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  1. Thank for showing this game,excellent way to spend a Sunday afternoon. I was only 7 when we won this and remember the team bring the cup to the town hall and just how good was that team.
  2. 1.Got to be Eddie Rombo, who would have thought a Monday night in Scarborough would launch the hero Eagle. 2. Dennis Bailey, could have been an international, better than Henderson Gill in my opinion. 3. Andrew Ramsden, strong and a great finisher. Others inc, Flynn,Dunford, Mal Agar ,Powell and one John Eastwood, didn't play for us long ,joined the Police I think, but scored 2 amazing tries to beat York in the Yorkshire cup at Crown Flatt.
  3. Johnny took over when Don Richardson moved up to scrum half in our last season in the old division 1.
  4. You are right,we relegated them by winning the game.
  5. That's for sure,he was definitely an East to West player
  6. Very sad news indeed, lovely lady and they made a great couple.RIP ⚘
  7. Don Richardson number 1 for me, I remember him scoring a belter against Swinton on YTVs Scrumdown programme, had to get permission to stop up and watch it on the Monday night after news at ten,no videos then. Nathan Graham second for me,great player at such a young age,glad he came back to us after his spell at the Bulls. John Langley third, I was very young when he played,but remember standing behind the posts watching him and not much getting past. Mentions to Darren Coen, Josh Gudsak and Jonny Moore, now Jonny wasn't much of a tackler but he had great pace and the way the game is played now he would have been a hand full.
  8. Ramboy

    Rams v Widnes

    A great team performance with Finn,Sykes and Knowles outstanding. Thought the props did the hard work earlier doors and gave us the platform to push on. Watched the re-run on the RL app and thought the coverage was very good including an excellent piece on Monday nights Rampage work. Add to this the success of the pre match meal etc I think we made the best we could out of the 6.15 start, having said that I do wonder how many more would have attended given that the afternoon was almost warm. Would perhaps a 12.00 kick off time for the RL app games be better till say April ? Onwards to Oldham and more of the same please.
  9. Liam Finn, Dan Potter, Daniel Frame
  10. Ramboy

    V Leigh

    Not a bad effort against what looked like a top 3 side to me. The pack worked hard especially the back 3 who played the full 80 minutes and never stopped tackling. Sykes and Finn looked more comfortable together and kicked well and Ryder looks sent for a big season. The down sides for me was the lack of ball Fleming and Oates saw , but its early days and Leigh defended very well out wide and why did we have a winger on the bench ?...surly Knowles or Morris would have given us more impact, especially in the second half when our legs started to go. Onwards to Swinton and hopefully win number 1.
  11. Question 3. The Rhinos website says that one ticket bought from them covers both games,ours at 12.30,then Leeds at 3 pm .
  12. Q2...at the kit launch Lee said that Tom was on personal leave due to a ongoing family matter,which I took to mean illness, no time scale was put on his return.
  13. Ramboy

    2020 kit

    Good to see a healthy number of fans at the kit launch last night, players in good spirits and Lee Greenwood spoke very well and looked in a happier place than this time last year. Kit looks good and various other items including very smart training wear for sale.
  14. Ramboy


    Just seen that Sonny Bill Williams might be available for around 9 million dollars, not sure on the exchange rate,does this put him out of our reach ? If so I dont mind putting in an tenner to make up the difference.
  15. JC staying at Batley...need to sign/ announce some backs soon. I like the Tuesday and Friday media stuff but I know people who aren't buying season tickets till we know more, let's get the names out to the public.
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