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  1. Dunbar, you seem to be a Stats man looking at most of your posts. Stats are great but only tell a certain story, stats can often give false viewpoints on where they fit into the total game day outcomes. You quote them over and over again to prove a point, often a point I disagree with looking at the total game and the context of a players contribution Half of Stats mean nothing, they are only relevant to the part of the field they are in or the context of a game. They are often a general factor in a players or teams outcome. From 1-10 how would you rate the WBW time in the NRL?
  2. Holbrooks team are coming 14 from 16 with the second worst for and against diff. Paying massive overs for Fifita will see him Coaching back in Super League in 2022 if not before.
  3. From 1-10 how would you rate the WBW time in the NRL? I would not drop Ferguson and I would not sign a has been like Hall. Not sure if you are trying to drive a point home or just being obtuse, either way...... you are losing me.
  4. A Wingers job is to score tries or at least be a threat to score them and make the opposition try to counter that threat. This opens up opportunities to other players in attack as the defense covers that attacking threat Unfortunately Mr Hall offers none of the above IMO, the defense do not worry about him, his own team do not seem to see him as an asset that will win them a game and bring him into the attack and his Coach only uses him in the team when he absolutely has to. If $BW joins the Roosters expect him to be in front of Hall on the Wing when the team is selected. I have nothing against Ryan Hall but his time in the NRL has not been a success, most big Wingers or Centres move into the Second Row or Lock as they fill out and their speed diminishes. See Mal Meninga, Noel Cleal, Ellery Hanley and countless others
  5. I am sorry John, I was not having a go at you Mate. I regret that I posted this Topic and tried to delete it.
  6. Different style of player, different team and style of play for that team. I think Ferguson does a great job for Parramatta and although he has not scored this year his contribution in attack and defense has been outstanding. He fits into the team and plays his role where defending sides are apprehensive when he gets the ball because he can change a game and has done that often in recent times. Ryan Hall regardless of his injuries was once called the "Worlds best Winger or WBW" that in itself is a mouthful and a bit of an embarrassing nickname IMO. Do you agree that the Roosters bought him to be a run on player with his record as the "WBW" and his try scoring feats on his resume? The fact he can not regularly get a start at the Roosters is failure in my opinion. Ryan Hall represented Great Britain last year. Hall is 32, the Morris boys are 33 and last represented Australia six years ago in 2014. You can cherry pick a player at my Club if you want to make a point but not many fans of the game would take Hall over Ferguson to be in their team today IMO. I very much doubt the Roosters will renew Halls contract unlike what they have done last week with the Morris boys. Are you his Agent?
  7. Since Super League has been suspended the NRL games have been pinned here. Its been the only game in Town. Whatever..... This Sport....
  8. They may if the NRL was not being played and Super League was widely available in Oz.
  9. No interest in the NRL anymore? This Sport is its own worst enemy. To describe this Sport in a word I would say Apathetic.
  10. It has been suggested by some commentators here that his days of smashing it up are gone and he would be used to draw defences in and slip the pass to supports similar to Arthur Beetson in his later years. I guess that was what he tried at Toronto but his teammates were not of a great standard so many plays fell over. Now its being reported he would need six weeks to sort his affairs out and then two weeks in quarantine in Oz, the season will be nearly over as there are only 10 rounds left and then the Finals. Apparently he will play for nearly ###### all as he loves the Roosters and wants to win another Premiership
  11. I hope Parramatta sign the Roosters Accountant next year. He is worth whatever he wants.
  12. His best is well behind him. I would not want my Club to sign him.
  13. The media release said the departure was Green resigning with the Clubs agreement.
  14. Paul Green announced he was stepping down as the Coach of the North Queensland Cowboys effective immediately. His name has already been linked to the Brisbane Broncos top job. https://www.foxsports.com.au/nrl/nrl-premiership/nrl-2020-paul-green-quits-cowboys-anthony-seibold-broncos-john-morris-sharks-paul-mcgregor-dragons-warriors/news-story/3e28804a931e75acada64b3c0c41c23b
  15. RTS made the same mistake that Tomkins did, but for different reasons. RTS should have stayed where he was, wasted at the Warriors imo.
  16. The Raiders attack certainly appears to have more ideas with Hodgson not playing and taking charge of everything
  17. It has been announced today the the Bulldogs Coach Dean Pay has decided to leave the Bulldogs immediately. Assistant Steve Georgalis will fill in as Caretaker for this season. Trent Barrett is in the running to become the full time Coach going forward. https://www.news.com.au/sport/nrl/nrl-2020-dean-pay-quits-after-bulldogs-incredible-disrespect/news-story/dfcd6edac88e9a549d42a90d20163353
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