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  1. what Does member of a local league mean
  2. who owns BARLA rugby I know who the trustees are but they don’t own it
  3. Trustees if not on the board can there be trusted
  4. Who owns BARLA the clubs or the trustees
  5. What are the running costs of Oldham rugby we could look at company house
  6. I doubt it he will seek money from what ever fund he can to keep control I bet this be another stop gap to allow him to control a club
  7. So has anyone found out how much funding your team receive from the RFL Didn’t think so, Anyone read the rugby league express last Monday the page about the stuff happening at Barrow he explained all about the funding and how clubs get money for increased crowds the vision he had for Barrow how he identified the ageing crowd and created a vision to change it not by charging more but attracting more to spend more build it and they will come mentally Sorry if I am a pain in the ###### only saying what I see
  8. CH has no idea and won’t allow or speak let alone employ anyone to promote the club when will Oldham rugby people see this man is the reason Pro rugby in Oldham will never move forward remove the RFL funding which he never speaks about and see how long the club will survive
  9. I don’t understand the issue with this matter the rules are simple the refs just need to enforce the rule
  10. Surprised that I haven’t had a reply from trustees that now own BARLA.
  11. Hi Tandle did you find out what championship teams get I bet you didn’t via the club did any of the people who called me out tell you oldham rugby will never find out what the RFL give to the private company that own your club
  12. So you claiming that a Thatto play touched / knocked the ref over and they still should be rewarded advantage at scrum Ref was uncited cos your player knocked him over penalty if not red card for player for touching ref
  13. I might be wrong but BARLA is now owned by trustees who are no longer on any BARLA committees
  14. Hi still surprising none of u answer the question I ask but just call me names Full time CEO moved club out of town again due to cost why no questions Oldham football can’t afford to open stand they don’t own why can’t a deal be done to play in Oldham full time CEO just tells you that your club will be playing out of town again
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