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  1. I don't know what any of these sentences mean.
  2. This was the final paragraph in the programme but had to be cut for space.
  3. I said acting like an idiot. Which I think he did in his programme article; and is the consensus opinion on here.
  4. This doesn't answer my question in any way. Are you suggesting that he cannot act like an idiot because he has a few bob?
  5. Again. Why is being a millionaire some kind of get out jail card for acting poorly?
  6. I think I will draw our little chat to a close.
  7. First and foremost, don't do any of it in public and don't group people together to slag them all off. All that will do is disenfranchise those who are working hard and trying their best. In any organisation there are underperformers to identify and manage out. But you do that behind closed doors and you don't let that impact the wider culture in the business. Praise widely and challenge those who need to be challenged. As a leader he should be showing positivity - not just for those there today but also to attract talent in the future. In any organisation there are 5% or so who spread disharmony and create a toxic culture. Leadership is about identifying and removing that. Unfortunately, one of the 5% here may be the leader.
  8. All fair enough. But in what way does it mitigate the terrible leadership he has displayed by publicly slagging off his playing staff?
  9. I just don't really understand this attitude. Yes, you would expect the teams at the top of the league to have the first choice of players by providing opportunity to win things alongside the cap spend etc. But there is (as you say) a market for the players who may be 'also ran's' . It just feels to me that if you don't have the biggest budget so why hinder yourself any further by also portraying a culture within the business that appears unattractive. It is self defeating.
  10. Again, if you want the club to be a last resort then I am ok with that.
  11. I am happy for us to disagree on this. If you see this as good leadership and a suitable way for the owner to operate then fine. Personally, if I were a potential employee, I would go nowhere near a business or organisation that demonstrated this type of leadership.
  12. In this context you are mixing up leadership and management. The manager of the individuals in question should challenge performance and expect more - as well as providing guidance support and opportunities to deliver. Here, the manager is the coach and this all happens behind closed doors. The leader sets out the vision for the business/organisation and it is all about direction and culture. The leader typically provides positivity and motivation. What these programme notes do is undermine the entire culture of the club and set a precedent for blaming others. It is appalling leadership.
  13. I am glad he wasn't refusing. Just delaying until an unspecified future time when a variable reaches an unstated level as the trigger to take action. But again, glad he wasn't refusing.
  14. I was going to ask when I read the screenshot of the programme but there was a lot in there. What was the context for the reference to Lord Peter Smith's funeral, what is the correlation between that event and the players alleged threat not to play at Majoc?
  15. I was talking about his programme notes, not player contracts or club financials. You are happy with his ownership and leadership of the club, that's cool.
  16. You will have to explain this part for me. Reading those programme notes, why on earth would anyone want to go to a club where the owner slags you off in public if not for the money?
  17. I have to disagree with this as well. I think he has had his best year, not least because he is assuming the role as a leader in the pack. 2020 and 2021 have been his best for run metres per game while his missed tackles are down and tackle busts up this year so his game is improving year on year. In the modern game, playing off the interchange bench is not being 'benched' as if some kind of performance issue... it is just that the coach sees you having an impact there. The Rabbitohs have a better win record this year when he comes off the bench and so he is clearly having a positive effect there.
  18. I'm genuinely interested Harry. I have not commented on the politics of Leigh being in Super League or next year's make up, just the content and tone of the programme article. Do you genuinely believe that it was correct for him to write that article, to criticise his squad for their behaviour and effort and their lack of support in his charity efforts? Are you really happy with him airing his dirty laundry in public? And I don't buy the 'he is a millionaire so we can't criticise him' argument... there is nothing infallible about being a millionaire.
  19. Yet you have assumed what everyone else is worth?
  20. Whatever the result today, this is no way for a leader to behave. You don't publicly criticize the attitude and culture within your organization, you deal with that behind closed doors. All he is doing here is showcasing a toxic business from the top down. As someone has said previously, this is no way to attract new people to the organization, it is also no way to attract new partners, sponsors and new investments. One result does not change that. Today was not a good day for Leigh, whatever the short term results.
  21. I'm not sure which I find more shocking, the fact that he has actually decided that releasing this content is a good idea (it is the exact opposite of how a leader should behave) or the appalling quality of the writing. It is almost unintelligible at times.
  22. He must be favourite as he had some massive performances but I still think Nathan Cleary will be very close. He was 6 points ahead the last time we saw and when Penrith win... which they do a lot... he is always front and centre. This week was the first time Penrith lost with Cleary playing this year wasn't it.
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