be on the recieving end of some of this 'banter'.
  2. We have different expectations of behaviour. I'm OK with that.
  3. Have you watched the video of Oledzki explaining what happened? He stated that he expects to get some stick from the opposing fans but the language used against him was discriminatory and abusive. And used while there were children and families in the stands. It takes a special kind of person to defend the abuser in these situations.
  4. Most of this is not worth replying to. But I am obliged to ask. As you have now found your shift key or caps lock key for STOP can you use them more often please.
  5. Child never changes. When is he due to retire? So the worst of part of Child's inconsistency is that he is consistently inconsistent? I guess that is better than being inconsistently consistent (I think).
  6. I haven't seen any of the previous posts in this thread so I don't know if it was ruined by the ref or if it was a dour game but.... I loved it, felt like a bit of a throwback for me, full of blood and thunder, bigs hits and good tries with skill. Very good game.
  7. I don't know how we can ban fans for life for racist comments from the terraces when players get 10 or 8 game bans for racist tweets or racist language during games. As a sport, we say that we have zero tolerance of racism but we don't mean it.
  8. Yes, a lot of mistakes. But I am enjoying it (with the exception of that bin lid being battered consistently).
  9. Looking at the video, it's a harsh send off on Jack Ashworth. Yes there was a bit of messing around at the ruck (as there is in every tackle) but Brad Singleton hits him twice with good shots. I am really not sure what Ashworth is supposed to do... just keep getting hit!
  10. I see Mellor is following that time old team mate battle cry 'one in, all of you lot in'.
  11. As I have stated a few times on here, I would prefer we go to the video ref less, not more and I back the ref's to trust their own opinion. I think the replays confirmed that the contact with the head was accidental and didn't warrant a penalty and so the ref called it right. I would say well done to a ref having the confidence to call the incident and get it right.
  12. I want to watch a West London community club and I think my two choices are the London Chargers and Hammersmith Hills Hoists. I have looked at rugby-league.com but its not a great site to discern the league structures and fixtures. Are these two sides still around, are they in the same league and any recommendations on which to follow. Thanks.
  13. Are you advocating that the referee should have stopped the game instantly and not let the play complete?
  14. It's interesting the resentment that you describe. I must admit, when we were under strict lockdown in the UK in the spring of 2020, it was when professional sport started up again (including the NRL) that game some relief from the boredom... surprised that the sport loving public of Australia resent the sports being played.
  15. It's more than that though. I am not going to get into the details as everyone will have different views and different vilians but the sport has self destructed from the inside through self interest and protectionism more times than I can count... on both sides of the world. Sabotaging the World Cup is just the latest and most high profile. I have hoped beyond hope that the sport would prevail but I have given up willing it so and desperately believing it will become what we all want it to become... that way madness lies. I don't wish any part of the sport to fail. I am beyond b
  16. I'm not interested in the politics now. We may have an 'insider' view of the motivations of the NRL clubs and the significance of IRL's level if authority etc. but all that will be seen from outside Rugby League is one part of our great sport trying every angle it can find to stop its premier international event from taking place. The sport of Rugby League has shown once again that it is its own worst enemy. I am very close to just walking away from Rugby League, which has been one of my life's great passions - sometimes you have to just let things go to protect yourself! If the Wor
  17. I think this is a fair point. But to counter. In many ways, it is not what they have done, more how they have done it that is difficult to swallow. The timing and the authoritarian manner they have managed the players. My point is that the future is an unknown. All the other sports I can think of move heaven and earth to put their events on this year... yet we think of reasons why we can't play.
  18. Of course it is to do with Covid because Covid is the factor that has come into play in order for the NRL clubs to influence the players' participation in the World Cup. For pretty much every other sport in the World, Covid was a challenge to overcome in order to continue with international sport. For the NRL (and therefore the ARL and NZRL), Covid is a perfect excuse not to commit to our World Cup and they have taken that decision without consultation with the people they are professing to protect. I would never blame or shame any player who decides not to come but all I ask fo
  19. With respect, the second half of your post (focusing on personal choice) contradicts your first part which supports the decision of the authorities to take a unilateral decision. If the decision to not send a team is valid (right or wrong), why should Cameron Smith's opinion on whether he would have made the choice to come matter at all?
  20. "Argument is an intellectual process. Contradiction is just the automatic gainsaying of anything the other person says." Could be the mission statement of some forum members!
  21. Here's an idea. We don't force players to come if they don't want to. The ARL and NZRL don't stop players who want to come from coming. It's so crazy it just may work.
  22. Depends. Do you think the Super League players are in danger?
  23. So far yes. But players like Oledzki and Prior have big engines so they could get on top.
  24. Looking forward to seeing these two packs going at each other tonight and seeing Harry Newman live for the first time since his injury.
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