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  1. Woke up on the wrong side of the bed. Dog ate our homework Sun was in my eyes
  2. £17 isn't the cheapest in the league, but below the league average. Fair price if you ask me. £13 in advance last year to watch us play poor teams. Extra £2 and your watching the likes of Featherstone, Widnes, Leigh etc. Can't please some folk.
  3. Cant remember a tussle mentioned in the commentary!? Sign of things to come this season. Donna cautioned for dangerous contact as well
  4. Probably expect haven to sneak the game even with players out. Hope im wrong. But if 3 guys haven't ever played a game for you yet, how do you know they're first teamers? Hoping for a close, hard fought Derby. We've missed them
  5. I belive he is the son of the guy with key2sports nutrition shop next to the old Steve's paints.
  6. Think the club are running the 'early bird' tickets again. With a £2 saving. Which suggests you can pay on the gate for £17?
  7. Quite the opposite to what we were all expecting with out lack of props.
  8. Just watched Chris' interview. Said he's getting 8 back on Tuesday. So i suspect they were covid related. Couldn't have asked for better today really. Good to see the likes of Thomsen back as well. Not sure he got officially announced as getting a new contract?
  9. Was expecting a thumping to be honest. Probably shows how good of a coach Chris and his backroom team are! Sounded like walker had a good game and be good to bring him in now as cover, knowing forber is in the twighlight years. Hope to see a few names who missed out today back next week
  10. At this rate Cresta's head will explode before full time. After all, we're only a one man team
  11. Oscar Thomas opens the scoring. By sounds of it were doing pretty well against a far more experienced side.
  12. No social media coverage from the club today?
  13. Anyone know where stevie and wheatman are in their recoveries?
  14. That's what he was saying. Academy game, the women have training on it and the 1st team. All.before the match on Sunday. Hope it holds up to allow both teams and fans to have a good game
  15. Also said hes hes never seen their pitch as heavy. So wont be a great spectacle at all. Save my excitement for the week after.
  16. Sure in an interview I seen a few weeks ago town and haven agreed on set number of subs? To make it more of competitive game. So I'm assuming both town and barrow will field everyone they have available which never makes for a good spectacle. But it's what pre season fixtures are all about
  17. The club have confirmed today the end of myers & bowman's main sponsorship. By the looks of it on good terms. Further social media announcements later on regarding merch. Could it be the new home shirt/main sponsor?
  18. Barrow have announced their squad numbers. Callum Bustin isn't on their squad list. Wheres he gone? Thought he punched holes in us when we played them. Be exactly what we need.
  19. Is Stevie back training also?
  20. Pre season update would be nice. Can always remember photos/videos and interviews on how pre seasons going.
  21. Oh sh#t! Leaves a huge hole to fill in the backine. No coincidence we started to struggle last year when he was unavailable. Mr reliable. Good luck and thank you
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