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  1. Totally agree Love all history be brought out for everyone to see
  2. Read the BARLA web site and it lists board members and it clearly misses one trustee
  3. When did Phil Bradbury (Open Age) Oldham ARL and Anita Halliwell (Open Age) Pennine ARL get elected
  4. Do you really think the NCL will divide clubs money this way do they own data on who they allowed in with a club house or who they allowed in by ###### standards NCL call on that question
  5. Sounds about right for a BARLA announcement they have sold it off pal
  6. no accounts available via there own web link why would a organisation formed in 1973 change its name at companies house in March this year without announcing it to its members do I really need to explain myself
  7. Sorry will stand corrected the offer to people from Tameside was only for one game But what about anyone with a OL post code or all the parents who come to watch their kids play pre game at Oldham back to start of the post the club posted via media the poor turn out for the club when it needs money my point has always been poor show by a professional club looking for help from there own fans
  8. I agree with Cumbria 1 do local games less travel less movement which will be better for all and players will be able to work Saturday mornings to top wages up NCL clubs get no funding now for travel and have never had a penny from RFL
  9. If you make leagues regional it might stop local player movement which causes yo yo teams 3 Oldham teams would move east and be part of Huddersfield Halifax Batley & Dewsbury Local games every other week which players step up for cos it’s personal and means something touch lines full of people cos of local interest also creates a buzz in the towns Let’s say top 2 go to play offs with other leagues to prove who’s the best in country my club have committed to £6k on coach travel this year £3k of that could be spent on rugby stuff rather than a transport company only my thoughts but happy for others
  10. What have Oldham rugby done in Oldham to promote rugby nothing heard if from Tameside post code you get a discount is this a joke
  11. SKally good call how can oldham rugby club call themselves a pro club ask the owner of Oldham rugby what income his club gets from the RFL
  12. Again no comment from Oldham rugby during this situation is it cos only one person taking a wage from the company called Oldham rugby
  13. I think del capo & Nintendo might need check again cos BARLA members have changed who own it and correct me if I am wrong it’s now owned by 3 people now
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