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  1. That’s the point chis Hamilton has no call on fields new road it’s own by the RFL and he needs to pay rent
  2. Who has agreed a lease with a professional club on land designated for amateur rugby
  3. Correct Oldham rugby has no address not even at companies house 25 years on why would Oldham council give money to a company run by a bloke who doesn’t pay tax
  4. Latics downfall is blamed on a person similar to rugby downfall Sport in Oldham was killed by politics and greedy men
  5. Agree grounds need to be called after Joseph Platt who grounds were donated to cos of the respect of what he did for rugby league my issue is Joseph Platt donated the fields at side of Ferranti works since bought by the mirror group which the rugby league deeds have passed through many hands but I believe the RFL own the lease so need to respect Joseph Platt love of rugby league The RFL have a plot of land they could create into a sporting hub for RFL with sport England grants hope they haven’t just signed Joseph Platt memory over to a private company who has abused Oldham council before I think the RFL need to review the finer points of the lease they have signed
  6. Totally agree and so pleased these lads got a chance to step up Love to understand Oldhams scouting process of how Brad & Fenton were selected the best players in Oldham ready to step up from NCL to championship rugby I am chuffed that Oldham lads got a break but let’s be honest oldhams scouting process is Oldham need a hooker quick call Castleford coach Ryan Sheridan our kid who knew a kid from Oldham called Bradley Jinks chuffed that Brad stepped up it should of happened years ago if he got different options
  7. So Why would owners of BP not be Interested in zero income deal CH is offering bring rugby back to Oldham and people will come i
  8. Oh finally get del capo & death to rah rah rants del capo BARLA is dead and the people who control their assets are corupit told you weeks ago follow the money and it might explain where the problem lies totally agree with Marauder they won’t rather die fighting as dinosaurs When will we learn
  9. Wasn’t a fan of regional leagues but happy to admit when wrong My team has had 8 local derbies which we have won and lost one and all games been full on battles viewed by packed touch lines and packed bars NCL leagues need to ask clubs views about local comps and if they worked rather than just go back to summer rugby that was failing if we were honest
  10. sorry but i agree with you these meetings of the RFL mean nothing cos turkeys don't vote for Christmas Game run by self centered people
  11. shouldn't be hard for a accountant
  12. shouldn't be hard for a accountant
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