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  1. 1. R L Winger 143 2. DeeDeuce 141 3. Irish Saint 138 4. GerrumonsideRef 136 5. redsi42 133 6. gingerjon 131 7, Wiltshire Rhino 91
  2. Winning Teams: Chiefs ,Raiders, Colts, Bills, Lions, Texans Dolphins, Cowboys, Eagles, Steelers, Bengals Packers, 49ers, Rams, Saints Vikings. Gerrumonsideref 8 DeeDeuce 10 R L Winger 11 gingerjon 9 Irish Saint 9 redsi42 10 Congratulations to this week's winner RL Winger
  3. Yule greetings to one and all and Good luck to one and all. Week 15 Results will be updated tomorrow morning after the two games tonight Week 16 Thursday, Dec. 23 San Francisco at Tennessee, Saturday, Dec. 25 Cleveland at Green Bay, Indianapolis at Arizona, Sunday, Dec. 26 Detroit at Atlanta, Tampa Bay at Carolina, Baltimore at Cincinnati, Los Angeles Chargers at Houston, Los Angeles Rams at Minnesota, Buffalo at New England, Jacksonville at New York Jets, New York Giants at Philadelphia, Chicago at Seattle, Pittsburgh at Kansas City, Denver at Las Vegas, Washington at Dallas, Monday, Dec. 27 Miami at New Orleans
  4. As Omicron hits the NFL they have decided instead of testing all vaccinated players once a week they will now only be testing a handful of players. At Washington , Rams & Browns a combined total of 93 players tested positive leading to rescheduling of their games Aa for non- vaccinated players they will receive a mild slap on the wrist. As the richest sport organisation in the world they should be ashamed.
  5. Apologies i typed Crawthorne instead of Cawthorne No-one gave a second’s thought to the victims of a mining disaster near the small Yorkshire village of Cawthorne in 1821, even though two were children of just eight-years-old. Former MP David Hinchliffe’s exploration of his family history inadvertently led to the discovery of his collier ancestors’ involvement in the barely recorded and long-forgotten pit tragedy, which occurred amidst of the turbulence of the industrial revolution.The exploration of these two intertwined strands – and a passionate interest in local history in Yorkshire – has enabled him finally to reveal the full details of a melancholy event which devastated the families of the ten who were killed - but caused barely a ripple further afield. Using contemporary reports to help piece the jigsaw together, historical context and detailed genealogical research into the backgrounds of those involved, this account offers a fascinating insight into the lives of working class families across the period, when children as young as five were forced to work underground in order to supplement the household income. The research also illustrates how the split between the businessmen operating local pits, and landowners like the Spencer-Stanhopes of Cawthorne's Cannon Hall, led to an apparent disregard for the safety and wellbeing of the local workforce. The unforgiving inhumanity of the time is underlined by the way the local ‘Overseers of the Poor’ endeavoured to eject two of the victims’ families from the area when they had fallen on hard times after the disaster. And, most ironically of all, how the lauded death of Sir Walter Spencer- Stanhope is recorded in the parish register directly opposite that of the young and until now unheralded John Hinchliffe.
  6. Descent Into Silence - ,David Hinchcliffe True story of a (forgotten) mining disaster in the village of Crawthorne. Two of the dead being 8 years old. Other families being evicted after the tragedy.
  7. Because of outbreak of covid in Cleveland's team game against Las Vegas now moved to Monday. Further rescheduled games because of covid. Washington @ Philadelphia & Seattle at Los Angeles Rams moved to Tuesday.
  8. Chargers, Browns, Patriots, Bills, Cardinals, Jaguars, Dolphins Cowboys, Eagles Titans, Bengals, 49ers, Packers, Rams, Buccaneers, Vikings
  9. The " more tweets " beneath tell the story.
  10. As I said nobody responded to my request for a prize for the winner. So I have thought up something for each player that they will despise.
  11. I watched Andrew Johns on you tube last year saying he would willingly coach them as he believed they have the talent to win the cup.
