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  1. Terry O'connor trotting out that old cliche "when you've got some tackles up your back!"
  2. I actually thought it was Sutton. I'm not try to be too harsh on Whitehead but I just don't think he was up to his usual high standards this season.
  3. I would say Ryan Sutton and Tom Burgess have had the best seasons of the Brits. Burgess has reaffirmed himself as a key forward in a Grand Final team while Sutton was strong all year in a pretty poor Raiders team. And on the point above, Whitehead and Hodgson are two of the senior and best players for Canberra so they have to hold a bit of blame for their poor showing. People may say I am harsh on Whitehead here but honestly, if he was an Aussie would you have him as a stand out edge forward this year? Luke Thompson's season was stop start with suspension but towards the back end he was clearly the best forward and probably the best player for the Bulldogs.
  4. As per my point above, its strange that giving away 1 or 2 extra tackles in this situation is seen as the defensive team getting value but when 1 extra tackle is conceded on a 20 metre restart it is perceived as a reasonable forfeit.
  5. I find a really strange inconsistency with the way the commentators (particularly in Australia) speak about teams being awarded six again on the first tackle. Scenario 1. A team kicks the ball dead when trying to force a drop out. The commentators say how damaging that is with the 20 metre restart being tackle zero so the attack having a 7 tackle set. Scenario 2. A team kicks long and the opposition get tackled around the 20 metre line and the kicking team slow down the tackle a little so concede a set restart. That is essentially now the same number of tackles as the 20 metre restart now and yet in this case the commentators say that it adds absolutely no benefit to the team receiving the extra tackle. Not a huge thing but an example of how you can spin almost the same thing as positive or negative if you have an agenda.
  6. I have seen something similar play out in my professional career a number of times. I have instigated and used the Net Promoter score to measures customer experience. While it has some flaws, overall it is a reasonable measure of service. When it was introduced it was used by the service professional at point of contact and our scores went up as we tried to deliver a better service. But it was also gamed by the employees who would put pressure on people to score higher. so we moved it to being delivered later and anonymised. Immediately our score went down and there was wailing and gnashing of teeth. But it entirely missed the point. The score was the measure of the customer service and it is the service we were looking to improve not the number...the number was just the best metric we had to see if our initiatives were making a difference. It is the same here. Teams should be looking to improve their skills and execution. The error count should go down if they improve these. But instead, they are just looking at the number. They are not playing better rugby with a better chance of winning, they are playing worse rugby with a lower error count. It's crazy if you think about it.
  7. https://rugby-league.com/article/36085/savannah-andrade-added-to-england-women-performance-squad The England squad has been named and there are some very good players in there. When you watch the NRLW and Women's State of Origin you see that the team has got a tough ask in the World Cup next year. But the situation reminds me of Great Britain men in the 90's... while game is much stronger down under overall all we have some talent in the team and can put a very competitive 13 on the park. England Women National Performance Squad: Amy Hardcastle (St Helens) Amy Johnson (Leeds Rhinos) Beth Stott (St Helens) Caitlin Beevers (Leeds Rhinos) Carrie Roberts (St Helens) Chantelle Crowl (St Helens) Chloe Kerrigan (Leeds Rhinos) Dannielle Anderson (Leeds Rhinos) Emily Rudge (St Helens) Emma Lumley (Castleford Tigers) Francesca Goldthorp (Leeds Rhinos) Georgia Roche (Castleford Tigers) Georgia Wilson (Wigan Warriors) Grace Field (York City Knights) Hollie Dodd (Castleford Tigers) Jodie Cunningham (St Helens) Kelsey Gentles (York City Knights) Lacey Owen (Castleford Tigers) Leah Burke (St Helens) Naomi Williams (St Helens) Olivia Wood (York City Knights) Paige Travis (St Helens) Rachael Woosey (St Helens) Rachel Thompson (Wigan Warriors) Rebecca Greenfield (Wigan Warriors) Savannah Andrade (York City Knights) Shona Hoyle (Castleford Tigers) Tara Jones (St Helens) Tara Jane Stanley (Castleford Tigers) Victoria Molyneux (Wigan Warriors) Victoria Whitfield (St Helens)
  8. Fabulous news. I have utterly loved every minute of my visits to the Rugby League region of France and delighted to see the French clubs doing well.
  9. Nothing more than I can infer from the owner slagging off the whole playing group in public. I accept that I could be wrong and that all the people involved were totally fine with it.
  10. Well there is that of course. When you look at the Flower incident in isolation and then look at it within the culture of the overall club and how the owner treats the players in public then you may come to a different conclusion.
