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  1. It’s a very sad fall for the Broncos and RL in London overall. The club were still in reasonable shape by SL standards in the early days of Quins with Ian Lenegan around. Even the crowd numbers were usually closer to 10k than 5k. They had a very good GM by way of an Aussie guy by the name of Brown, very well linked to the London grass roots scene which had about 18 Full Time Community RL Coaches attached to the various junior clubs in the region. Then new CEO Goose McKay and the club has been going backwards ever since. Funding for CRLCs dries up and a key driver to what was mass participation in London erodes as quickly as it grew. That’s like ten years ago now and still the club dwindles. I really feel for any Broncos supporters that are still out there. They need major investment and I don’t think the club has any wealthy benefactors to assist, nor is SL an attractive investment for those looking to join the sport. Sadly, I see many more years of misery ahead.
  2. I had never bought Southern Comfort until they sponsored the Sharks
  3. I said it before. Ringfence them in. If the European SL is true to its name, then the maximum number of English teams should be capped at ten. Any expansion to the competition by way of number of teams will need to be by way of non English clubs. Promo and relegation for English clubs to continue via championship winners and last placed English club.
  4. Shame the cameraman wasn’t ready at the scrum. Missed a great chip n chase there that lead to a try. Gonna be tough for Malta to get back from here.
  5. Is Jarrod Sammut out there? I heard the last name but it is a pretty common one for that area.
  6. Good to see. Malta making things tough for themselves
  7. When going to the BBC website, I go straight to the RL page, rather than going to the home page and finding the RL page from “All Sports” drop down function.
  8. It would be pretty fair to say for 6pm Friday KO, that probably just as many if not or more Sharks fans could suitably get to the SFS. Should it be an “event” worth attending of course, with you and I both full well knowing that the game itself is struggling to get people to attend in person. Agreed, an 8pm KO would work significantly better. What the NRL is currently stuck with, is a difficult to fill, Friday 6pm KO slot that works for Warriors and that’s about it… so I am looking for a solution to maximise an underperforming slot. Yes, the after work crowd is a good target when KO is at 6pm. In saying what I have, I think there was a reasonably strong turnout to a Penrith 6pm KO this year, so suburban crowds could work. But I envisage Friday night Sydney derbys events will need some considerable input and marketing from the NRL, not just the clubs themselves. I would anticipate the NRL would be more easily positioned to manage events at two familiar venues all season, than learn to manage events at five less resourced suburban grounds.
  9. Whatever, Souths can play at Parra if they want. With regards to Kogarah, it’s a very poor facility, with weak car access and the home of the club’s biggest rival. What I can say with certainty is that none of Sydney’s suburban grounds are well serviced for public transport to deliver a consistent rock roaring 20k+ crowd for a Friday 6pm KO. I’m not talking about just relocating a home game to Parra or SFS for the sake of it. There needs to be an carnival theme to these games to be successful events. They are very close to CBDs with thousands of workers. Otherwise, correct you are, just play the home game at the home ground.
  10. I would have thought a Bronco’s supporter would be more open to the idea of the ambitions of a non-heartlands club to develop local talent whilst appreciating the necessity for that club to rely on recruits from heartland areas.
  11. Agreed, Arsenal is a very different case. This concern with the Redcliffe name (or North Brisbane or similar) not appealing to what is effectively very few, ageing, supporters of other QRL clubs is ridiculous. If the club is not going to take the simple option of representing a geographic location, who or what will the club be representing?
  12. I’m very biased here, so what I will say is that I think this is easily the best the Sharks have come up with.
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