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  1. You were being snide. You were particular that Aussie’s would learn that SOO is not so bloody important as (You think) they think it is. your original first paragraph was all that needed saying. Your additional comments were unnecessary.
  2. You started so well and then finished being snide. To put your comment in perspective, I don’t think any Australian RL fan cares enough about external markets enough to be disappointed that SOO is not an event that captures the world audience. In fact, it’s very similar to the 50k+ crowds that turn up to AFL games almost once a week. As if they care less if anyone else cares. All that matters is that they do. RL in UK could learn a good few lessons.
  3. I’m not sure I understand your question @Harry Stottle so I will give it my best shot. Native I am not, but my involvement in the sport of RL spans the breadth of RL’s European footprint, Yorkshire to Yeovil, Dublin to Dagenham, Moscow to Malta and Stockholm to Serbia at all levels from SL to Saturday minis RL and everywhere in between. It means is my opinions are based on a very sound, experienced and intimate knowledge of the sport and it’s governance from NWC to IRL. Not that any of that means my opinion is more correct than any other here.
  4. I understand that junior development is in a club’s interest, but it should not be their responsibility. It is the responsibility of the governing body. If they choose to deliver that responsibility through professional clubs (which is a potential route) then so be it. As confusing as it sounds @Eddie I would consider removing professional clubs from all junior development responsibility.
  5. The whole business of professional sport is reliant on emotional bias. Strange that any supporter would be required to defend such a position.
  6. There are only two major Australian cities that are not represented in the NRL. I disagree that the NRL does not have enough resources to accomodate two more professional clubs. There are 51 other men’s professional sporting clubs in national competitions in this country that are not RL clubs that should be considered commercial competitors before any of the existing 16 NRL clubs should be. The sport of RL needs to consider how to expand its financial attractiveness to an increasing number of commercial partners, rather than simply re-distributing the existing ones. Each Sydney club has a potential of 100s of thousands of fans. It is the job of the governing body and the clubs to convert more of the fleeting supporters into invested fans. Juggling that with expanding to the only two remaining non represented markets is the key. Its a case of doing both, not one or the other.
  7. Why is junior development the responsibility of professional clubs? Surely the responsibility of governing bodies?
  8. Did he miss any games due to this episode? The NRL did stand him down right?
  9. We might as well then put a minimum quota of local players on every club.
  10. I might consider your opinion of Sydney rationalisation to be ignorant, deluded or entitled @The Great Dane Every Sydney club serves over 100,000 supporters of varying fanaticism each. Each Sydney club plays a key role in ensuring that Sydney remains a League city where other codes are just waiting for an opportunity to swoop and accomodate the general public’s emotional and financial appetite for elite sport. Sydney clubs do not prohibit expansion to new cities and states. So to consider internal expansion is at the expense of external expansion is frankly naive.
  11. I agree, Bombers is a name synonymous with one of Australia’s largest sporting clubs. It’s unnecessary and lazy naming them the Bombers.
  12. Good decision that. I feel a referee is on his game if he has the guts to give that penalty
  13. First try the Roosters have scored in four and a half months. Very embarrassing for Saints
  14. Morris is not on the biggest money at Cronulla, but his value to the team at this present moment is far more than what they pay him. He is still very good, reliable and can fill a gap anywhere in the three quarters. Why would they swap him for a guy who is dudded with injuries? It’s a pathetic attempt to make a story. Moreso, Morris is worth more to Cronulla than his contract. Let’s also remember, Roosters are desperate due to injuries. With $300k of salary cap still missing from the Sharks roster in 2020, if I was in charge, I would only be considering a swap if the Roosters came up with a solution to eliminate that handicap. That would include an additional player swap. One that does not include Ryan Hall.
  15. That is phenomenal. Correct, shouldn’t have been given, but... put yourself in the shoes of the ref, you wouldn’t wanna be calling it play on
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