  12. Week 15. Good Luck to one and all. Week 15 Thursday, Dec. 16 Kansas City at Los Angeles Chargers, Saturday, Dec. 18 Las Vegas at Cleveland, New England at Indianapolis, Sunday, Dec. 19 Carolina at Buffalo, Arizona at Detroit, Houston at Jacksonville, New York Jets at Miami, Dallas at New York Giants, Washington at Philadelphia, Tennessee at Pittsburgh, Cincinnati at Denver, Atlanta at San Francisco, Green Bay at Baltimore, Seattle at Los Angeles Rams, New Orleans at Tampa Bay, Monday, Dec. 20 Minnesota at Chicago,
  13. 1. R L Winger 132 2. DeeDeuce 131 3. Irish Saint 129 4. Gerrumonsideref 128 5. redsi42 123 6. gingerjon 122 7. Wiltshire Rhino 91
  14. Winning Teams: Vikings Falcons , Browns Chiefs Saints Titans Cowboys, Broncos Chargers 49ers, Buccaneers , Packers, Rams R L Winger 9 DeeDeuce 9 Gerrumonsideref 13 Irish Saint 9 redsi42 11 gingerjon 9 Congratulations to this week's winner Gerrumonsideref with an amazing score of 13 only the Ravens defeat prevented a perfect week That ends the bye weeks. As no- one replied to my request for the prize for this years winner. I have come up with the following for our Australian friends Heartland how Rugby League explains Queensland. Gerrumonsideref a book on Manchester City or United. gingerjon a book on Irish Handball. redsi42?
  15. Author Anne Rice 80. " Interview With The Vampire" Rest in Peace.
  16. In 2015 he took a hit in a game against the Vikings he stated he never felt the same again. Rest in Peace
  17. Vikings, Panthers Ravens Seahawks, Chiefs, Jets,Titans, Cowboys, Broncos, Chargers, 49ers, Bills, Packers, Cardinals.
  18. A few weeks ago i heard Bill Belichick described as Michael Myers, because just when you thought you had got rid of him he comes back around Halloween each year. Wouldn't mind a Buccs\Pats Superbowl.
  19. Week 14: Good Luck to one and all Byes: Indianapolis, Miami, New England, Philadelphia Thursday, Dec. 9 Pittsburgh at Minnesota, Sunday, Dec. 12 Atlanta at Carolina, Baltimore at Cleveland, Seattle at Houston, Las Vegas at Kansas City, New Orleans at New York Jets, Jacksonville at Tennessee, Dallas at Washington, Detroit at Denver, New York Giants at Los Angeles Chargers, San Francisco at Cincinnati, Buffalo at Tampa Bay, Chicago at Green Bay, Monday, Dec. 13 Los Angeles Rams at Arizona
  20. 1. R L Winger 123 2. DeeDeuce 122 3. Irish Saint 120 4. Gerrumonsideref 115 5. gingerjon 113 6. redsi42 112 7. Wiltshire Rhino 91 The defending Champ goes back to the top all because he kept faith in the Steelers.
  21. Winning Teams: Cowboys, Buccaneers Cardinals, Chargers Lions, Colts, Dolphins, Eagles, Washington Rams, Steelers, Seahawks Chiefs, Patriots. Gerrumonsideref 10 DeeDeuce 9 RL Winger 10 gingerjon 10 Irish Sainr 8 redsi42 8 Congratulations to this week's winners Gerrumonsideref R L Winger & gingerjon. Big shout out to Wiltshire Rhino hope all is well
  22. Just received a text I have tested positive for covid. Hopefully I'll be able to post the results on Tuesday
  23. Cowboys, Buccaneers, Cardinals, Bengals Vikings, Colts, Dolphins, Eagles, Raiders, Rams, Ravens, 49ers, Chiefs, Bills.
  24. 1. DeeDeuce 113 1. RL Winger 113 3. Irish Saint 112 4. Gerrumonsideref 105 5. redsi42 104 6. gingerjon 103 7. Wiltshire Rhino 91
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