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  1. It isn't though. We aren't even an established championship club yet. To think we will be anywhere near super league in 2/3 years is madness. Who says the 5k capacity doesn't allow for further expansion when it's due? We haven't seen the plans?
  2. 5k capacity is perfectly adequate and then some for where the clubs see themselves in the short and medium future. Spending the extra £££ for an extra 3k capacity that we will never use is obviously uneconomical. Let's walk before we run.
  3. It's not just a stadium. I believe the plans were for a separate community use 3g pitch alongside it? Which in itself brings in more revenue and saves the reds an outlay at the same time. I belive the reds hire out either St Benedicts or Lillyhall at £80 per hour for their community sides to play. Approx £320 a week in total? This is money that would be kept in the club.
  4. Not the first time it's been unfortunate fans had already set off when a game got postponed, won't be the last. Having a moan isn't going to change anything.
  5. I see barrows marque has been blown to pieces. Hope nobody was hurt. Pitch condition is one thing. But allowing players/spectators to get safely to the ground needs considered also.
  6. One of the guys who was working the turnstile was stood nearby when the crowd was announced. The attendance given had him in stitches make of that ehat you will. Listened to Chris' interview and he's spot on. That performance by the lads will should give them great confidence in their own abilities. Hopefuback it up this weekend.
  7. Hes a freight train when he gets going. Hope it isn't to serious. Hopefully no shock bans from the rfl this week.
  8. A performance to be proud of. Never took a backwards step. Defence for the large part was brilliant. Bit of off the cuff thinking for our try. That's the standard we need to deliver every week. Cus was MOM for me, closely followed by Jammer. We look far more threatening with Walker in the side. Bussey was about their best I thought. Quality today. He even managed to officiate the game as well! Fev backs were far better returning from deep. Would say they're all 6ft 4 plus as well! Sure Chris will have been happy. Crowd was good an noisy too
  9. Been any update given on Matty Hensons injury?
  10. No forber. Walker named in squad though
  11. Been a long while since we'll have seen the quality that Fev will have. But these are the games we all wanted. Sure Chris and the lads will relish coming up against them. Do the basics well, have eachothers back and never give in. UTT
  12. I understand there is sentiment in leaving either DP or BP behind. But to appeal to the future fans and participants of both sports who don't hold the same sentiments, new facilities are required. Especially as both clubs has aspirations to play at higher levels. Thankfully members representing both clubs are in agreement on this and a way forward is being drafted up. My only concern is the time its took already to get to this point, and the time it going to take for plans to be drawn, approval to be granted and ultimately funding confirmed before another political change that could scupper all the hard work done so far. I see it as a plus that it will be left to both clubs to manage and maintain. Masters of your own destiny
  13. Was it Featherstone we beat not so many years ago at home with 13 men and Matt Johnson on the wing?
  14. Hope bbc radio cumbria have the bleep button ready for Chris's interview. Not sure if much will be able to be aired
  15. Are we winning? This week and next we're always about damage limitation. We haven't done that very well at all today. But we're two games in. Blaming individual players when conceding over 60 points is harsh! Dust off, onto next week. Only was is up. Who do we play??
  16. Long afternoon for the lads.
  17. Death, taxes & town let the ball bounce. All certainties in life. Whilst I was around 90% certain we would fall to defeat today. Listening to the same simple mistakes and errors is exhausting. A poor first 15 minutes sees us 3 tries down. And a poor 10 minutes last week cost us the game Come on town. We're better than this
  18. I know we say this far to often. But that shocking. To the point I cant even remember what it would be for? Think we can expect this sort of pettiness every week
  19. Bloody town with all their money!
  20. Just hoping for a respectable scoreline and no injuries or daft suspensions. No doubt Chris and the lads will have bigger ambitions.
  21. Reminds me of Jarrad Stack. Tall, rangy lad. Looks a promising talent
  22. Was there an attendance given? Wish the speakers would get sorted on popular side
  23. Quite clearly contact to the head. He was concussed before even hitting the floor. Even though Alex made a meal of the high kick, he was quite clearly pushed out the way,off the ball leading up to their try.
  24. Walker has been very good and I was shocked not to see him in. Thought buffer was in with the plan of taking 2 points whenever on offer? Didnt happen and we had plenty of opportunities to take 2 easy points. He did make a good line break in the 1st half. Honestly think with a different bounce of the ball we could have won today. Certainly not a performance to be ashamed of
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