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  1. You're obviously not relying on First Bus!
  2. There’s no point in engaging any more with that bigoted troll.
  3. I’m not talking about pressure they might feel. I mean the perception it creates about Catalans and their youth policy. You didn’t just praise him. It was clearly implied in your post that Catalans should have played him by now. I’ll just wait a few weeks and you’ll have another whinge thread about the state of French rugby league with no consideration for the reality of their situation.
  4. With all the wit and historical awareness of a brexit negotiator, they’re implying that selecting players born in the six counties who are, as per the GFA, Irish with no qualification, is the same as selecting a player from Britain on the granny rule. The fact that this was said by someone touting his Mayo ancestors a couple of pages ago is a perfect illustration of why you can have all the Irish “heritage” in the world and still not have a clue about Ireland.
  5. Why do you keep making these threads year after year every time a Catalan youth player shows a bit of promise? I places a ridiculous amount of expectation on young french players that they will never live up to (see Lucas Albert) and feeds the myth on this forum that Catalans have this constant supply of French teenage world beaters that, inexplicably, they are refusing to play. At any other SL club Salabio would just be seen as a good prospect who might hopefully make a step up in a few years.
  6. The website design is really weird. The stream should be the centrepiece but it’s very difficult to find.
  7. Was the the involvement of RLI in the “GB RL Lions” agreed to by the new board or the old board? I don’t want to go overboard criticising volunteers but it’s genuinely hard to believe that Irish people saw no issue with Ireland’s involvement with that team with it’s name, jersey, flag and anthem.
  8. You're both right. Ireland has a very small, but genuine and committed, cricket grassroots that Rugby League doesn't have. However it's also true that before we beat England a few years ago in whatever tournament it was we beat England in it had made practically zero penetration in wider Irish society. It's still a tiny minority sport though, albeit bigger than Rugby League. The important point that's relevant for this thread is that anyone who thinks that involving Ireland in "Great Britain RL" is a good way to promote the sport here is someone who knows absolutely nothing about Ireland and should be nowhere near the administration of a sport. So that includes everyone at Rugby League Ireland, most of whom are probably English.
  9. One family tradition my brothers and I still do is to go for a swim outdoors on Christmas morning and/or New Years Day. These days its in the relatively mild Irish sea but growing up it was in a lake. I have a vivid childhood memory of my uncles having to go at the lake with pick axes to break open the ice before jumping in. Those boys were hardy hoors. This is still a fairly common tradition in Ireland. My presents were always wrapped though!
  10. Their squad seems to have been weakened a lot in the off season unfortunately.
  11. This is a genuinely pathetic response to some light hearted joking about some of the more ridiculous tropes on this forum. I have no doubt what you think of me but are you genuinely trying to suggest that an Italian wearing an England jersey in his picture and the long term Aussie residents of this forum are anti-English xenophobes?
  12. Number of games played is crucial. But it's a more difficult structural problem to solve ago its easier to just find scapegoats.
  13. Nobody is mocking anyone just for that. It its one of a series of tropes that are rehashed after every England/GB failure (or perceived failure based on inflated expectations). At best they are tiresome to listen to and easy to mock and at worst much of it is just thinly veiled xenophobia.
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