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  1. Does Tomkins get an assist for that try? Wonderful effort from Knowles.
  2. To be fair, neither is LMS but he is in the list above as well.
  3. You have posted more than anyone on this thread, so clearly you do.
  4. I agree with the first part but not the second. Coaches influence how their players and teams behave and if they wanted them to stop milking penalties, they could do that.... fans cannot. Coaches will be frustrated if their players don't 'win' the penalty count and the vast majority will be delighted if they win that count; however that happened. As you say, they only complain when the count went againt them. If we want Rugby League players to stop milking penalties then it is the coaches who have the biggest part to play I'm my view.
  5. I can't get particularly excited about a restructure of the professional game... as I said on a previous thread, it is just moving the pieces around the board. The game is desperate for a long term strategic plan at the international and grass roots levels but as usual we just focus on the bit in the middle.
  6. Just to provide a counter to this. If we moved to 5m the aerobic demands on the players would be lower and so players could potentially bulk up more... negating any benefit. In Union the defensive line is literally the gain line and they have huge men and just as many issues (although their ball carrying and tackling technique will not help). I am not trying to be too negative to the idea though, I think we need to look at all the variables to see what works.
  7. Well, we know it won't be Shaun but is it going to be Shaun or shomeone else? (In my head that is absolutely hilarious because I wrote in Sean Connery's voice!)
  8. I know this is no laughing matter... but... I have played a lot of Rugby and when I read the title I did think, 'what has Brian got to do with this'!
  9. While I agree that metres with the ball was a big factor last night, I am not sure that the fault lays just at the feet of the forwards. In my view, the biggest difference in this area was the contribution of Makinson, Naiqama, Percival and Grace in the exit sets. It was far superior to the contribution from the Wire backline and got the Saints on the front foot in sets time and again.
  10. The clear implication from these types of studies is that we either have 'Rugby' as we know it today or, due to the detrimental effects of playing, we don't. The high contact and foul play is a red herring to some degree (not to say we shouldn't take it seriously). This study shows that just playing a high impact sport is the causal effect of cognitive decline. To quote the article: "The peer reviewed University of South Wales study, which is funded by the Royal Society Wolfson Research Fellowship, recorded six concussion incidents among all the players that took part over the course of the year. However, all of those involved in the study saw a decline in blood flow to the brain and cognitive function between pre and post-season results." The nature of our game is running and tackling. Rugby League even without a single penalty for foul play is a high impact sport. Rugby League with all tackles above the line of the shoulders penalised will still be a high impact sport. There is a huge question mark here about the sport's validity and not just at professional level where informed consent and the reward/risk is manageable to a degree but also at junior level where parents will be saying is it worth the risk for my 13, 14, 15 year old to play this sport as the tackles get harder and the players get bigger. I have no answers but change is coming.
  11. Is there any tactical advantage in going off for a HIA over a normal interchange?
  12. Some great young talent in Super League. Dodd and Welsby right at the top of the list.
  13. Tries just come easy to this Wigan team... prop in under the sticks now.
  14. There is fair bit wrong with Wigan on the pitch at the moment (not least a lack of creativity) but you have to say their effort stays high.
  15. No, it would result in exactly the same outcomes.
  16. I don't really agree with the sentiment of this post. The part I do agree with is we shouldn't want to see players deliberately injuring another but I think there is a massive difference between physically dominating a player and deliberately injuring someone. Rugby League is a sport that allows skillful players to shine and athletic & fast players to shine but it is also a game that allows (legally) aggressive and physical players to assert their dominance of the opposition. And often that dominance is exerted through a big collision. I want to see creative halves and I want to see exciting backs but I also want to see big hitting defenders, they are just as much a part of our sport; and for me just as much fun to watch.
  17. As someone who has the good of the whole game at heart. I would scrap the salary cap, assemble the world's best players on £10million a year each at Wigan. Top the Super League and get through to the Challenge Cup Final. Then, make myself the club captain and after the best 16 players that money could buy all but win the games, I would bring myself on with a minute to go in the Wembley Final and Super League Grand Final to lift the trophy. For the good of the game of course.
  18. Not entirely sure that is a realistic ambition on an internet forum.
  19. Completely agree. And there are plenty of options available such as women's and girls participation, juniors and veterans and variants like touch and tag. It doesn't all have to be full contact open age Rugby League.
  20. It is very difficult. While I get frustrated sometimes with games being stopped for a HIA or on field attention for a player, I absolutely accept that this is something we must do to show that we are takin head injury seriously. As we should with penalising any foul play that has such an impact, late hits, high shots etc. The problem with Rugby League is that it is a collision sport and even 'fair play' tackles will have the effect you describe. Even those where the shoulder hits the midrift as a 'classic' fair tackle in rugby. But other sports are in exactly the same position. What we know about head injury now shows that repetitive heading the ball in football causes injury not to mention those sports (boxing/MMA) where hitting the head is actually a legal and key part of the sport. There are big changes in sports coming in the next 10 to 20 years.
  21. The figures I am quoting are from the Sport England Active Lives Adult Survey November 19-20.
  22. Again, apologies if it is my reading of the post, but this seems ambiguous again. Are you saying that the contact with the chest/shoulders should be a penalty as well - the tackles that was 'got right'. As the high contact would be penalised today. If that's your suggestion then fair enough.
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