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  1. Spot on Meast. Its about the men on the pitch, not the bums on the seats.
  2. Well for no other reason than they have Mark Sneyd, I want to see him win it for Salford as he did for us on many occasions.
  3. Could you please tell me which one they will win, as I'd like to be there.
  4. I think golden point is an awful way to decide the outcome. A drop goal before the 80 minutes are up is a different matter. When two teams have battled it out for the full 80 why should they have this lottery to decide a winner. A point each today and Wakey could have gone above TO.
  5. I think its fair to say that the fans are now using the players model of "can't be arsed".
  6. Harry, I think you've assumed this was written by our mutual friend Old Frightful. It was written by me but I'm sure it resonates with him, although he might be made of stronger stuff than me and will continue to go.
  7. Its only the pre-injury Jake Connor that means we probably won't be relegated.
  8. Well that's a forty mile round trip I won't be making again this season. I've got better things to do than watch this tragedy of a team perform the last rites. Something is inherently wrong within the club and until its sorted out they will continue to be the great under achievers. I can actually sympathise with Wire fans who are suffering the same torment.
  9. You come across some really great ideas on this forum and then up pops Superten with his brainfart. Off you pop now, there's a good lad.
  10. It sounds like a really cheap version of Oceans 11.
  11. I don't think we're expected to win, so coming away with no injuries would be a reasonable result for me.
  12. I hope those predicting a win for Rhinos haven't based their thoughts solely on their performance last weekend.
  13. Its a bit cruel to describe as such as they're both suffering badly from injuries.
  14. Stepping off a train at Leigh is the same as walking on water. It can't be done!!
  15. I live 20 miles outside Hull and I swear I could hear the cheers when this news broke. So there is a god.
  16. I would imagine the Fev treatment room is going to be very busy for the next few days. They were hit hard and often last night by a very good, physical outfit. Really enjoyed the game and the commentary team on Premier are light years ahead of Sky and its comedy gang.
  17. I should think Wakefield, with Miller and Lino, will look at these posts and have a good chuckle. They are getting value for money.
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