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  1. Drawn away to Catalan so it may be a good opportunity to give some second string a game as I cannot possibly see Fev getting within 20 points of Catalan would have been a different story with a home draw. Oh well we can concentrate on the league now.
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    Forgot to add most of his rants are in the Sheffield star which most Rugby league fans have never heard of.
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    Leave the lad alone he is very committed sorry meant to say he really ought to be committed poor fellow all the world is against him. I think we should name him moanalot and it looks like they only lost to Leigh because of tries which should not have been allowed and a terrible referee. I believe part of his latest rant says it is like banging his head against a brick wall well we can only hope so. http://www.thestar.co.uk/sport/other-sports/rugby-league/video-sheffield-eagles-controversial-try-and-horror-tackle-angers-mark-aston-1-7206608
  4. Hopefully when the players if that's the right term for this current rovers team start to understand the fans frustrations of no team spirit no defence no attacking ideas etc etc they may just make an effort against Batley. I think we may actually be in the lead by half time on this one before John Kear rips into his players at half time whilst our Andy mumbles along in the dressing room saying I don't know what you are doing but we are in the lead so well done keep it up before partaking in a cuppa and a biscuit. Final score after Kear kicking ass Batley 26 (well everyone seems to be able to score against us unless they drop the ball) Fev 14. Let's hope I'm wrong on this one and we get some good results agains very poor opposition in the next few weeks before both Leigh and Bradford trounce us.
  5. Regarding sackings it will probably be more beneficial monetary wise to dispense with Andy Hay and pay him off as the lost revenue through the turnstiles due to abysmal performances will cripple the club and yes I still stick with Kear however Brian Noble could do a job if still available.
  6. I was hoping Fev would have appointed Kear instead of Bastain and I know he is not everyone's cup of tea yet he demonstrates a clear understanding of the game and is very passionate which qualities Fev are drastically lacking in. He has the ability to do well with mediocre players and I feel certain if they sacked Andy Hay and Kear took over there would be a imminent improvement. Well that is my opinion and I'm sticking with it so are you listening Mr C.
  7. I reckon we should play Bradford and Leigh away on a cricket pitch as there will be plenty of points notably against Fev also we must be dreading the thought of playing them again. Just praying Hay has gone before then and the boardroom gets its act together but please please replace Hay with a decent coach who can install some professionalism and confidence in the team the alternative is to dump most of the current players and give the second string some playing time because the first string are living in never never land. I honestly believe big changes are ahead as we cannot stand by and watch the sinking ship it is either all aboard or abandon ship.
  8. Well well never saw that one coming fev getting hammered at home by Sheffield Eagles. the result was as I expected except I though Fev would lose by at least 30 points. I did not go nor shall I or my brother ever part with good money to watch trash. I really want Fev to do well but as I said before sack Andy Hay immediately and get someone in the boardroom with a bit of business acumen. There is no shame in losing but not trying when putting on a Rovers shirt stinks. Some of my past heroes will be shuddering the likes of John Newlove and son Paul even though he deserted us then the real triers like Peter Smith my favourite player ever at Fev then there was John Marsden, Tex Hudson John Gilbert there are too many to mention even the likes of Jimmy Thomson and Vince Farrar were workhorses yet the only current player that gives his all is Will Sharp albeit not brilliant but you can never fault his effort.
  9. I sent this email below following the Bradford game predicting we would concede over 100 points in the next 3 games whereas we have only conceded 80 thanks mainly due to 3 Wakefield DR players rescuing us at Halifax. There is and has been something seriously amiss both in the boardroom and with the playing staff especially Andy Hay who should be sacked immediately. If we could only get a half decent coach we could do alright this season providing he can get the best out of a very unsettled team and if things do not improve the few good players we have left shall leave if they have any sense. Finally who ever dreamed up the new ticket fiasco wants their head looking at and it would have proved a right pain on Monday for Sheffield's visit except Rovers will have far fewer spectators following last nights embarrassment. Original email 01/03/15 This is my third ever contact with Featherstone Rovers my first was a small donation to the floodlight appeal after a winning bet on Rovers winning the 1983 Challenge cup i.e. £10 at 18 to 1. My second contact was stating the obvious that John Bastian was a third rate coach and predicting he would be sacked that season whereas he was actually sacked in a matter of a few weeks. Now I do not imply that I'm a great motivator but frequently listening to Andy Hay who certainly is not a motivator gives me no confidence whatsoever and he needs to be got rid of just like the last coach. Today we were thrashed primarily because we cannot tackle as the 40 points to 4 margin confirms yet Andy Hay just drones on with feeble excuses instead of demonstrating some passion and leadership qualities. My guess is that in the next three games we shall succumb to a hundred points or more unless there is a drastic improvement. For Christ's sake drop some of the poor performing players and at least give the second string a chance they cannot be much worse. We certainly have enough players on our books which most other clubs could only dream of yet we are not performing. Today we had a fantastic crowd who were severely let down by poor selection poor motivation and a lack of leadership qualities. If we want to play to crowds in their hundreds rather than the thousands then just plod on regardless it will be our downfall. Even with these mediocre performances we may be lucky and struggle to fourth place this season but super-league just forget it as today we were thrashed by a half decent championship side. My suggestion is let a lot of the squad go to give them some playing time and sign a couple of real quality players who are not past their sell by date. Like last year I really hope I'm wrong but I doubt it. Regards Terry Sent from my iPad
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