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  1. Dunno about the financial situation at either London Skolars,or Keighley, but the shirt sponsor for Keighley ain't alcohol,gambling,or cash converting,but probably a Home Bargain for those requiring their service(s) https://www.linkedin.com/company/acorn-stairlifts-ltd
  2. The fans have already given their opinions. Seems to have stirred a response. Once again the governing body is reactive instead of being proactive. There is as much engagement between clubs and their supporters as there is interest for those outside of Super League from the so-called Top 4 club owners. https://www.loverugbyleague.com/post/there-is-no-silver-bullet-fan-expert-on-eddie-hearn-constant-innovation-rl-foundations/
  3. I think the 2022 kit may be 'up' on the American comic Super Hero kits,which are now,ever so,yesterday. The Captain Tom Gate was not a publicity stunt. Keighley Cougars are on the 'up' with the appointment of Andrew Henderson as Head Of Rugby. Could any further dispute continue with the ever dwindling number of London Broncos followers.Cheers.Like yourself,I don't think they feel very much on the 'up'.
  4. https://www.business-live.co.uk/enterprise/newcastle-rugby-reveals-field-struggles-20974468
  5. Have the RFL approved the 'stadium'? The images on Google Maps fail to impress. It certainly doesn't seem to have a modern seated stand that Butts Park Arena offered.
  6. Not a single penny.Six million pounds - according to this https://www.sthelensstar.co.uk/news/8285967.developers-set-out-14-month-timetable-for-new-saints-stadium/
  7. What time do you propose for kick-offs? Minimum 7 hours on a coach, then play a game? May not be a crowd puller.
  8. With the sport contracting,and the lack of central funding,only this sport could encourage a Cornish replacement after the hype surrounding Ottawa. One sided games don't attract spectators.Upskilling Union players don't work. The likely end to promotions won't assist,either. Rejected Academy players won't be rushing to Cornwall any time soon. I ain't no visionary - and this sport ain't produced one in recent years. Strategic thinkers wanted.Maybe Exeter University can help.
  9. In fairness,Crusaders had a massive advantage,with the previous entity as a Super League club,for many seasons. A hardcore of support was formed. The same with Sheffield Eagles when they started again;Gateshead/Newcastle Thunder. Bit different from the bottom up. Where there's a will there's a way,though.
  10. I am a cynic. I query why Coventry Bears should take their first team away from the city after being in League 1 for a number of years. Gateshead Thunder jumped into bed with Newcastle rugby union club after being Gateshead for nearly two decades. West Wales had previously been in several south Wales locations. When will it end and when will supporters ever be considered? Hemel Stags lost their licence after being formed in the early 80's. We now have an owner of 2 clubs.One in Ottawa and one in Cornwall.If this is the way ahead is someone asking wealthy owners,that fella from films who owns South Sidney Rabbitohs,to fund an English club? No conflict of interests? Certainly not if Bradford are involved. Are there any rules anymore? Does proof of tenancy at a particular stadium still apply?
  11. In a week of very confusing news, this is very bad news. Awful coach who brings out the worst aspect(s) of gamesmanship. Noble gave away Fages and Sneyd,who went off to lift silverware,while Chase,Smith and Locke went onto something else. Shame.I used to quite like Salford.
  12. Tried and failed;well,started and finished. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/South_Shields_(rugby_league)
  13. I wonder how the female gender,who didn't play any sport,account for their higher numbers of diagnosis? https://www.alzheimers.org.uk/blog/why-dementia-different-women#:~:text=Facts about women and dementia,in women than in men.
