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  1. Barrow still hold a 100% record so we are a good side & great att for L1 at Barrow today just shy of 2K Off the field Barrow are working hard on getting more supporters & growing the game locally. Just built a FanZone to host summer events like the Footy Euros & suchlike.
  2. I’ve lived in Texas for 18yrs & it’s been growing quickly for around 30/40 & if anything it’s speeding up & it’s more financial & weather than anything political. Homes in Cali were several times more expensive than Texas & the Californians I meet say this & advantageous Taxes, the lack natural disasters such as the annual wild fires, Santa Anna winds & mud slides etc made it an easy choice. The Southern States also benefit by Snow Birds relocating to warmer climbs
  3. Think Barrow have a few players playing out of position due to a raft of injuries but fair play to Cov for making a game of it.
  4. Apologies if this has been answered previously but it’s typical N American salesmanship, Focus entirely at the positive’s & big up everything
  5. Correct, Austin is a very fast growing city & Texas has different employment laws & they attract all the top chip tech companies & now rivals Silicon Valley for Technology infrastructure, Mainly young families moving here & the Austin Metro area’s population is around 2.2Million & is expected to be around 5Mill within 20yrs. Friday Night Lights...Was based on High School Football in Central Texas & all schools around here host 5/7k for these Kids games & double that for Playoffs. Football-Guns & God are the 3 Religions here so there is literally thousands of very very good athletes who get by passed by the college leagues & they just stop playing as there’s very little rec leagues to carry on playing in......Rugby could be huge here. Americans in general have zero problem trying something new as it’s ever evolving around here & always developing & they tend to have a can do attitude to life rather than a glass half full. The Austin Armadillos RL are super quiet to non existent on SM & im hoping it’s because they are too busy recruiting players & staff.
  6. UT Football is massive & had a stranglehold on sports in the city but......The area is growing rapidly & the culture changing as fast as the population rises, Austin FC soccer start this year & they had over 40k people wanting season tickets in a 20,500 brand new stadium, The Soccer scene is large, MLR RU is in its 3rd season I think, moved venues a few times & just kicked off the new season with a new name & in the Formula 1 facility that houses a Semi Pro soccer team, Their crowds have rose with the new owners advertising push & it’s growing....I’m a Barrow RL fan & never heard of any RL here?? There’s several RU clubs locally & college type RU teams but as far as I’m aware ZERO RL until now... One thing I can tell you is that they mostly think Rugby is just Rugby & don’t know the difference codes until you point it out & the ones I’ve shown RL games to find it way more exciting & enjoyable to watch than RU. Austin RL my fam will attend your games & I will bring friends.
  7. Not overly keen on the Dillos but RL in Austin yessssssss I’m a fan already
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