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  1. Ramboy


    Hi all, thought the title might a few views Whilst having yet another sort out I've found some old VHS tapes, now I understand that its possible to transfer these to dvd,but not for me I'm afraid, would anybody be interested in the Rams1997 and 1998 tries of the season or the play off game at Rochdale in 1990 with the championship final win against Leeds on the same tape ? I also have the History of GB tours to Australia, I'm guessing this made about the same time. Free to a good home or to anyone that can transfer the footage to a modern system.
  2. You are correct, mine came via a Gold stage coach with White stallions and driven by Mark himself, or was it just in my email box ? I forget now
  3. Ramboy

    Sad News

    Thank you, it certainly is a difficulty time to arrange or sort anything out,but we are hoping to have a celebration service in October, if things allow .
  4. Ramboy

    Sad News

    Just to point out that's coke in her hand ?
  5. Ramboy

    Sad News

    Thank you to you all for your kind words and good wishes
  6. Ramboy

    Sad News

    I'm sad to say that my mum (Pat Mosley)sipped away last Sunday in Pinderfields Hospital, she had been a season ticket holder for many years and started watching Dewsbury in the 50s, if you like me you know more people by sight she was to be found in the main stand close to the home dugout. She also did a lot of work for the St Paul's church in Hanging Heaton.
  7. Ramboy

    Best kit

    Let's do this
  8. Ramboy

    Best kit

    I've nominated it twice now...must have a chance .
  9. Phil Arits, winger one week,prop the next, did whatever he was asked. Tommy Gallagher...dont need to say anymore. One of the best sub appearances ever was Neil Pickerail ..not sure of the second name, against Hunslet at Elland Road, turned a 20 point deficit into a victory playing scrum half and passing like Wally Lewis .
  10. Now that is good news
  11. Hi Nick, let me explain my thoughts, having seen that Bradford City have stopped selling season tickets for the 20/21 football season and the EFL have warn clubs it could well be January before they are allowed to play in front of crowds due to social distancing how can a game like ours with full physical contact hope to return sooner. I hope I'm wrong but I think we will re-start this season in January or write this one off start a fresh next year.
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