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  1. When I went back to Ireland to work in 2006 and got involved with Tallaght and later Ballyfermot (1st team to have an RL dedicated pitch courtesy of Dublin City Council) , I was shocked that the 'domestic' game was basically RU Summer Rugby, so that Ireland could meet the International criteria set out by the European RL federation. At that time there were a lot of people in Ireland with RL experience who would not get involved in the game due to the way it was set up. Fast forward to setting up Liverpool City RL circa 2012 'New Team' insurance ran out after three years (club wound up), after making good off field progress. It takes decades to develop a new sport in a new area especially with no money or a Development department within the governing body. RL too often cuckoos other sports either for players or facilities instead of looking to itself to develop both.
  2. Nice one. Assume there are other 'club facilities' fund raising campaigns at the moment other than on Crowdfunder?
  3. Www.crowdfunder.co.uk/p/bentley-arlfc-changing-pavillion Www.crowdfunder.co.uk/p/westleedsarlfc-newclub
  4. Just giving a shout out to Bentley ARLFC and West Leeds who are currently raising funds for new facilities via Crowdfunding.
  5. Having tried over the years to create sustainable amateur RL Clubs in Connecticut, Ireland, Ellesmere Port (twice) and lastly Liverpool City I know how hard it can be, so best of luck to Liverpool Lizards.
  6. John, any chance of this being pinned?
  7. Yes did have a quick look. Painful reminder of how financially poor the sport is. Need a lot more people donating to reach the target.
  8. Just put some money in. Not sure they're going to make the rest of the 20k in the ten days left, hope so as this is real infrastructure expansion of the sport.
  9. Anyone know if Forth Valley are due to play at Fell Foot on the Alva Road, Tillicoultry this weekend 4/5th Sept?
  10. Having been converted to RL in the 1980's having played for Sheffield Poly before having seen a live game, it really was exciting, didn't go back to Goodison Park for over two decades. Couldn't take your eyes off the game for a minute. A lot has changed since the 80's, I can now go for a cup of tea and come back and nothing has happened. Half joking I did say at the Leigh game on Sunday, that if I wanted to watch penalty kicks all game I should be watching Sale Sharks.
  11. World Cup still needs to go ahead, with replacement nations.
  12. 1st game on Sky I've been able to watch till the end of the game this season. Timing of some of the Catalan passing was very good indeed. Don't know what's happened to the game during the Super League era, but the PTB (rolling the ball with the hand and moving off the mark), Goal Line drop outs (that are punts, not drop kicks), Voluntary Tackles and Players stopping the game to get strapping on their boots are very frustrating and usually make it unwatchable.
  13. The development of the link between Amateur and Semi Pro clubs is one of the most Important topics discussed on this forum and has been the most badly managed by the sport in the last forty years that I know of. So much time and money has been wasted, we lose so many new clubs after a couple of years, due to one or more of the reasons other posters have identified. We cannot continue to expect non full time Players and Club staff to travel hundreds of miles to play regular fixtures, given the constraints of modern life. League 1 sadly probably cannot continue in its current format unless properly funded (£75K per club currently for a National competition just seems unsustainable). Would like to see the travel time reduced for regular fixtures for these clubs if that means a number of smaller leagues with some inter league fixtures then that might help.
  14. Hope it develops into an actual competition. Semi pro teams will limit the geographical spread of the Comp unless they split the teams up, assuming there are enough of them i.e. East & West etc.
  15. Like a lot of people enjoyed the games, seemed more entertaining than last year. Always annoys me though is players not playing the ball with the foot and moving off the mark.
  16. I know Tillicoultry fairly well, assume the RL club will be based at the RU club on the Alva Road for Summer Rugby, surprised they're not called 'Clackmannanshire RL as there is quiet some local pride in the County name. The area reminds me of Cleator Moor etc in West Cumbria. Hopefully they will be around for the long term and not disappear after a year or two as is the case with most RL start ups (such a waste of time and effort), very hard to develop RL with no money or meaningful support from the Governing body.
  17. If the Broncos move out, does that mean potentially a new West London RL club (League 1) could take their place at Trailfinders assuming there is enough interest and finance?
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