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  1. Well that was a personal disaster. Congratulations to Cameron Highlander on s perfect 8 from 8 and congratulations to the minor prize winners.
  2. Hilarious thread. Good to see England have virtually qualified due to a goal from a player born aboard.
  3. Week:15 Good luck to one and all Poll: Cowboys\ Sharks, Homes: 5, : Points 364. Winners: Rabbitohs, Cowboys, Pathers Warriors, Raiders, Storm , Eels, Titans
  4. I'm no Roosters fan, and we all know he has retired. Just thought he deserved a little recognition on here, Gus & Gal's emotional Boyd Cordner tribute | NRL on Nine - YouTube
  5. Congratulations to Spotty Herbert on his win this week and congratulations to the minor prize winners.
  6. Great patriotism here from England supporters. Like reporters from the tabloids before every major international football competition.... then reality strikes. Remember, when the union WC last held in England well inmho the Rugby League team will not be as bad.. but for me they aren't reaching the final perhaps not even the semi-final. Best chance is that October and November are unusually bitterly cold.
  7. Week: 14 good luck to one and all. Poll 5+, Points: 350, Aways: 4 Winners : Sea Eagles, Panthers, Roosters,Rabbitohs, Raiders Srorm, Eels Dragons.
  8. Yes in SOO and bye weeks wins have a certain hollowness about them. Looking at week 17 my opponent whoever that maybe will have a virtual walk over.
  9. Congratulations to Harrigan on his win this week and congratulations to Jeff Stein on his minor prize.
  10. Congratulations to all involved in a very enjoyable game. None of these ladies are professional most having to train after a long days work and others have family commitments. Thanks to the BBC for the coverage hopefully the game will go from strength to strength.
  11. Had the game on this morning but due to work couldn't give it 100% concentration. However, did hear Roach mention on commentary get on your feet Laurie this isnt soccer. I am agreement with head shots when they are head high. However, when the the head is knee high how is one supposed to tackle. It is interesting the sanctimonious attitude the " experts" on Fox are taking on this compared to their attitude on the mental health of George Williams.
  12. Week :13 Good luck to one and all. Poll: Dragons\Broncos Homes:2 Points: 168 Winners: Dragons, Panthers, Storm, Eels
  13. I'm starting to slip sliding away. Two late withdrawals cost me this week. I should know this but wiill those listed in SOO squads play for their teams this weekend or is it next week after the SOO game that they may play?
  14. Congratulations to Jeff Stein on his victory this week and congratulations to the minor prize winners.
  15. Interesting "opposite"view points being taken by pundits on Channel 9 and Fox. On youtube you'll also find Andrew John's stating he walked out off the Broncos\Roosters game. Regarding George Williams Johns states Williams mental health was most important in the whole episode. Whereas the NRL 360 team fully behind the new tackling directive. The only " dissent" coming from James Graham and Benji Marshall. With Williams the attitude was well he didnt want to train didnt want to play at the weekend but was expecting to be paid to the end of the season. Their attitude particularly Iken, Kent and Baldy was that Canberra acted correctly.
  16. Week12: Good luck to one and all. Poll: Cowboys\Warriors, Away Wins : 4 Points: 332 Winners: Storm, Cowboys, Wests Tigers, Panthers, Eels. Roosters, Titans, Sea Eagles
  17. NRL 2021: George Williams immediate release from Canberra Raiders - NRL
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