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  1. I’m sure knowles got sent off last game so not sure if he will be playing it will be interesting if he is I’m sure bussy will be interested
  2. being cynical they wipe out there debts go in to admin new owner comes in not having to take on existing debts keep squad together cope with the points deducted stay up n start afresh might be called a plan
  3. Just helping em out and our lads st same time
  4. fair enough robin i personaly dont do comicbook sorry facebook it was just someone at work who mentioned it to me ,so i thought id get clarity
  5. Any 1 heard the rumour ,that bretts retired ,any truth
  6. This is from Steve gill , decent idea,
  7. I said on ere when we signed him he was injury prone , I’ll be incredibly surprised if he makes a contribution this season , the championship is tough and I can’t see this guy doing owt for us
  8. It was an excercise to look at some players nothing more , still a disappointing result though
  9. Day looks a astute signing Harrison is promising, tansey has enthusiasm from what I saw , punchcard looked lost as did a lot of them pre season or not this is a game that means something... let’s not start kidding ourselves this is going to be a long season... you can’t put A bunch of players together , mostly young players untested and expect miracles,, the brothers are going to have to be really good to give us half a chance
  10. I hope Powell goes easy on us with his team selection, I’ve a feeling we are going to need tin hats !!
  11. carr also said he wants to create a pathway for guys from thr researves to have a go, and will be working with marchy to that effect he raved about the brothers saying they are tough and full of enthusiasm and will do well in this envirament ,he is monitering training the sessions are being filmed for him and he does not think arriving later will be a detriment ,he is looking forward to getting stuck in and knowes full well the responsability the job carries ,and hes happy with the make up of the squad so far
  12. All positive I thought coach and mark spoke well josh keiden and Brett were good png lads will be early in jan we are n talks with other players now and good relationship with Furner defo two on season long loan and others who will benefit playing with us so all good
  13. It’s a very bold appointment and I think as a lot to do with MC being disappointed with our previous coaching appointments bastion never worked out Andy hay failed,, there were obviously clashes with Sharpy and Duffy let him down I think he’s looked at saints and Huddersfield and thought why not ? A brand new way of doing stuff let’s give it a go I’m open to the idea for once there is positive vibes around the place
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