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  1. Yep, it's the same as every time a new Dublin team is proposed and the organisers, full of enthusiasm and great ideas, finish the interview with "we're just waiting for some financial backers to come on board". It's a nice idea but that's all it is without money.
  2. Also in Harry's scenario England have won the game. I think "we won the game" is a pretty good rebuttal to any potential Aussie slaggings.
  3. But those are all facts. You may not like it but Australia are better than England and therefore it isn't surprising that players who are just below the top level in Australia are at the top level in England.
  4. A straight replacement for Smith surely? Langi should stay for his versatility if nothing else.
  5. More likely that they're too ignorant to notice or care and RLI are too spineless to say anything to them. I guarantee you that Ireland will still be "officially" involved. It's shameful and I hope Brian Carney goes to town on them on Sky Sports News again but I doubt he will. Assuming you're talking about Northern Unionists - yes they would happily wear that shirt, but for the vast majority if you called them Irishmen you'd get a box in the jaw. But that is quite illustrative of the likely thought process at Red Hall and why having a representative team made up of two states with zero involvement from one of them was always going to end like this.
  6. If you're from London I believe "The North" starts somewhere around Watford.
  7. I know, I was responding to the person who said the admin should move to Australia.
  8. The problem is that RLI and LRLF have received some funding recently from the Irish and Lebanese governments and I'm not sure they would have done so if the national teams were being run entirely from the UK and Australia.
  9. If the squad are all based in Australia and the administration are all based in Australia, in what way is it a Lebanese National Team?
  10. The national teams of Italy and Lebanon are largely based on Australian players so of course they have to play in the Southern Hemisphere. It's one of the oddities we'll just have to accept if we want a competitive international scene based on heritage players.
  11. I obviously don't know the details of this case and perhaps LRLF are at fault, but there is a serious problem when a national team containing many powerful, high profile Superleague and/or NRL players is being run by an administration based on a small number of volunteers in a country with few RL resources. Up until the World Cup Lebanon RL were one of the real success stories with arguably the most active domestic set up in the RLEF outside England and France. It's difficult to believe that overnight they've become incompetent. The same thing seems to have happened in Ireland when Richard Egan announced his new domestic policy quota, the heritage players lead by Liam Finn kicked off, and without any annoucment Egan is out, a new board in place and the domestic policy has disappeared without a mention. Again I don't know the details in either case but it does to me that with both Ireland and Lebanon there is a conflict between the wishes of the domestic based administration and the heritage based national team set up, and in both cases the power and resources are all on the latter's side.
  12. I have absolutely no problem with this. Guasch has no problem using the lack of an alternative SL club in France to keep the majority of his French players on a pittance so I don't blame Gigot for using Union for leverage when he has no other option.
  13. I like that but I wouldn't have P&R. We're just not strong enough and France and Wales deserve to be playing England every year as a reflection of their genuine strength as RL nations. Promotion should be based on a combination of on and off field criteria and if a team meets them they can just be added to the top division.
  14. Who gets the disputed territories of Cornwall and Cumbria?
  15. I don't mean it to sound harsh but yes it is true. England are the team everyone wants to beat, including France as you say which is why they can get 15,000 to a match in Avignon. The problem is it's a bit like the England - Germany football rivalry: it's one-sided with England seeing the Germany as their deadly rivals and Germany not even really being aware that there is a rivalry!
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