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  1. Blimey, he has a proper compliant media behind him in Sydney eh? Burgess’ mindset and attitude in this area has been well-known in League behind-closed-doors circles for some time (I mean years), and the classic “sorry that I’ve been found out” is not the same as “sorry”...
  2. What can you say after reading that? I only hope I’d have half the resilience, and half that woman’s support
  3. Aye agreed, it wouldn’t be good - can’t imagine they’ve had that conversation yet though (or that he’d entertain it)
  4. If there was anything even vaguely non-rugby related it’d have been in the Courier Mail before even he knew about it, the local media’s interest in League is nuts in Brisvegas
  5. Had a good game for the Broncos this weekend too. Imagine picking some average, albeit England-based, player over someone the Broncos think is better than all the tens of thousands of centres in their Queensland pyramid, which let’s face it is the biggest of any League club on earth. Not saying he’s a starter, but he should certainly be in the squad. There’s probably 3 or 4 better centres in the QLD Cup behind Herbie in that queue than some of the other England squad members
  6. Keep telling yourself that chap. East Hull and Gateshead remember. Who’s next?
  7. Er, why on earth would you think I was doing that? No mate, I’m judging Rovers based on every match this season. We’re not all “pop in, pop out” supporters you know, think you’re projecting a bit there bless ya So far this year we’ve only lost to Saints and Wire by more than 1 point. Even in those matches were we were well beaten, we showed something. Smith has slowly built a side with balance that has some potent attacking options that don’t involve the last 2 years naive Harlem Globetrotters nonsense, and you can see is now fixing remaining flaws (our right edge defence). This is a
  8. Nah mate, we were already 4 scores behind when I posted that so you’ve missed your point by a country mile. I watched the match, and if you think being on-par with a serial top 4 side (with a budget probably double our own) for 65 mins is relegation form then you’re more one-eyed than most of the dark side Very much looking forward to the derby
  9. Another decent run out by Rovers. I reckon all the people who tipped us for relegation are going to look a bit daft this year
  10. Wire are a benchmark, this will be a very interesting test of the level of this very different KR side - especially the pack’s ability to create a platform for Abdul. Nothing to lose here.
  11. Wests Tigers are an organisation with a busted culture, been at least a decade. Maguire is the sort of resilient character with the balls to push on through the first wave of ###### and change it. If they don’t back him, God knows what they think the solution is...
  12. One of the best all-round Rovers performances I’ve seen for a while. I’ve doubted Abdul’s ability to run a whole game tbh, thought we needed to replace him with a better half until Lewis is a couple of years older, but he did that today. 3-try Linnet is our best 2nd row since Newton I think. Imagine being on a team’s right edge defence and being faced with Linnett-SKD-Hall as the attacking 3 coming towards you... very potent. Smith’s decision to put Takairangi at right centre seems inspired, hope that’s the long-term pick rather than as a warm-up for a move to stand-off l
  13. I don’t see why the RFL can’t use a dark vs light rule, surely that’s simple enough? Think that’s the model they have in NFL. It is daft when two sides play in all dark kits against each other, even if colour is slightly different - guess Wigan/Leeds came down to that issue. If home team has hoops, so not quite that simple, then away side needs contrasting shorts and socks How hard can it be? Simple sign-off process required with the league when fixtures announced, it’s an hours work at most
  14. I know that’s technically correct, but in practice in our sport if you lose control forwards being able to bat it back just before it hits the ground is still called as a knock-on 99 times out of a hundred. The ball carrier has a responsibility to secure the ball. Either way, nobody can tell me Gaskell isn’t a cheat and the video ref isn’t a disgrace for ruling that Linnet try out. Unbelievable behaviour
  15. Good shout, had missed those and well worth a watch
  16. Nowhere near comparable. One was a strip missed by the red, happens all the time, others were basically re-writing the rules - and in slow motion from several angles, so hardly a split-second human error Everyone else watching the game saw the difference. It’s also about timing and momentum - the entire direction of the game changed with the 2-score swing that resulted from SKD’s natural collision in the legitimate pursuit of the ball being called a foul, wiping off Linnet’s try, and the immediate score from Giants from a possession position they wouldn’t have had. The match was t
  17. I agree that was a strip. But there had already been an 18 point swing supplied by Gaskell by then, perhaps even 24 if you include SKD being tackled in the air but apparently a non-issue, so should have been an irrelevant moment really eh
  18. I agree, but to be honest I think someone needs to call tonight’s decisions out - but like you say better done in a letter or behind closed doors
  19. Must just be an eyesight rather than an insight issue then, fair enough. You can get equipment to help with that
  20. Surely SKD held McGilvary back there like the last time? If it’d been sent up that’s absolutely what Kendall would have given
  21. Have you ever played the game, or even seen another match? A fumbled possession when moving forwards is a knock on, even if you manage to knock it backwards before it hits the ground. It’s the responsibility of the ball carrier to hold the ball
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