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  1. Raiders look a better side in attack without Hodgson. Williams has a great running game but he doesn’t have a long kicking game, Wighton has a big boot on him but sometimes his accuracy is off. Roosters too complacent and that’s what lost it for them
  2. You’d be an idiot to suggest anyone else is better than him currently, and that’s coming from a Queenslander.
  3. Harry Grant is the second best hooker in the league behind The Goat. He’ll win the dally m this year
  4. As Pearce has been for his whole career he only stars when his team is on the front foot. When it’s a close game or a dog fight like this one he disappears. That’s what separates him from the greats like Cronk, JT, Joey and Lockyer.
  5. He didn’t play against the storm though? What game are you referring to last week?
  6. Tigers deserve to lose by 30 for subbing Harry Grant off so Reynolds can play hooker. Worst coaching decision I’ve seen all year
  7. I don’t buy into this conspiracy theory that the roosters aren’t giving Hall a chance. He’s simply just been unlucky, his time will come
  8. Why would he pass when there’s no point to? There’s no space for the winger and only a threat of him getting bundled into touch. In my opinion the biggest weakness of the cowboys are their edge defences and their right edge in particular due to Esan Marsters always rushing out of the line at the player with the ball and leaving Feldt on his own. Last night he didn’t do that, he must have copped a spray by the coach during the week. The cowboys left edge though was absolutely dreadful. Any winger would’ve scored 5 tries had they been on the left.
  9. Broncos will be able to table him an offer that’ll match the titans next year with Milford and bird off contract
  10. Also in regards of Hall being the best in the world at his position, are we forgetting about Brett Morris? For mine the best winger of all time.
  11. More Esan Marsters defence is shocking and feldt is always left on his own with a 3 players overlap. Marsters always rushes the player with the ball and leaves his winger high and dry, that’s why the tigers dropped him. I feel sorry for feldt defending beside that spud.
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