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  1. No one has ever seen a direct quote from any person,in authority,at Sky Television. If they are,' unhappy with the product ' - then that product is the performance of clubs that have been receiving the most funding:The Super League clubs. Sky television are quite content to pay astronomical amounts of money to a sport played all over the world.I really don't think their viewers in Asia and elsewhere are the slightest bit concerned or interested,that the wonderful Arsenal,West Ham,Tottenham,or a bus stop in Hounslow,Brentford,all play in less than salubrious parts of the capital city of this country. It is the sport that is important - not where it is played or the names associated with it. Why don't the elite club owners/governing body/ies inform the plebs what the god of money for the sport actually want before we are left to some very vivid imaginations? I have no doubt the rich will get richer and the not so rich will be ignored and left to rot.
  2. It is the wheels of economy,now,as you seize the zeitgeist. In decades gone by Swinton were ' good business' by being more successful than St Helens and Wigan,on the field. There was a period of time when Wigan sold Central Park and weren't in the best of health to evolve. Knowsley Road was suffering decrepitude. Some club owners have been unlucky,some have been negligent. That is not the fault of future,or current,coaches,players,staff and supporters. The clubs with money,or,with a purpose,have,since 1895,peaked and troughed. In soccer,a former Bank Of England club is now,for the 3rd season,in League 1.One of the oldest league clubs is in non-league soccer.It does go round. The governing body need to give all clubs 'a purpose'.It is no good looking at a few nice flower heads if all the roots are withering away.
  3. Snobbish elitism won't save the sport,either. Well done Moran for having political support,and Tesco to help out a club with such a long history,and McManus can also thank Tesco - if they aren't too inferior. The 3 clubs you mention,after Whataboutism,are relatively new and have offered opportunities to hundreds of young players. They,like supporters,academy coaches,et al seem to be finding alternatives to the sport. You elite followers will enjoy your ever decreasing sport. Good luck with your life support,when an American owned television company also finds an alternative. Sentiment reigns supreme in rugby league? I reckon Elstone may think differently.
  4. The clubs are not having money 'pumped' into them.The governing body,who do not micro- manage the clubs,yet allow undesirable owners,remove academy and reserve sides,distribute central funding - the majority of that funding obtained from a broadcast deal, they secured. This is rugby league - we saw the loyalty and tradition evidently displayed by Messrs.Lenagan,McManus and Moran when they introduced Elstone. That went well - and expensively! Just as Super League hasn't improved the standard of the national side to defeat Australia,etc.the efforts of both the governing body/ies,and the owners of the elite clubs have failed to grow the sport,the player participation and the attendances. The running of the clubs into the ground,when they have battled to overcome numbers of hurdles,isn't the answer. A bit of urgency into dealing with the sport wouldn't go amiss. The number of clubs in the top tier doesn't help the whole sport question...
  5. How do you propose to prevent the ' shells of clubs ' from getting smaller and smaller when they are prevented from a slice of the broadcast deal monies,prevented from having reserve sides,and prevented Ted from having academies? The clubs at the bottom of the 2 leagues of ten may very well haemmorage supporters,money,and stadium depreciation which will lead to them becoming a shell of a club. Are clubs from your 2 leagues of 10 going to be included via application,on-field success,or because, in the past,they managed to acquire a stadium with sufficient shiny seats? The sport needs an independent commission,not just an immediate,based on today,decision. How will the clubs in your 2 leagues of 10 advance if Sky withdraw funding altogether?
  6. Maybe Magic has disappeared.Some may like that.Not a lot. https://www.examinerlive.co.uk/sport/rugby-league/rfl-challenge-cup-final-wembley-21291358
  7. World Cup? New structures? Dunno.It's rugby league and it has put me in a permanent state of ennui.Sorry.
  8. It seems the contract with Wembley runs until 2027. https://www.rugby-league.com/article/53994/-challenge-cup-final-a-new-deal-and-a-new-competition-for-the-rfl-and-wembley-stadium With bringing the final forward it may have been an inconvenient date.
  9. Yes - the same would apply if followers of rugby league were to make predictions - the usual Top clubs would be predicted to be top. There was the interesting comments,from the Prime Minister, fairly recently. Downing Street also said Johnson had sent his “unwavering support” to football authorities over the issue, and condemned the ESL’s “closed shop” plan, under which 15 of the 20 league members would have permanent status and be free from the risk of relegation. This was in relation to the association football Super League. The followers of some perceived current top clubs also involved themselves in some disorder ' for the future good of the game. ' I wonder how followers from the current top clubs in rugby league will conduct themselves if there is any unfair repercussions on lower league clubs who may have originally been in Super League or enjoyed a period of success,just because they have been restricted from finance,or individuals, who were allowed into the clubs by the RFL,who were less than decent? Pleasing that we glean information from journalists and not so pleasing that clubs aren't keeping sponsors and fans in the loop.
