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  1. Great memories from the 60s; he would pick the ball up near the corner flag on his goal line set off in an arc and score in the diagonally opposite corner! My 92 year old mother can remember wheeling him out in a pram and speaks highly of him and his family from North Featherstone.
  2. One of the reasons for poor support is the way the club treats loyal supporters. I have watched Rovers since 1960 but when I raised a query as to the ban on own food and drink I was ignored despite 6 e-mails and 3 telephone calls! It didn't help being ridiculed on this Forum when I discovered that the ban does not apply to non paying camera crew. My wife and I no longer make the 60 mile round trip and instead watch the match on Rovers TV a few days later. It costs nothing to be courteous but Mr Longo presumably has more important matters to deal with?
  3. The comment on the improved quality of coffee made me smile; my grouse is not about what is available it is the decision to ban my own. Despite 8 emails and 2 telephone calls David Longo refuses to discuss the issue or have the decency to acknowledge my concerns. Sadly after 50 years of support I will no longer visit POR; the opinions of supporters is of no concern to the great man. No doubt I will be ridiculed again but lower gates like last Saturday should be a worry and ignoring fans will not help.
  4. The young lady on Rovers TV last Sunday commented that one of her colleagues had ' a flask of coffee' !
  5. 40p plus postage from Amazon!
  6. I have been a supporter since 1960 but my wife and I will not make our 50 mile journey if we are banned from drinking our own coffee and pasties. No doubt supporters of the new draconian system will make up the loss of £26 a match with their increased purchase of superior in house refreshment.
  7. Last season stewards at Odsall tried to confiscate my flask and pasties. Fortunately for me they were distracted by a family trying to take in food for their children!
  8. 1. Robinson 2. Wheeldon 3. A Smith ? How did sponsor see Hock as MOM
  9. 1. Robinson 2.Holmes 3. Hardcastle
  10. A great player who scored one of my all time Rover's tries. He caught a drop out near to the halfway/touch then ran diagonally back through most of the opposition to dot the ball down between the sticks without a finger being laid on him. Absolutely joy to watch.
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