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  1. I bet on Ireland but it has changed to -4, though I did get Evens. I think the game against New Zealand will have taken a lot out of them. Also I read the Ireland playmaker(is it Kears?) has won 5 times out of 6 against Mitchell Moses in the NRL. Have you had any bets?
  2. Similar to Motherwell I think. Edinburgh got over 6,000 for their first home game in the new stadium in January. Average will probably be a bit lower. Motherwell average nearly 5,000 and Aberdeen 11,000 for comparison. The Edinburgh v Glasgow derby attracted over 20,000 at Murrayfield this year I think. The record crowd for Edinburgh was against Toulouse in 2012, 38,000. I hope this helps.
  3. She had a great game on the line today. She was very attentive and eager to get in position. She spotted the foot in touch at the kick off. Also her positioning was fantastic for the final Australian try where the ball was played back in play. I am looking forward to seeing her on Monday.
  4. Yes I forgot about that Seriously, I think the defence is so good that even 6 points is sufficient to win them games sometimes. Both Fijian tries against Australia were from grubber kicks. But of course Scotland didn't get close enough to try this. I suspect New Zealand and England/Tonga will use it as a tactic.
  5. I don't think France have sufficient pace to win. They will have to keep it tight around the middle and make it a forward game.
  6. I think fans are being a bit harsh on Scotland. In fairness Scotland scored the same number of points as England did last time they played Australia
  7. I like Australia and from this perspective I thought it was a great game. I thought it was a good advert for the game in how Australia played the conditions. Despite the high scoreline, they also had to work for their tries and create them. Scotland had no size or pace so they were never a threat. However, we could see they kept tackling and trying.
  8. Australia look very efficient. I don't think there is much Scotland can do, they havent the size or pace.
  9. I can only choose players I have seen so: Makinson Manu, Walmsley, Croft, Field.
  10. Really looking forward to seeing Australia again, especially with the Panthers players starting.
  11. In fairness the home situation may have changed by now. Mental Health issues are very debilitating so I hope he is successful at Leigh.
  12. I thought a bit of perspective was needed. Derek was actually extremely helpful to Batley fans the other week. He made his players acknowledge our fans and took time to commiserate with us. I can understand fans having fun at the badge, but I wanted to speak up for someone who was very thoughtful to us.
  13. If I remember correctly Wigan named a bar this year after an ex chairman who was investigated for anti-semitic comments. Derek's name change seems a bit trivial in comparison.
  14. Seriously, they were the second country to introduce votes for women after New Zealand. They have always had a long association with women's rights.
  15. Yes that's true. As you say, the name isn't an issue. I was thinking children are more likely to see Leopards and associate the team rather than with Centurions. There are teams called Leopards in the USA and Africa who have interesting badges.
  16. Seriously, I think it is a great move. Children identify more with animals, hence why a lot of clubs use their names.
  17. Jonathan Davies was really building him up, but was talking about the Ford of 2 years ago. If he had watched the games this year on Premier Sports then he may not have been as effusive. No criticism of Ford, everyone gets older.
  18. A lot of the Southern Hemisphere teams have underperformed first game. Probably the change in climate and travel.
  19. I read an article in the Guardian about German soccer grounds being 90% full. This is due to many tickets being available for £7.50, even at Bayern Munich. For a lot of people, £7.50 may seem low, but I think we need to consider that at the moment, lots of families have no spare money and are frightened about bills. The point I want to make is that I think if we want full grounds then we have to go lower with the prices for all tickets. If not then we can't complain about attendances. It may be possible to have both during a boom period but at the moment I don't think it is.
  20. I think the Cook Islands took conservative play to the extreme tonight It was exciting because of the context. But I am not sure it would be good to watch every week.
  21. This is extremely sad. Terrible for his family too. It was a shock reading he had died.
  22. I'd like to join in this debate but I've only watched one NRL game and that was New Zealand Warriors! Bearing this in mind, if my opinion is worth anything, I think from the games so far that the NRL has more depth. I think if England have 5 NRL players then we can't really judge by this. It's too many to call it a side representing Super League.
  23. Yes definitely. I've watched every game except the first. Last night was brilliant because the result was in doubt. But I have enjoyed them all.
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