  14. It is in the Operational Rules.Section A2.On a pdf. The Salford commercial guy ain't despondent. Looking well ahead https://m.soundcloud.com/devil-in-the-detail-srd/george
  15. I suppose what is missing from the press report is why the convicted individual went not guilty and argued the case. Who the victim was.The extent of the damage;given the requirement for intention or recklessness. Still,if the Featherstone Rovers followers are using the defence of old news not being important,then perhaps previous success by certain Super League clubs should be ignored when it comes to their power grab. Disgraceful that the owner of any club should breach Covid regulations,and then breach the criminal law,within such a small timeframe. Disgraceful that this forum should be accused of being anti-Leigh,when we have allegedly been anti-Fev,all along. Perhaps we are just sick to the back teeth,of the great and good decision makers, giving the sport never-ending bad publicity. There again human nature doesn't seem capable of improving... It may be a bigger story...depending on the identity of the Audi owner.
  16. It may be the first year at Workington as a head coach,but he was also a head coach at York,while they were in The Championship https://www.yorkpress.co.uk/sport/yorkcityknights/9774573.chris-thorman-to-leave-york-city-knights-at-end-of-season/
  17. I wonder why Wigan Warriors are not involved. I hope they can afford to travel in 2022. Maybe they are saving up to afford all the rainbow colours to protest at St James Park at Magic Weekend.They did make noise about Israel Folau - I am sure they will repeat it where wealthy Saudi Arabians are involved. I wonder if Skolars will have a new head coach by then?
  18. They don't seem to learn - even after the roaring success of Chase and Henson. Flower seems reliable - signs on at Pontypool- then leaves before their campaign starts https://www.southwalesargus.co.uk/news/mylocalnews/torfaen/pontypool/19608887.former-rugby-league-star-ben-flower-signs-pontypool-rfc/ Perhaps the decision should have been left to whoever is appointed as head coach.
  19. I think their coach left by mutual consent - should the information be true. He hadn't seen his family,who were in France,since prior to Covid. I wouldn't think he would have made the signings of Chase and Henson,either. Will League 1 be staying ,then?
  20. You seem to be reacting to a reaction from Keighley Cougars. You haven't made it known what the original proposal was that club was reacting to. It would seem to me,in blissful ignorance,based on common knowledge only - that Wigan,St Helen's,and Warrington,want to defund League 1 clubs. It is the RFL who permit,after their wholly inadequate Fit and Proper Person Test, individuals who have caused clubs financial issues. Rather than have trial,judge and execution of a club,via social media and online, which won't defend itself,other than try to exist in the future,perhaps you could direct your ire in the direction of the RFL,and more significantly towards Lenagan,McManus and Moran. Where would Keighley Cougars be now if they weren't a victim of history?
  21. It was more aimed at the owner of Wigan who introduced Elstone. Wigan have taken some of the loan.
  22. If it is going to be 2 x 10 and no funding for any other clubs.Plus only the 20 clubs will presumably be allowed a reserve side,and perhaps an ' elite ' academy,I struggle to see any other pathway(s) other than community clubs in the Conference. The additional problem would be the compounding problem of no promotion/relegation. The suicide of the sport is beyond preparatory steps stage...
  23. The Hunslet chairman went public last week,expecting a reduction of around 75% in central funding. 4th paragraph - https://hunsletrlfc.com/general/chairmans-end-of-season-message/ He either believes rumours,or he has been officially/unofficially informed.
  24. He was brilliant.He should be replaced.Lenagan and Moran should pay his salary. Super League is in a great place - that is why they need government loans and the money League 1 clubs should have. https://www.hulldailymail.co.uk/sport/rugby-league/ian-lenagan-robert-elstone-success-4988674
  25. I think these are the squads - COUGARS: Agoro; Bailey; Coventry; Desmond-Walker; Feather; Gaylor; Graham; Kesik; P Laulu-Togaga’e; Levy; Lynam; Mika; Miller; Murrell; Parker; Prell; Santi; Slingsby; Stephenson; Webster; Wright. DONCASTER: Beharrell; Boyle; Braham; Bravo; Cockayne; Douglas; Foster; Greensmith; Halliday; Holdstock; Johnson; Johnston; Ollett-Hobson; Peltier; Smeaton; Sweeting; Tali; Taulapapa; Tindall; Whitmore; York. More than one change from the previous meeting - and a number of the players against their previous club. Discipline could play a part...
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