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  1. I would find it very hard to take that stance with someone who most likely grew up very poor and has many dependants.
  2. This is a genuinely pathetic response to some light hearted joking about some of the more ridiculous tropes on this forum. I have no doubt what you think of me but are you genuinely trying to suggest that an Italian wearing an England jersey in his picture and the long term Aussie residents of this forum are anti-English xenophobes?
  3. Number of games played is crucial. But it's a more difficult structural problem to solve ago its easier to just find scapegoats.
  4. Nobody is mocking anyone just for that. It its one of a series of tropes that are rehashed after every England/GB failure (or perceived failure based on inflated expectations). At best they are tiresome to listen to and easy to mock and at worst much of it is just thinly veiled xenophobia.
  5. As always, the order of blame will be: 1. Coach 2. Australians 3. NRL based players 4. The NRL somehow 5. SL based players in order of which club you hate most.
  6. I didnt realise that. I thought the logic behind the grandparent rule was that it qualified you for citizenship (that's the rule in Ireland anyway).
  7. The Wigan one is great. I'd love to see it without the sponsor.
  8. By marriage does if you gain citizenship of the country. So does 5 year residency.
  9. If they ever change their citizenship laws I'll qualify for Lebanon by marriage. Otherwise its just Ireland for enough generations back to explain why my eyes are too close together.
  10. I think the England manager job is a poisoned chalice. Too many fans are living in an often invented past and have ridiculous expectations for the team.
  11. If it keeps happening with multiple managers over decades, surely at some point you have to start thinking that the players aren't as good as you think they are?
  12. So there's no limit to how many "returning players" you can have, but Radradra doesn't qualify anyway because he's been out of RL for less than 5 years.
  13. I think we're mostly in agreement Wellsy. I would say though that regardless of whether "& Ireland" was previously in the official team, it was never referred to as such in the media or by the players or the RL public. And an Ireland badge on an otherwise entirely British-themed Jersey with a British anthem is not adequate representation for a team made up of two different countries. It treats Ireland as a whole as if it is a constituent country of the UK. Not just that, they don't know that Great Britain, the United Kingdom and Ireland are 3 different things.
  14. With regard to the Semi Radradra rumour, how many "returning player" allowances does a club have? It's been a very underused feature of the salary cap up until now because no other club really had the money to take advantage of it.
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