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  1. The ones who died are the ones with tickets that got there early and entered legally through the turnstyles , I'm on about the ones who didn't do any of those things
  2. It was common knowledge in the 70s/80s that fans would try to blockade the turnstiles at big matches ( specifically cup matches with short supply of tickets ) to attempt to get the police to open exit gates , this wasnt always just individuals but large groups actually planning it at prior matches and on trains/ coaches and in pubs , on more than 1 occasion I was party to these discussions There were many mistakes in the planning of the semi that year , Liverpool should have been allocated the opposite end , with Forest in the Leppings lane , external barriers with stewards and police checking who had tickets well before they got to the turn styles had started to be used to prevent this type of problem At Wembley and other stadia you would get fans attempting to steal tickets from fans literally feet from the turnstiles or trying to bribe turnstyle operators with cash , on more than 1 occasion I had another fan stuck in a turnstyle with me , neither of us able to move
  3. With the points I highlighted , yes the press and police cover up were a disgrace
  4. I assume you attended similar matches during that era ? , if so you would be aware of what used to happen , if not then no amount of transcripts can truly explain the pressure placed upon the police and stewarding Did Mr Duckinfield crush anybody to death ? If not , who did ? Happy for you to link me to anybody who attended and admitted they went through the gates opened ?
  5. I also completely agree , but what I am waiting for and will be probably until the day I die is for one , just one fan who charged through that gate and ran up through that central tunnel to publicly say they were there and are partly responsible for those 96 deaths , there are a couple of thousand grown adults out there now who are in denial of what they actually did , I don't recall any of these people offering to give evidence at this inquiry Mr Duckinfield was in a no win situation , put there partly through poor pre match decisions , if he hadn't opened the gate then quite possibly we would have seen an inquest asking him how Liverpool fans ended up being crushed to death outside the stadium
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