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  1. Hodgson eventually saw through Sticky’s “throw players under the bus to protect myself” ######, with the disgraceful treatment of Williams. He was benched because of how openly he spoke on that subject, and disengaged as a result. Think you’ll see a different player at another side. Also, the £££ are important. He’s a hugely back-ended final year of his contract in 2022 at Canberra, so given he’s out of favour from the Raiders perspective if they can get him off their books whilst maybe only paying half his wage it’s a financial win, which then makes him a really good-value 2-year hire for someone else as Canberra subsidise his package
  2. Yes, I’m still a subscriber from my time living down there, and it’s the one subject on which they display Murdoch-type behaviours. Zero independent thought, their newspaper coverage is all about the TV rights relationship
  3. Agreed, 100% The NRL need to be brave. Take less money from 7 or 10, leave 9. Do that in this rotation, and watch 9 get disrupted in their core markets through a lack of live sport content - they definitely need the rugby league more than the NRL needs them. Their approach to our sport, rooted in the arrogance of decades of exclusivity, is appalling. It’s not just about the money either.
  4. Toulouse FC are still in the 2nd division this year though, having just missed out on promotion last season. Also, we’re the only summer sport in Toulouse so I’m not sure Mark Evans’ point can play out that simply in this context?
  5. Pearce would be a good shout. He’s definitely going to be looking to move for 2022, and is one of those grafting halves that - even though he’s not top tier NRL - always seems to put a proper shift in, like Maloney (and certainly a class-above most SL halves)
  6. I’m not sure your logic holds? Before they moved in with the Union lot, TOXIII were playing in Blagnac - outside the city centre you’re counting your 500k from, but inside the metropolitan area the 1m refers to… it’s a contiguous metropolis, the market size is more accurately the million
  7. Fev could’ve flown out and back whenever they wanted? Club’s choice. The MPG Final has always been hosted by the top ranked side, believe me I know having sat at Craven Park watching us commit suicide in 2 minutes versus Salford. It’s also hardly Toulouse’s fault that the other clubs didn’t want to travel to France and play Time to stop all the whinging and crack on with 2022
  8. Fev fans looked & sounded great on Sky, and there was a good 20 min period in the 2nd half when you could see Rovers winning. Can’t see beyond them for the title next year - certainly prefer them to Leigh and their “interesting” owner!!
  9. Agreed. Hardly mine or Toulouse’s fault though, nor in the balance for the “who should be in SuperLeague” debate
  10. I think you understand the general point, albeit with an exaggerated narrative flourish?
  11. Agreed. I have Fev down as favourites - and no issue if they win, it is what it is and that’s sport… just annoying when people say Toulouse don’t deserve to be in SL if they manage it
  12. Ian Smith’s view is nonsense. The only person capable of making a tackle to prevent the try committed a foul, stopping an otherwise certain try. To hypothesise on what he might otherwise have done instead of fouling a player to prevent a try is the first step to madness… no foul would ever be given if we allowed the “yes, but if he hadn’t fouled him it would have been fair play” alternate hypothesis Absolute comedy of a decision, and ridiculous later justification
  13. I don’t doubt it. Toulouse is a rugby city, has jumped through every hoop we’ve asked it to, and deserves it shot. I just hope they don’t blow it: Fev are a really good side at this level, even if the last thing we need is another pit village with at best 3,000 home fans
  14. Is it really though? For me watching 500 Salford fans rattle around Wire’s large end terrace, when it’s only 30 mins from their houses, is far more depressing than the understandable lack of French supporters on a Friday night I think the value of away fans is massively over-stated. Financially the numbers, once or twice per year, are a rounding error really. And regardless, they’re rarely as many as people think: I remember when we (KR) first got promoted, people used our unroofed temporary stand (or the comedy South terrace) as an excuse for why not many turned up… since we built the all-mod-cons North stand, half of which was for away supporters, I can’t remember a single match when that section has been anywhere near full. And it ain’t that big! Even for FC games I’ll readily take Toulouse with 10 travelling fans but all the other strategic value, over 250 people - at most - in our North West corner from Featherstone
  15. Even if only 20% of the gate have paid, it’ll still be more than the number of Fev fans that bothered to turn up in the alleged “heartlands” last week
  16. It’s appalling. If their argument is “if he hadn’t been high tackled he would have been tackled legally and not scored” then that’s a game of hypotheticals - and you could avoid awarding every penalty try by floating a legal hypothetical. He was fouled, it happened, which prevented a certain try. There was no other player capable of making a tackle to prevent the try, other than the person who prevented the try by committing a foul. Therefore, it’s a penalty try.
  17. Sure this was covered an hour ago but I’m not wading through 23 pages…. Anyone manage to explain why Catalans didn’t get given a penalty try? Found that odd
  18. Did the graphic designer only have access to Microsoft Paint on an old laptop, after his studio had burned down destroying all his other kit?
  19. If you saw what the Robin was inserting behind him it’d all make sense…
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