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  1. You're not wrong. Whitehaven have gone for a printed, glossy teamsheet. It isn't printed on the day therefore it's the two squads - and the match officials aren't included. Easier and cheaper, I imagine. Available for a quid. Yes, that's a quid.
  2. At Widnes, there will be a monthly - printed - magazine, We are Widnes (£3). It is being produced by Widnes Independent Supporters Society Ltd (WISSL) First issue available, from the club shop, at tomorrow's Workington game. It's a special issue, celebrating the life of former player Liam Walsh. No mention of a programme in tomorrow's match day guides for the games at Bradford and Halifax. Whitehaven have confirmed there'll be no programme at the Recre this season. Nothing at Dewsbury, London or Workington last week. Nothing yet publicised by Featherstone. Newcastle never bother. After a flirtation with a digital 'programme' (I use the inverted commas advisedly), Batley seem to have given up. For last Sunday's Whitehaven game, Leigh issued a printed programme (£3.50). So far, it looks like the tier two issuers will be Barrow (£2), Leigh (£3.50), Widnes (£3) and York (£3). Sheffield have issued in recent seasons. Fair chance they may again (when, in a few weeks, they get to play at home!). I watched Newark Football Club this afternoon. They play in the United Counties League's Premier Division North (that's level nine of the English football pyramid). Sixty spectators or so. A 28-page printed programme sold for £2.
  3. Clyde were at the heart of Rutherglen. Problem with playing at Cumbernauld is its full of people who have moved from elsewhere, with football allegiances long established. 1,196 - well below average - at Stark's Park this afternoon, for a goalless draw with Hamilton Accies.
  4. Whitehaven say no printed programme this season (they have been reliable issuers previously). But they will offer "something else in its place for fans to purchase on match days".
  5. Worth an update. Raith Rovers have performed a U-turn (oddly, the club chairman, John Sim, also the owner and majority shareholder, does not append his name): https://www.raithrovers.net/52477/chairman-update-david-goodwillie.htm Former chairman calls for resignations: https://www.thecourier.co.uk/fp/sport/football/2975241/former-raith-rovers-chairman-bill-clark-resignations-david-goodwillie/
  6. For the 2022 season (and possibly beyond), Heysham Atoms are to share Vale of Lune RUFC's Powder House Lane ground. Statement on Vale's website: The Vale of Lune Board Members are pleased to announce that Heysham Atoms A.R.L.F.C will be moving to Powder House Lane for the 2022 season and beyond on a rolling contract basis. This will mean that our fantastic facilities both on and off the field will be fully utilised for 12 months of the year, providing both clubs with excellent opportunities. Having both of the area’s rugby clubs working closely together will hopefully drive both local rugby Union and League forward whilst supporting the clubs aim of advancing sport in the local community. The Heysham Atoms season will run from March the 05th until Sept 10th, please join us in welcoming our old Friends and make sure you enjoy some summer rugby played at Powder House Lane. We would like to thank all those involved in making this a possibility and hope this is the start of a long and success period for both clubs.
  7. Apparently, Raith have about 1,500 season ticket holders. The chief executive of Scottish Women's Football isn't impressed by the Goodwillie signing: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-edinburgh-east-fife-60218045
  8. According to the Dundee Courier, around 30 community volunteers have informed Raith Rovers they won't be returning. Even the guy who does the public address announcements has quit. Goodwillie attended Raith's tier two home game with Queen of the South last night. Reported to have a hamstring injury, he watched from the main stand. Raith twice let slip a lead as they were held 3-3 by the division's bottom club. The signing of Goodwillie is football's misogyny incarnate, suggests Football365: https://www.football365.com/news/opinion-the-raith-rovers-rapist-debacle-show-how-deep-footballs-misogyny-runs
  9. There wasn’t a programme seller at the away (north) end. I walked through that way from my street parking spot. As far as I could see, there was one guy (seemingly going out of his way to hide the fact he was a programme seller) selling programmes - and he didn’t have many - outside turnstiles 4-6 (east stand south entrance). None available either in the club shop or in the foyer area outside the club shop/ticket collection point/by the hospitality reception desk. Bizarre. It was a 28-pager, by the way.
  10. Yes. Maybe just lack of game time, mind. It's a long season. Plenty of chance to get things right.
  11. Yes, I've emailed the club myself. It all helps. Funnily enough, buying a York City FC programme is equally difficult. Never a problem with either club at Bootham Crescent. You were pretty much assaulted by programme sellers at the entrance!
  12. Chap selling them outside turnstiles 4-6 seemed to have very few. What was the print run, Simon (if that's not commercially sensitive)?
  13. They were on sale (28 pages for three quid). Not many, by the looks - and well hidden.
  14. I got mine from a seller outside turnstiles 4-6. The bloke selling them was so well disguised, I asked a guy standing right next to him where he'd bought his programme. He pointed to the chap standing next to me. No programme seller bib, no shouting 'get your programme!', no programmes on show in his hands (they were stuffed in a bag). WTF? Why not have a few on sale in the club shop? How much pre-match footfall in there? Jeez, it ain't rocket science.
  15. Nothing. I wasn't suggesting there is. When I go to York, they often hand out advertising flyers. Good move.
  16. To be pedantic, 3,602. Be interesting to see how many York get on Sunday, when it's back to £20 (£15 concessions, U16s free) and the opposition isn't terribly attractive. Last night, York were handing out glossy flyers (not the first time), advertising the Dewsbury match.
  17. Just in from watching the game live. Decent effort from York, I thought, against opposition who will be too fast for most in the middle division. Watchable game. On the way out, I overheard a couple of complaints about Pauli Pauli's contribution. Official attendance announced as 3,602. Interesting to see, in the media area, an empty seat marked Martyn Sadler.
  18. I don't think York have a proper derby. They used to play Hunslet on 'derby days'. Which always seemed a bit odd. York are still building their attendances, from a pre-Flatman low of 500 or so. Covid hasn't helped - regulars say the average in 2021 was about 1,600. 2,500 home fans this evening would be a reasonable turnout.
  19. Bloke at the LNER Community Stadium ticket office this morning predicted a circa 3,500 crowd. He based that estimate on advance sales and likely walk-ups.
  20. Social media indicate Widnes are doing a programme for Sunday's game with Workington. On the day, Widnes will celebrate the life of former player Liam Walsh.
  21. Rochdale did match specific programmes last season. The supporters club put them together.
  22. Most clubs don't seem to care. Leigh, Rochdale and Workington CBA to reply to a Twitter enquiry. Only a couple of the others, as far as I can see, are advertising - online - any sort of programme. Thus far... Print: Barrow (£2), Leeds, Rochdale (£3), York (£3). Digital: Oldham (£3), West Wales (£2). Among the amateurs... Print: Bentley (£1), Leigh Miners Rangers (£3, w/a), Thornhill. It's a very short list!
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