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  1. The way it’s going it’s unlikely that any NRL based players will be travelling anywhere unless things improve in a hurry. It is getting worse daily down here with the spread of the Delta strain in Sydney.
  2. I don’t think Cam Smith was disliked by many in Australia. Not sure If Gallen was either. Fans that know the game respect tough competitors and quality players whatever side they play for.
  3. Best chance England has. Only France turns up.
  4. Rather see France being given a chance than the stupid “Exiles” concept. if France got up and won a game it would be celebrated by many. What did the 2 wins from 4 games the Exiles won do for the game? If anything damaged the England Test team brand.
  5. Townsville’s SOO game sold out the 25,000 tickets in 30 minutes. Must be some demand to see the game up there.
  6. I know we have spoken before, are you at Stanthorpe?
  7. You do know that Stingers are prevalent in all of Queensland’s Tropical areas in Summer. That is why they have Stinger enclosures, I would be more worried about Tiger Sharks and Crocs. Arcadia beach is great beach for an Island like Maggie. What were you expecting Isle of Pines? The prices reflect the cost of Transport and limited turnover, It is no different at Hamilton Island or any other captive audience resort, how much is a box of Beer at Fraser or Moreton Islands compared to your local Bottle shop. I thought it was a great day out but I did some homework and had a good idea what we were visiting.
  8. I don’t know why, it works on my end. The fans may ditch the Dolphins name and come up with something else? There is no Brisbane Bay, it would be the Moreton Bay Dolphins if they went down that unlikely path. There is no Brisbane Peninsula it’s the Redcliffe Peninsula.
  9. You have never stayed on the Strand or caught the Ferry to Maggie Island I take it.
  10. The Fans will vote on the name if they are successful https://www.nrl.com/news/2021/02/09/fans-to-help-dolphins-choose-name-if-club-granted-nrl-licence/
  11. Not sure if you can be seen as a top shelf team with some of the players Wigan have in their key positions. A few are well past their best and a few are pretty average trading on past glories.
  12. Townsville has just as many mad keen fans as Newcastle.
  13. That may well be so but he was born in Australia has lived nearly all of his life in Australia has played SOO. He has as much reason to nominate for Oz as he has for the Kiwis. I don’t think he does himself any favours publicly saying he would like to play for the All Blacks, but hey that is up to him.
  14. James Maloney to put in another good shift and get Catalans a win.
  15. Well I am sure the Canberra club will be looking at George’s comments and will work things out with him.
  16. Agreed. The result is the best outcome for both parties. Being homesick is very tough, I have been there, but it can be a state of mind that in some cases can be overcome. I guess once they decided to have a child it put more pressure on the situation during the state of this Covid restricted travel World. Good luck to him back in Super League.
  17. I do not know the details of his contract with Catalans or what has been agreed to by the player or the Clubs involved. He is a wealthy man, maybe he bought out his contract himself. Perhaps you have some insider knowledge?
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