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  1. In a massive shock to the RL world, Wayne Bennett has been officially named as Dolphins coach on a 4-year deal. https://www.abc.net.au/news/2021-10-21/wayne-bennett-named-inaugural-coach-of-nrl-s-new-dolphins/100555
  2. No, that's one of my local teams. I think they're in the Parra District JRL.
  3. If he'd just tried delivering on the field then teams would be queueing up to give him better money and he wouldn't be spending his days on Instagram.
  4. https://www.abc.net.au/news/2021-10-19/george-burgess-avoids-conviction-for-smashing-motorists-phone/100550472
  5. If I was a SL club, there's no-one there I'd buy unless the club had very specific shortage - like 9 or 7. If I was an NRL club I would at least talk to Lui, May, Walker, Tuala and probably Havili and/or Katoa - both 9/back-rowers so I wouldn't take both.
  6. We have been waiting since 2016 for Jacob Liddle to take over at #9 but he only averages about 12 games a year which means we aren't developing any regular spine combinations. Whatever Hodgson's deficiencies, apart from the 2 injury-hit years at Raiders - where he still played almost as many games as Liddle- Hodgson averages about 22 games/year. It's too much of a luxury to keep renewing a guy as your first-choice #9 when it means a steady stream of signings specifically to cover for him.
  7. That's dreadful if accurate. To pay a player as important as your #9 less than GBP 200K just seems unthinkable. I think the NRL minimum wage is now about GBP 40K and you can only have 4 players per team on that. Those are the reduced rates. (because of the Covid hit to club finances) Clubs can only have 3 development players - generally juniors who can't play first grade until Round 11
  8. Should be on their YT channel. England and Wales Cricket https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCz1D0n02BR3t51KuBOPmfTQ Australia https://www.youtube.com/user/cricketaustraliatv India https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCAqfuhLGIDCvrtp70YNRQYw
  9. I remember when Agar was at Hull and I would see Webster sitting next to him in the stands. I would think, "That's nice. He's taking his girlfriend's kid to the footy with him."
  10. Yes it's just Covid-related, mainly since the Delta outbreak. Although Victoria used to have fruit inspections at their borders. I haven't lived on the border since 1970 so I don't know if they still have them.
  11. I was looking at the title of this thread "My dredful speeling hand grummer," and I remembered I used to have a hand grummer but stopped using it and got an electric one. Never had any problems with it speeling on me though.
  12. Too = excess. It's too hot, the rain's too heavy and that car costs too much. To = towards. Can be followed by verbs, as in "to walk to the pub to get some beer," or locations - "to walk to the pub, then I will give the beer to Bill." To'o = a winger who plays for Panthers, as in "To'o dives over in the corner."
  13. A priest, an imam and a rabbit walk into a bloodbank. The receptionist asks the rabbit, "What blood type are you?" The rabbit replied, "I'm probably a type-O."
  14. They're opening a brewery and Josh (I think it's Josh) is a qualified carpenter
  15. No penalty for Burton high contact. Good. His injury was legular from the low tackler not the head tap.
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