  10. Phoenix Lualu Togagea,son of QLT,has signed for HULL KR. He may become famous as he did play for union side Leicester Tigers, but has chosen to remain in this perverse sport.
  11. Over on the Doncaster forum,a supporter makes a very valid point,that if the 2 divisions of 10,named SL1 & SL2,is planned for 2023 - then there is no point to League 1 in 2022. How lucky for those clubs who were allocated central funding for being in the top League without improving their stadia. How lucky those top League clubs that Tesco were able to assist;not to mention politicians and wealthy individuals. How fortunate one club,merged,with another. Still,any concern for rugby league followers have been ignored be they in Gateshead or Toronto. Some clubs who may be abandoned have even spent more than one season in Super League. This could really get interesting...
  12. Newcastle Thunder are full time.Since June. Last 2 paragraphs - https://www.skysports.com/rugby-league/news/12196/12318323/george-williams-newcastle-thunder-a-quality-viable-option-for-half-back-says-chairman-mick-hogan
  13. As much as I like visiting Barrow,appreciate they have good supporters,etc.it isn't always a positive story. Did they not,like a club close to your heart,bring the sport into disrepute, https://www.totalrl.com/barrow-raiders-fined-for-coronavirus-breach/ That was without being obstructive and unhelpful to those in authority.
  14. Only those with beer and music,thaa knows. They don't have to be held in the autumn,in draughty rugby league stadiums. Good luck to those clubs without extremely wealthy benefactors - or central funding.Every method to make money should be explored.I hope it's a success.
  15. Strange to think back to the time. Now Thunder,reformed,are gifted a place in The Championship and Hull FC have benefited for years from the broadcast deal as a Super League club with an owner,who recently claimed our sport would match the other code. Times - and clubs, change - as stated by Martyn Sadler. What don't seem to change is that there RFL who probably already have everything planned for 2022...and it will be as abhorrent as the 'merger' mentioned.
  16. This appears to be an ' event ' after the season has ended. Beers and music.Hardly original or trendsetting.
  17. Dishonesty in rugby league, and a toothless tiger for a governing body demonstrating zilch interest in improving things, and giving positive vibes out to an ever more ambivalent fanbase. Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose. Next...
  18. 2 new half backs for Sean Long to mould into the side, after the Kyle Eastmond episode, should serve them well.
  19. It is probable that they have gone out of business prior to the Super League clubs paying the money to Rothschild Bank for arranging the meeting. https://inews.co.uk/sport/rugby-league/super-league-investment-novalpina-capital-robert-elstone-845530 Only in rugby league.Continuing to lurch from crisis to crisis...While losing money,needlessly.
  20. So those nasty police,who weren't even from south Yorkshire, told fibs about being obstructed,but there was obstruction of the governing body of the sport yet it results in only this,hardly condign,punishment. https://www.pontefractandcastlefordexpress.co.uk/health/coronavirus/featherstone-rovers-chiefs-say-theyve-been-vindicated-after-club-escapes-further-punishment-over-alleged-covid-breach-3298716 The publicity for the sport is overwhelming.Again.
  21. Sorry.It was just a rumour some time ago - when it was suggested the money would go to Super League clubs only,at the end of this year,2021. Perhaps,with things now changing at the end of 2022,things changed - if it ever was suggested.
  22. https://wiganwarriors.com/blog/2020/11/04/warriors-announce-partnership-with-iqoniq/
  23. I cannot understand the timing of it. It seems certain Swinton are heading for League 1. There doesn't seem any urgent effort to attempt to push against that certainty. Is this because the club don't have the necessary cash to rent the stadium in Sale,and part of the AJ Bell stadium,and a new head coach? Is this because,for 2022,The Championship and League 1 are to merge? Perhaps the governing body should be persuaded to find additional finance to pay experienced coaches to coach the youngsters in the sport, so the best coaches teach the youngsters the best practices.
  24. You went to Uni? Good O. Not every club has been,or is allowed an infrastructure by the governing body.Just those elite clubs who have managed to be in Super League and benefit from the RFL negotiated broadcast deal. Some clubs have benefited from jumping into bed,and stadium,with other sports. Will Mr McManus be content with only 9 home Super League games? Does the stadium for St Helens cater for all year round use? Is there a return on investment for holding a Magic Weekend in an area where the local club is now full time with an elite academy? What are the benefits for holding it in Newcastle? The highly salaried chap brought to Super League changed it to an event in Liverpool which doesn't have such a wonderful club,promoted up a division,on application. Will a larger Super League still enable the ' new competitions to grow the game commercially ' alongside the putative new international calendar?
  25. There seems to have been far more occasions,this season,where one side has scored 20+ points,then the opposition do similar,with the game being decided by a very late try,or the original 20+ points scorers repeating their earlier exploits and pulling away again. This happened again at London. I cannot recall it happening as often,before. Lots of tries for any new spectators to see...
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