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  1. Good man. I have to say, I have been tempted to do that myself. I wouldn't ask a gentleman his age but I am 48 and it feels just a little too soon.... if it was 5 years from now I would pack it all in and kick back. Mrs Dunbar (who is a little younger than me) has just opened a business that is already doing quite well so she is happy and challenged while I would find many ways to fill my time. When I do start a new job this year I only have one over-riding criteria... it will be something I enjoy with good people around.
  2. My thoughts exactly. When I interview I people I know the cv has got them to the table and if it was a technical role and needed I already had an expert practitioner grill them so the conversation focussed on who they were, how they worked and what motivated them. The only annoying thing is you tell after 10 minutes and sometimes had to endure another 30 as you felt obliged. I'm on the other side now ?
  3. Thanks, appreciate it. My biggest regret is that in my last role I had loads of chances to network... attend conferences and speak at events etc but I spurned them all to focus internally and on customers (well almost all, I did the 2 minute 'expert' gig on the business update on Simon Mayo's radio 2 drivetime show once for example). If I had my time again I would have invested more in my own personal brand but I can't complain as I had a good run in a successful business and reaped some reward.
  4. I left my job in April after 19 years and 25 years of continuous employment. I thought I'd take a few months to decompose (sorry decompress) but that turned into 8 months as I thought I would wait till the new year and I had a 12 months non compete agreement anyway. What a summer it was looking after my 5 Year old daughter and enjoying a lot of Super League and NRL!! Now it's back to LinkedIn to see what I can stir up... having not applied for a job since 1994 it does feel a bit weird.
  5. Arranging kick off's about 100 minutes before sunset with no floodlights could be an alternative to the shot clock.
  6. I was watching the first 1982 ashes test today on YouTube. The pictures (and graphics) were from the BBC but the studio piece and commentary were Australian. Despite the score flashing up on the screen as Great Britain the commentary team and studio analysts referred to GB as England consistently through the whole match. I thought this was interesting as one of the arguments for a return to Great Britain was the traction it would have down under as a 'traditional' brand. Great match by the way... a 19 year old Lee Crooks was outstanding for Great Britain.
  7. Great, thanks guys. I read a fair bit about Chris Close but he was before my time watching the game so I didn't recognise him. This thread is by far the most enjoyable ever on this site for me... so many great things to remember and learn about our sport.
  8. I was looking through pics of Mal Meninga and came across this. Is it a young Wally Lewis and Big Mal? Does anyone know the other two?
  9. Great photos. I was trying to find a pic of Brett Kenny hands in pockets and looking bored before the '85 final and his MoM performance. I don't think I have seen a more laid back player than Kenny.
  10. You have just reminded me... this was more like 1990. I played twice for England Students and the second time was 1994. In my defence, it was a long time ago.
  11. I have to say I look quite small in that picture but I was in the forwards.... preferred 13 but happy in the second row.
  12. That's fantastic. Can't work out what's funnier, the woman joining in or the fella being dragged by his collar. That could just as easily be a scene from an episode of Benny Hill as a game of Rugby!
  13. Second right, middle row... haven't changed a bit (unfortunately!)
  14. England Students 1994... I fully accept that it is only me on here that cares about this one!
  15. Wigan team walking the tunnel at Central Park. This for me highlights the real gladitorial element of our sport.
  16. Some of the action that got him in that state!
  17. Dave Bolton of Wigan in the 1963 Challnge Cup final against Wakefield Trinity... the days before the HIA.
  18. On field head stapling in State of Origin.
  19. One of my favourite ever moments in Rugby League was Mike Gregory running away from Wally Lewis to score in the 1988 3rd test (with a jogging Martin Offiah next to him).
  20. I just took a screen shot of the video.... the moment Burrow landed his right cross (although with the size difference it was more of an uppercut!). Apologies if it comes in poor quality.
  21. Brian Bevan, the most remarkable Rugby League player ever.
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