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  1. Australians make more sense in that team than Irish. Australia has the queen as head of state and a union flag in their flag. Ireland isn't even in the commonwealth.
  2. They'll never be good enough when they have to waste money paying for teams to fly over and stay in Toulouse instead of investing in their team. Toulouse don't have a billionaire backer like Toronto. Teams outside the north of England are at a complete disadvantage unless they have mega money.
  3. In the Championship I agree, but that's more than Catalans were drawing before they entered SL and now they're pushing 10,000. Toulouse should have been admitted on the Catalans model which is tried and tested and was a complete success. In this system they're going to wither away, which maybe was the plan from the start.
  4. My main concern for 2020 is that if Toulouse fail to get promoted again they may not have the finances to keep the project going.
  5. I also found his comments about Nigel Wood to be vile and vulgar and, towards the end of his Salford reign when he started losing the plot, his comments about Catalans and Toronto were hypocritical and idiotic. However it is undeniable that he deserves credit for where Salford are. The club wouldn't exist without him.
  6. Harry begins every argument on this forum by stating how often he attends RL matches and asking how often you attend.
  7. I'm really pleased for Blake Wallace. He's a real character and is great with media. He's been there from the start and for the last two years his position in the team has been threatened by new signings but he never complained and was happy to play whatever role he was given. His introduction was what kicked the Wolfpack up a gear against Fev.
  8. It may have and he may have a very strong connection to his English heritage. I'm not questioning that. My point was just that this isn't an inherent thing that comes with ancestry. It has to be actively kept alive in the family. I don't want to get into details that would derail the thread but, based on their social media, some of the heritage players Ireland have selected have views and politics that would be considered extreme in Ireland and demonstrate a complete lack of understanding of Ireland and it's history. Yet I'm supposed to automatically give their claim to Irishness greater credibility than someone with no "blood" connection but years of residence, roots in the community and an understanding of day to day life in the country?
  9. It's amazing how many people can dismiss expansion by citing 20 year old failed PSG experiment but completely ignore the the most commercially successful club in SL who won the Challenge Cup two years ago and have produced several dozen pro players.
  10. On this forum if you even suggest that clubs based in large cities might have an easier time attracting sponsorship and investment than clubs based in small northern towns there will be people who take it as a personal insult to the small northern town.
  11. But that came from you imparting your Welsh culture to them, not their bloodline. If you hadn't done that they would still have "Welsh blood" but no connection to Welsh culture. Certainly less of a connection than someone living in Wales for years with no "Welsh blood".
  12. I don't have a problem with Hastings playing for GB or the heritage rule in general (to a point). My comment was in response to people suggesting that there is some kind of equivalence between a player raised in a country from a young age after being born elsewhere and a player who qualifies through grandparents. The former has far more of a genuine connection to the country than the latter, regardless of how much they've maintained a connection to the culture. In particular it was a response to the person who invoked Hastings' bloodline as somehow being more relevant than the majority of a lifetime being spent in the country.
  13. The members of the Tonga have strong cultural and family connections to Tonga. If they choose to express that with the term bloodline it's a bit odd but doesn't carry any of the connotations associated with European use of the term e.g. someone with absolutely no tangible connection to Ireland having "Irish blood" because of their grandparents. There's an awful lot of context and history tied up in the way we view "bloodlines" in Europe. If you want an example, every time an Ireland squad is announced on social media there will be about 20 comments from people who find the idea of Api Pewhairangi having "Irish blood" hilarious but not say, Kyle Amor or Brad Singleton (neither of which are Irish names).
  14. Talking about "bloodline" as though it's an actual real thing is one of the reasons why I think the residency rule is far more valid for eligibility than the heritage rule. A resident has a tangible connection to their adopted country by living, working and raising their family there. Unless the heritage player has maintained a genuine connection with the country of their ancestor's origin the supposed greater claim to legitimacy is based on 19th century race science.
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