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  1. I'm OK with Magic staying in Newcastle and in its current form.

    With the Thunder doing well and grass roots growth in the region, even if Magic doesn't attract a huge number of locals, it will raise the profile of the game in the area and that is no bad thing.

    If we don't see a big Challenge Cup semi final crowd then the Magic Saturday and Sunday attendances are likely to be the 3rd and 4th largest of the domestic season.  It seems weird that many people want to bin that off.

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  2. 16 minutes ago, dkw said:

    Harry Newman is the best young centre in the game, in either hemisphere, what a player.

    I agree.

    The Aussie commentators have been bigging up the likes of Tesi Niu, Stephen Crichton, Bradman Best, Star To'a and Zac Cini but when the English kids beat this lot a few years ago Harry Newman and Jack Welsby were by far the best backs in the series and they are developing superbly. 

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  3. On 01/09/2021 at 00:02, Josef K said:

    I think all fan’s are sick of seeing players milking penalties, and id imagine the coaches feel the same.

    But the coaches & fan’s are only annoyed when other clubs players are doing it against their team. If a player goes down as if he’s been shot and is playing in your club, you then hear fan’s say “well your club does it so why shouldn’t ours”. 

    I agree with the first part but not the second.  Coaches influence how their players and teams behave and if they wanted them to stop milking penalties, they could do that.... fans cannot.

    Coaches will be frustrated if their players don't 'win' the penalty count and the vast majority will be delighted if they win that count; however that happened.  As you say, they only complain when the count went againt them.

    If we want Rugby League players to stop milking penalties then it is the coaches who have the biggest part to play I'm my view.

  4. I can't get particularly excited about a restructure of the professional game... as I said on a previous thread, it is just moving the pieces around the board.

    The game is desperate for a long term strategic plan at the international and grass roots levels but as usual we just focus on the bit in the middle.

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  5. 3 minutes ago, jacksy said:

    I think reducing the 10m to 5m would go a long way towards that.


    Just to provide a counter to this. If we moved to 5m the aerobic demands on the players would be lower and so players could potentially bulk up more... negating any benefit.  In Union the defensive line is literally the gain line and they have huge men and just as many issues (although their ball carrying and tackling technique will not help).

    I am not trying to be too negative to the idea though, I think we need to look at all the variables to see what works.

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