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  1. Hard one to call, Both teams on form with plenty to play for, Hope it’s a entertaining game ending in a home win.
  2. Hope you were kind enough to share this with our cousins up the road, Shame if they missed it
  3. Few mins remaining & what a fantastic game by the lads, superb display by the sounds of it, Can we put 50 into them ?? 0-46 atm, Is this our biggest margin victory up here ever? 0-58
  4. 0-34, 8 mins remaining, Think it’s safe to say we have won this one. 0-58 What a fantastic game by Barrow here, if only we put it up the jumper & beat Leigh instead of pushing it FT
  5. Easier said than done as your finding out again.
  6. Getting a few strike players back now as well as a few new recruits & the local lads are getting lots of game time as the adjust to the higher level, Everything is good in the Furness Peninsula
  7. Approaching HT 0-22 Town are still competitive by the sounds of it, But if Barrow score next they could wilt here.
  8. Tee full length try when Town were threatening Miludi fed Tee & we know what happens next, Should be 0-12
  9. 1st blood to Barrow maybe a fortunate Sammut try under the sticks 0-6 ……21 mins in. Town pressure but then Miludi ( 1st game back after the 8 game ban ) feeds Tee Tee full length try when Town were threatening Miludi fed Tee & we know what happens next, Should be 0-12 Town are very much in this game.
  10. All Raiders pressure here, camped on the Town line for a few sets but Town held firm. Town driving forwards & came close, Defences on top atm
  11. Big game for opposing reasons & both teams need the win, 2 French lads will be keen to impress & hope to see French flair & passion but no histrionics & that goes for all our lads as whoever keeps their composure takes the win.
  12. So I shouldn’t comment because I live abroad? My badly informed crowd comments were R Cumbria’s comms duo’s, I merely repeated them. i listen to RC as it’s the only way I have to follow my team & as we are 6 hours behind GMT it’s breakfast time here & afterwards I’m free to enjoy all the music that Austin offers. My question to you is, Why does it bother you that much
  13. Whip round for the fans….Yes agreed as they brought a few I understand your pain here but try to give a little credit to the winners please. feel for Widnes atm but honestly your experiencing what others have to endure season after season, hope you pick up again soon.
  14. I enjoy your summarising/comms so don’t me wrong here, But you guys do go off-piest from time to time when the action gets lost to your listeners, But generally a great listen
  15. Not viable from Texas I’m afraid but I have a ST & also buy a match ticket on line, So I’m there in spirit
  16. Widnes didn’t GIVE Barrow anything, We spanked them & TOOK IT from them 🫵
  17. PS another good crowd today, Hope it’s close to 3k Edit FT 44-4
  18. HT 18-4 & sounds like Widnes have fitness issues so let’s play sensible but expensive & gas these out & hopefully put a few more tries into them. Wukkie away will be a very hard derby as per but with them fighting for safety & the previous close games they will be extra fired up so if we keep chilled & disciplined we should grind it out.
  19. Barrow gone close here early but still 0-0 ATM & they reckon the Attendance is around the 2,700/2,800+ Edit Currently 18-4 with a few mins remaining of the half
  20. You bet they dodged a bullet considering Barrow had Forster, Shaw, Miloudi, Wood, Langtree missing & had 11 local lads on that pitch today & just come up a division, Good attendance of 2422 Hope we continue to build the infrastructure & add some muscle to the pack next season as we have been light all season due to the Walne Brothers retiring just before the season started.
  21. It is difficult to follow half the time & I wish they would save their musings for when the game has stopped temporarily.
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