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  1. There is a lot of praise here for snooker and darts and what they have achieved. But I have to say, even though I consider myself an all round sports fan, I haven't got a clue who the top 5 ranked players are in these sports today. However I did know who the darts and snooker stars were when Offiah and Hanley were our household names. Our problems are the same as everyone's; the sports market has become more fragmented as it has been 'hidden' behind various paywalls with fans becoming more specific rather than general sports fans. Only football with its universal popularity avoids this issue.
  2. To be fair, 12+ months from now is anytime between a year from now and the end of time so there is a fair margin of error.
  3. Well I'm not really commenting on any of that. Just that he would undoubtedly bring his own ideas, he won't just be a clone of those he has worked under.
  4. What we don't know about Peet is what fresh ideas and input he would bring to the role. It is only when someone is elevated to position where they are the decision maker will their ideas take hold. Till this point Peet will have been executing on other people's direction. I am not saying he is the right man for the job but I wouldn't dismiss him on the grounds that he wouldn't have fresh ideas.
  5. I agree with this perspective. The game in 2021 is just too repetitive. I think it was Unapologetic Pedant who pointed out that a set of 6 starting with a scrum had a different dynamic and one that can be used for advantage by an attacking team. And what do we do? Replace it with a slow play the ball restart with the defence fully set. Even though I personally like the six again law I would even be tempted to scrap that and introduce more penalties for field position etc... the game craves variety for me.
  6. I don't think there is anything wrong at all with these numbers given the circumstances. Of course, following this with a full house for England vs. Samoa to kick off the World Cup next month would have been perfect but I am just winding myself up now.
  7. I'm keen to hear how well the commentary team think Mike Cooper is playing.
  8. After a confidence boosting win last time out I think Wigan are playing better than they have lately. A bit more movement with the ball and a bit sharper for me. They are not favourites to get a win but it is a better performance.
  9. Glad Havard has got his first senior try. Still convinced he will become a very very good Super League prop.
  10. He not only made a genuine attempt, he did play it with his foot and never lost control. Ridiculous to penalise that and let all the pathetic roll balls go.
  11. Very impressive shot of the crowd there. Well worth a rewind on Sky Plus!
  12. I'm with Turry on on that one. He may have gone up with his eyes on the ball but he clearly tackled the Wakefield man in the air.
  13. Johnstone off for a HIA again. If he fails that with a relatively innocuous incident then it will be worrying.
  14. Mrs Dunbar doesn't normally take a drink so on Friday night I waited till she was three quarters of the way down a cosmopolitan and I got permission to buy the car of my dreams... no backsies now!
  15. Cracking commentary from Jon Wells. "We have come to expect this from Tom Johnstone but it never gets any less boring to watch"!
  16. Really looking forward to seeing Will Pryce today. In Lewis Dodd and Jack Welsby I think we have two real international players of the future... hope Pryce is a 3rd. And you know what, as I type he goes in.
  17. I'm OK with Magic staying in Newcastle and in its current form. With the Thunder doing well and grass roots growth in the region, even if Magic doesn't attract a huge number of locals, it will raise the profile of the game in the area and that is no bad thing. If we don't see a big Challenge Cup semi final crowd then the Magic Saturday and Sunday attendances are likely to be the 3rd and 4th largest of the domestic season. It seems weird that many people want to bin that off.
  18. I agree. The Aussie commentators have been bigging up the likes of Tesi Niu, Stephen Crichton, Bradman Best, Star To'a and Zac Cini but when the English kids beat this lot a few years ago Harry Newman and Jack Welsby were by far the best backs in the series and they are developing superbly.
  19. All through this thread we were being told that the ref was giving Saints everything and yet when Catalans win apparently the ref determined the outcome. It's really hard to keep up.
  20. The next Eamonn McManus programme article will explain how Coote's drop goal went over.
  21. Who did Tom Davies play for before Catalan, I don't think it's been covered today?
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