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  1. Add Barrow to this list, Own the ground & facilities & they recently bought back the Nightclub building that’s attached to the Duke St corner, So soon to have a big bar to add to the other recently added food & Drink bars, marquees etc
  2. Newcastle don’t travel well so the Barrow attendance will be 99% locals &the weather is atrocious today.
  3. Mud fest RL today will be a leveler all round so FT Newcastle might just have a chance today at PT Barrow
  4. Come on lads, smash these from the off & hope the Att is decent weather permitting.
  5. We all want the same things for the game whilst supporting our individual clubs & country. We all know more spectators in grounds spending hard earned is good & higher TV audiences watching the games etc. So why not like every other clubs Social Media….maybe not your bitterest rivals but everyone else, Record or tune in to all TV games…Even if you have no interest in that game & no one else is using to telly or you have 2 or 3 TV’s tablets Lap tops etc. Sponsors, Big Companies, Suits etc crunch numbers before becoming involved commercially. Example if ….total there’s say 800k who either attend matches or take an interest or just follow on SM & half of them like & follow the other clubs SM the numbers of each club will soar & it’s a positive isn’t it, same for TV viewing figures would lead to more money entering the game from improved contracts. Might seem a daft idea but I’m doing it. So we can play our part & it won’t cost you a dime but it just could help boost our game further down the line
  6. When is this game scheduled for? I see a blank weekend for March 13th….Is this date a CC round?
  7. Sounds promising & hope we continue with this form & the weathers better & a big home crowd enjoys us going top (however briefly that may be).
  8. Faded glory Wigan the proper pie action is in Barradise these enlightened days mate.
  9. Lost their title recently, Barrow is the Pie Town these days
  10. Best Pies are to be found in Barrow, It’s won Pie Town a few times in recent years
  11. Great start for newly promoted Barrow beating Sheff @ H then Haven Away
  12. Fantastic start to the season & surely it will encourage a few hundred more fans to our next home game, We’ll done all.
  13. Can any tell us how dominant we are or are we just clinical with our chances, wind for or against us etc?
  14. I’m surprised Johnsons paperwork didn’t self combust before going to court, He has such bad luck with .
  15. I can collect mine in March when I’m over, please keep it for me, Tganks
  16. Tougher game than a few here are expecting, Most teams will look inferior against clubs like Leigh & Fev, Especially when players are sat in sin bin. Hope we play smart & don’t get dragged into any derby day dust ups & play the percentages & triumph, As that will be an fantastic start to the season.
  17. Barrow added extra bars, food outlets & a huge marquee so they can maximise match day revenue by letting folk in for before 12 or 1pm (can’t remember which) So these fans eat, drink & be merry in the ground instead of the pubs & restaurants outside the ground & Sheff usually don’t bring many so 99% will be locals. Hope we average at least 2500 this season.
  18. Thanks Bearman, Do you know what the L1 final average attendances are or where I can see them?
  19. Everyone else up there seems to think there is??
  20. Thanks Dave, Do you know what our average attendance figure was for the season, 2kplus?
  21. Superb end to the season & Tee’s record breaking 7 Tries. Well done to everyone involved who won the Championship What was the Attendance?
  22. No apologies here as I just need to shout BARROW..BARROW…BARROW Got it off my chest now, Thanks
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