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  1. 11 hours ago, graveyard johnny said:

    go round city centre pubs before between and after psychobilly gigs dressed  in the gear with the hair etc - get the looks- get the comments - get the deck head wanting a pop at you after a few shandys- bother me? not in the slightest - its there problem - i rise above it 

    Some or the contributions on this thread remind me of a group that bully some poor fella at work every day until he leaves (or worse) and just laugh it off by saying it was all done in fun.

    There is an amazing lack of empathy for what it must be like to be on the recieving end of some of this 'banter'.

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  2. 10 minutes ago, graveyard johnny said:

    children and families hearing bad language at a rugby match - whats it coming to? I  think i will faint with the shock of it - in the hundreds of matches i have attended over the decades  it has been nothing but polite pleasantries and good wishes for the opposition in gamesmanship like manner - get a grip 

    We have different expectations of behaviour.  I'm OK with that.

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  3. 35 minutes ago, graveyard johnny said:

    so true- we can all stay in our bedrooms crying in to our pillows been offended by this and hurt by that or we can choose to get on with it- would anyone these days go see a comedian like jimmy carr , paul smith or frankie boyle if being offensive was so upsetting?

    Have you watched the video of Oledzki explaining what happened?

    He stated that he expects to get some stick from the opposing fans but the language used against him was discriminatory and abusive.  And used while there were children and families in the stands.

    It takes a special kind of person to defend the abuser in these situations.

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  4. 32 minutes ago, graveyard johnny said:

    working down south i have been called a northern inbred bersterd more than once- to which i reply "oi ,i might be from the north but am not a berstred" - hes a big boy from poland - all grown up and that - playing in front of hostile spectators who support other clubs as his job - polish is not a race - everybody STOP been pathetic!

    Most of this is not worth replying to.

    But I am obliged to ask.  As you have now found your shift key or caps lock key for STOP can you use them more often please.

  5. 3 hours ago, Jim Prendle said:

    I'm not advocating anything. I am merely asking why this referee who made no mistakes all night according to the President of the RDL, didn't see fit to have the VR check the circumstances of the incident which left the player prone on the ground.

    If, as has been suggested, the officials didn't see that Marshall was out of it despite two of them being within yards of him, then it should be off to Specsavers for the pair of them.

    If it turned out that review deemed it accidental then fair enough but as we check many other lesser incidents I don't know why the ref would ignore that one.


    As I have stated a few times on here, I would prefer we go to the video ref less, not more and I back the ref's to trust their own opinion.

    I think the replays confirmed that the contact with the head was accidental and didn't warrant a penalty and so the ref called it right. I would say well done to a ref having the confidence to call the incident and get it right.

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  6. 14 hours ago, Jim Prendle said:

    The player was prone on the ground after the contact, you can see that and so can I. The referee was 10 yards away, and then considerably closer when he ran past Marshall in an attempt to get up with play. At this point Marshall was still lying on the ground. If the ref can't see that the player was out of it from 5 yards away, and let's be clear he wasn't exactly running past at light speed, then I guess the discussion is over.

    Regardless of whether or not the contact was accidental, or that the try was valid, Hicks should still have had the wherewithal to realise that a player not 5 yards away from him was possibly in a lot of trouble. 

    You can defend Hick's performance all you like, and you obviously will, but his reading of that situation was poor, and you know it.

    Are you advocating that the referee should have stopped the game instantly and not let the play complete?

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  7. 3 minutes ago, DiH68 said:

    Well my hope was short lived! All games to be played Sun/Mon, right in the middle of lockdown. No crowds obviously, but a lot of people are going to be seriously ###### off with the preferential treatment they keep getting compared to everyone else 

    It's interesting the resentment that you describe.  I must admit, when we were under strict lockdown in the UK in the spring of 2020, it was when professional sport started up again (including the NRL) that game some relief from the boredom... surprised that the sport loving public of Australia resent the sports being played.

  8. 53 minutes ago, unapologetic pedant said:

    It`s a little baffling why some posters are seeing this as cause to abandon their general interest in Rugby League.

    That would be to succumb to the very presumptuous belief that we`re castigating the NRL for. Namely, that the NRL owns Rugby League.

