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  1. Parramatta are doing fine. https://wwos.nine.com.au/nrl/live-scores/ladder
  2. No news about him, he is not injured. Maybe they are rotating as many new faces through the trials as they can. He needs to be on the field making an impression after his bad luck last year, his contract is only till the end of 2019.
  3. Its the Kangaroo's V New Zealand and the other game is the Jillaroos v Kiwi Ferns making it a double header. https://www.nrl.com/news/2019/02/25/australia-kangaroos-to-face-new-zealand-kiwis-on-wollongong-in-october/
  4. I think the name State of Origin has something to do with it. It used to be which State you first came into grade football, its changed a few times since then.
  5. He is not eligible and more than a very long shot to be selected if he was.
  6. I really liked Kevin Ward, one of the best imports to the Australian game of all time. He looks like he is wearing one of those Sumo suits in that photo :-)
  7. Maybe its because he was born in Australia and has obviously been brought up as an Australian with an Australian Mother. Just because his Father has a thick Yorkshire accent does not mean he should want to play for England, often its a fall back position should he not make SOO and the Kangaroos squads. Its been seen before a few times.
  8. I am with you Dave. What is the big deal about having an Ashes series the year before the World Cup? If England should get trounced it will hardly help World Cup ticket sales. Its the strangest argument I have seen in some time.
  9. He played nine games for Norths Devils last year.
  10. I did not miss Hodgkinson, I didn't think anyone would want him either way. He is an also ran. When was the last time Australia picked a player that has never lived in Australia or been brought up in Australia through their Parents or Grand parents? The closest thing was the Fijian Winger on residency rules, they changed the rules after that debacle. England has chosen several players on residency rules like Rangi Chase amongst others.
  11. Surely a "Tier One Nation" like England does not need heritage players like the Morris Twins already capped by the nation of their birth or lay claim to players like Radley or others through their Fathers or Grandparents. Ryan Sutton has not played in the NRL Andre Savelio was born a Kiwi and has not played in the NRL Herbie Farnworth has not played first grade in the NRL and is a fringe player for one of their feeder Clubs. Just associating these players with England makes England look like another Tonga or Samoa.
  12. He is still taking a spot regardless of the name of the squad. The Great Britain tour concept was flawed from the start and is not a brand that captures any imagination from most outside of GB
  13. He should pull down the curtain. He only plays now and again and takes the spot of a Test player that could offer more to the future of a Test squad and is not injured for half of the Test series in most cases. Selfish comes to mind.
  14. I don't know if the Island Nations would want to play as a "Pacifika" side. They do not always get on well with each other, It not be like a West Indies Cricket team.
  15. Parramatta captain Ray Price, left, and Mick Cronin, who played a match-winning role in the team's 40-8 win over Balmain at Belmore 1985. His nickname was accurate but did not have the best ring to it "Mr Perpetual Motion" ?
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