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  1. Hugo Salabio looks a handful in the middle but this Widnes defense really isn't up to much. 30-0 Toulouse at half time. Could be an ugly final score but you can usually count on Toulouse to lose focus in the second half and ship enough points to make the scoreline more respectable.
  2. That would require a degree of humility and self-awareness but we're talking about Tony Gigot here.
  3. Yes I remember that. A very strange attitude to have after only a handful of games.
  4. Proper Franglais! I wonder if the RFL viewer stats showed that they were getting a lot of viewers from France for Toulouse games.
  5. That’s a shame because he’s a poor half. When he’s on form he’s a good full back but I still think that if he had stuck it out at centre where he started at Catalans he would have been one of the best in SL.
  6. Where did you see that? Toulouse have been pretty ruthless getting rid of "troublesome" players in the past, no matter how talented, so it's a bit of a strange signing.
  7. I can't help but think that the cost of having Sam Tomkins in your team is a marquee salary and ..... Joel Tomkins.
  8. I don't think I've ever seen Rugby League given that level of prominence in The Irish Times before. In fact I don't think I've ever seen Rugby League mentioned in The Irish Times before. Without wanting to restart the heritage player debate again, it shows how important it is to have home grown players that journalists here can build a story around.
  9. Two tries in three minutes from Halifax brings it to 34 - 10 at half time.
  10. Remy Casty is absolutely destroying Halifax through the middle. Great to see that he can still do it. Toulouse 28 - 0 Halifax after 24 minutes
  11. Are the Sky production team incapable of showing a replay of anything that isn't a try or a penalty? Two massive hit ups from Bousquet and instead of showing them again we see a replay of an inconsequential penalty.
  12. Hold up, are you telling me that Eric Perez, an advertising person trying to promote a sports competition in a completely new market, is making the product out to be slightly better than it likely will be in order to attract new customers? I’m shocked and appalled. I always thought advertising was about being honest and telling potential customers that it’s rubbish so they can make an informed choice. Or better still, not telling them at all. That’s proper Rugby League marketing.
  13. This thread answers the question - what if Sykes and Picot were Rugby League administrators?
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