    It's more than that though. I am not going to get into the details as everyone will have different views and different vilians but the sport has self destructed from the inside through self interest and protectionism more times than I can count... on both sides of the world.

    Sabotaging the World Cup is just the latest and most high profile.

    I have hoped beyond hope that the sport would prevail but I have given up willing it so and desperately believing it will become what we all want it to become... that way madness lies.

    I don't wish any part of the sport to fail. I am beyond blame. I just don't care any more and that it when you know you are detached.

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  9. 31 minutes ago, Toby Chopra said:

    Why would you let the selfish behaviour of some Australian businessesmen take away one of your life's great pleasures?

    It's probably too late to save this world cup, but longer term we can rebuild. 

    There are two rugby leagues now, one based around Sydney and one around Northern England. Players may move between the two but too all intents and purposes they're separate sports. It's schism 2.0 without the blacklisting.

    I'm just tired of Rugby League defeating itself.

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  10. I'm not interested in the politics now.  We may have an 'insider' view of the motivations of the NRL clubs and the significance of IRL's level if authority etc. but all that will be seen from outside Rugby League is one part of our great sport trying every angle it can find to stop its premier international event from taking place.

    The sport of Rugby League has shown once again that it is its own worst enemy.

    I am very close to just walking away from Rugby League, which has been one of my life's great passions - sometimes you have to just let things go to protect yourself! If the World Cup is destroyed as seems highly likely now then I am done.

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  11. 1 minute ago, 17 stone giant said:

    But they asked for it to be moved until 2022. They haven't said they don't want there to be a World Cup - they've said only that they don't feel able to attend this year.

    I don't understand therefore what the big conspiracy is supposed to be. Can you explain to me please what they are achieving by wanting the World Cup delayed for one year. What will they be gaining by doing this?

    It's not the first time they've come here for a world cup. They did so in 1995, 2000, and 2013 (as well as agreeing prior to the Covid outbreak to come here this year). Can you please outline to me what their masterplan is? Why do they want the WC postponed for a year?

    I think this is a fair point.

    But to counter.  In many ways, it is not what they have done, more how they have done it that is difficult to swallow. The timing and the authoritarian manner they have managed the players. 

    My point is that the future is an unknown. All the other sports I can think of move heaven and earth to put their events on this year... yet we think of reasons why we can't play.

  12. 20 minutes ago, 17 stone giant said:

    Some people have been arguing that the decision had nothing to do with Covid.

    Of course it is to do with Covid because Covid is the factor that has come into play in order for the NRL clubs to influence the players' participation in the World Cup.

    For pretty much every other sport in the World, Covid was a challenge to overcome in order to continue with international sport.

    For the NRL (and therefore the ARL and NZRL), Covid is a perfect excuse not to commit to our World Cup and they have taken that decision without consultation with the people they are professing to protect.

    I would never blame or shame any player who decides not to come but all I ask for is choice just as all the Euro footballers, British Lions, Olymplalians and soon to be Paralympians have had their freedom of choice to participate or not.

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  13. 14 minutes ago, 17 stone giant said:

    Sometimes organisations have to take leadership decisions affecting those they are responsible for. That's what the Aussie and NZ administrators have done. The idea that everything can always be resolved by asking the players, is just not reality. You have administrators in order to make decisions on things. That's what they're paid for. Sometimes you might agree with their decisions, sometimes you might not. But that's how it is. They have a responsibility to more than just players. What about all the people that have to travel with the team - people who might be older and more vulnerable than elite athletes.

    I'm not saying that they made the right decision - I haven't studied all the information to make that decision. However, I do read what others say, and I note that Cameron Smith said that he wouldn't be travelling, were he still playing at 38. I know this was partly because at that age he'd been in several World Cups, but it doesn't detract from the fact that he still wouldn't have come. Not because he's a bully, not because he's a coward, not because he doesn't care about international RL, but because he has concerns as a result of the wider Covid situation.

    Given everything that's gone on in the past year and a half, I'm quite happy to show some empathy and understanding to people who have such concerns. That includes Aussie and NZ rugby league administrators.

    With respect, the second half of your post (focusing on personal choice) contradicts your first part which supports the decision of the authorities to take a unilateral decision.

    If the decision to not send a team is valid (right or wrong), why should Cameron Smith's opinion on whether he would have made the choice to come matter at all?

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