  11. Just to be clear, whatever the contract situation, I think he should have played. He was an experienced Super League player in a team suddenly propelled into the top tier. He would have seen players struggle and fans disappointed with results. He may have been in the right contractually ('may', as in I don't know) but in his situation I would have played and tried my best for the team and the fans. Sometimes integrity trumps contract law... especially when you can decide which way you want to go.
  12. I do agree with you and I have to say, I would have wanted and expected him to play as well. As I say, just trying to add a bit of perspective.
  13. Would his argument be that he sighed up to play at a certain level - with a certain reward. An analogy would be if you signed a contract for work and as soon as you started they said you have a bigger job with more pressure and more chance of failure but we are not paying you any more! Not saying he is right or wrong, just looking at perspective.
  14. Actually, on the Blake Ferguson thread, my exact words were " I am not a big fan of his antics at the weekend pretending to be injured to gain a penalty. But he is not alone in that unfortunately."
  15. It seems to me that the use of statistics in Rugby League coaching has suffered from being shifted from evidence of a performance (good or bad) to a goal in itself. When completion rates and error counts were first used as evidence of performance I am sure that some coaches and analysts found that in the games that they were successful a low error count or a high completion rate was achieved. Therefore they executed what they attempted well without incurring errors... hence a win. But we moved from that to the idea that a high completion rate in itself would therefore lead to a higher chance of success. But surely only when you successfully execute your attacking plays without error. If you have a high completion rate without ever threatening the opposition line then you will have no chance of success. A poor team with no skill or imagination completing at 90% is not going to win next week when they complete at 95% with no skill or imagination. What I like when I hear coaches like Trent Robinson speak is that they focus on decision making and technique. In one of the videos that @Saint 1posted on the previous thread, Robinson discussed a fractured defensive line which hindered simultaneous contact from the defenders, or inside defenders turning their hips too much in defense so they weren't able to change direction quickly enough to respond to a switch play. Or teams targetting the weak shoulder of the defender with running angles. These are executable and teachable skills and make players better. This is what coaches should be focussing on. If coaches improve players and they execute plays better then the error count will come down while still playing expansive and attacking rugby. If they simply go straight to the end point which is "let's make fewer errors and we will win the game" then they will be coaching teams with no skill or attacking execution - so high completion rates and defeats.
  16. I started reading the site and this is the first paragraph. The Wigan Warriors are a professional rugby league club and are currently Super League Champions, not only that, they are the most successful club Rugby League team in the world! We've have had the great privilege work working with them over the last 5 years. That is an awful advert for their Web content!
  17. So here is the table for the average receipts (possessions) per team in the NRL. https://www.nrl.com/stats/teams/?competition=111&season=2021&stat=1000028 The Panthers are top but the other 3 semi-finalists are 5th, 6th and 8th while the Sharks and Knights are in the top 4. I am not sure that there is a really clear correlation between this and winning matches... some, but not conclusive.
  18. No, I think you are right and I was wrong. It looks like it is passes recieved. I am OK to stick with my point just for the wrong reasons!
  19. Thanks for that, I have just read the full article. I would be very interested in the full analysis and the correlation (for example) between meters gained and winning probability. However, back to the topic in hand. The difference between possession and possessions is an interesting one. As winning correlates closer with the latter (how many times you gain possession) rather than how much time you hold possession, the clear implication is that attacking with new possession is a key factor. I think it is pretty clear that attacking with new possession against an unstructured defense is one of the best opportunities in the game. Whether that be from a turnover, a poor kick or a charge down etc. Or even against a shortened line at a scrum. It does beg the question though why the authorities seem intent on introducing more structured changes of possession with the play the ball after the ball goes out of play or the clear mandate to the ref's to slow down the play to a 'controlled restart' at 20 metre taps or tap penalties. Surely the game is better when it is less predictable.
  20. Do you have link to the source for this as I would very much like to see the full report.
  21. The NRL is looking at a transfer window (or two) to stop all of the mid season transfer wrangling. https://www.foxsports.com.au/nrl/nrl-premiership/nrl-2021-trade-period-to-be-introduced-in-2022-transfer-window-signings-player-movement-matt-burton-to-the-bulldogs/news-story/622ee8285e0bcc8b224f5bc9b157a5ae I suggest they also introduce a scandal window as well. The transfer window is used to fanalise your squad for next year and the scandal window is used to allow additions for all the players arrested and/or banned for their end of season behaviour from the previous year.
  22. I was watching the 1986 Kangaroo 3rd test the other day on YouTube. A game that sticks in my memory as a superb occasion and a chance to watch the Kangaroo greats score some excellent tries (and Great Britain bagged a good one!). But when you watch the whole match back it is incredible how often both sides dropped the ball.
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