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  1. Please can this be discussed who made decision that Oldham rugby needs to play outside town again
  2. So Oldham rugby taken out of town again cos of cost gorski the chairman who’s going to get a pay day along with chris says his close personal friendship has helped seal the deal When will the RFL see what’s going on
  3. Why do Oldham rugby fans have to go through a daily drip of signings
  4. Did it also help that Diskin doesn’t want to be a full time coach wonder how long a bloke who doesn’t need a rugby wage will put up with being told what to do by a bloke who knows nothing about rugby and runs a business £500k in debt
  5. So promotion means Oldham rugby moving out of Oldham again why can they not sort a deal at boundary park
  6. Oldham st Anne’s had same issue early round of BARLA national cup play NCL game or national cup we offered oppentents night game or Sunday they refused so BARLA forced us to give game up allowing opponents free ride to next round it makes the BARLA national cup a waste of time Does this make anyone on BARLA committee think what are we here for
  7. Not helped much for last few years spent £4k a year on coachs in division 3 and when they add more teams do they think of cost to others no just pester us with emails about sponsors who we received nothing from but we have to give programming space to for free
  8. Great memories of oldham rugby we all have but how can how youth have the same when a big game is taken out of their town
  9. I have no issue who talks about rugby league as long as they are Knowledgeable use BBC radio Manchester as an example they host a weekly show which is great for the sport but allow it to hosted by a person who knows nothing about the game only reason the BBC pay him to be a rugby reporter is cos he supportered rugby years ago the bloke brings the game down
  10. Little no it all


    Widnes as a club has refused categorically to engage with the Supporters Trust for over 10 years. they might get a investor who has no money or investment and run the club from RFL funding for 22 years Good luck guys
  11. Celtic Rooster & Marauder i agree with you both BARLA never release game dates NCL just add games to league fixtures hence why teams cant fullfil fixtures they commited to How hard would it be for them to talk to each other and support teams trying to play rugby league and stop bitching and trying to get one over the over each other at the expense of lads playing rugby get a grip
  12. 2nd year in basement of Rugby League comp playing poor delevolpment teams, also doesnt help playing at a ground not fit for purpose why would good Rugby people pay £13 for a product that they can get on a saturday for £2 at Saddleworth or St Annes Dont belete about why a private company cant make money selling rugby to oldham fans make your company Sellable to your market 22 years of not making a profit says it all is it the product or the supplier
  13. I don’t agree the bloke is not level 3 coach he’s just a mate of a bloke who might invest in hornest
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