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  1. I get the Griffin mom, but Savelio was really strong. He went into beast mode a couple of times and it was scary (as an opposition fan) to watch I was again massively impressed with Livett for us, but the big surprise for me was litten. The hull hooker factory (not being rude ?) may have churned out another
  2. Happy with that. Well done fc... Hull's quality shone through in the end, but there was enough there to stay hopeful. I think the post hit/sneyd try was where the game was won and lost. I think hindsight is a wonderful thing, but Littens subbing hurt us too. I truly thought Tony Smith was playing to the galleries when he said we were going to pass it around, but we played some good stuff.
  3. Polynesia FC to win by plenty ? As heartened as i was by beating Wakefield last week, they still made plenty of metres up the middle. I aren't belittling the Wakefield pack, but Hull's is a different gravy. If i'm honest i would be happy to get through it with no injuries and not getting tonked.
  4. I think Tony Smith's line about it being seen as a success if he is able to walk again is what shows the magnitude of the injury. I've donated to the page that has been set up and hope that he can make a recovery that allows him a good quality of life with his young family.
  5. It doesn't seem unreasonable based on last season's performance and this season's recruitment that we would be favourites for the drop. I would say that much will depend on squad depth and injuries. There are 5 or 6 teams that if the injuries bite in the wrong positions, then they could be in for long seasons and possibly relegation. HKR most probably head that list due to the number of untried SL players in their squad depth positions. I assume that there are more signings to come for the Wolfpack, because their squad (Money Bill aside) doesn't look much stronger than ours. Saying that when the top teams rest their normal 17 for the trip to Canada I assume that it will assist them a bit (reaches for tin hat).
  6. Surely it proves how good a coach he is, in that he has taken a player with obvious defensive deficiencies and managed them within their structures to the point where they are winning play off matches without conceding.
  7. Evalds, Hastings, Lolohea and Lussick seem to be combining so well and it makes Salford a real threat. I think Wigan's home advantage could see them shade it, but it will be a game I really look forward to watching. Wigan by 2... no Salford by 2... no draw and golden point... Sod it Salford by 2!
  8. I have read the thread, have you? There were a couple of instances linked under the licensing era, but that doesn't really dispute TS suggestion that it is a real problem when relegation is at stake. Whilst I aren't saying there will not be any instances that can prove his hypocrisy, the only link I saw under P&R was the one from 15 years ago that they won.
  9. Team that played London... I know which one I would rather face 1Jack Welsby 2Adam Swift 3Matthew Costello 4Josh Simm 5Regan Grace 6Joseph Paulo 7Danny Richardson 8Louie McCarthy- Scarsbrook 9Aaron Smith 10Matthew Lees 11Joe Batchelor 12James Bentley 13Morgan Knowles 14Kyle Amor 15Jack Ashworth 16Josh Eaves 17Callum Hazzard
  10. Cant have made that many changes they won 34-6 ? So we have gone back 15 years to highlight TS hypocrisy in a game they won.
  11. I dont recall Saints resting 10 or 11 against us. Yes the pattern is that Rovers secure their SL status last, get the picked over choice of who's left and then sign who they can (most probably paying overs for the privilege). This has unfortunately been the case since relegation. How many players retired at London midseason? (4 at rovers), plus we swapped 2 on loan and transferred 2 others. Did you read the article as he doesnt have a go at London? The author makes some inferences but the quoted parts indicate he is slating p&r and that fielding weakened teams distorts such a competition.
  12. Dunno but looks like Saints were offering a buy one get one free... I am joking before anyone's head explodes!
  13. I agree with you on this, although it most probably didnt need to be said. I can only assume that his thinking is that without the Saints results he believes London would have been relegated weeks ago and we wouldn't find ourselves a couple of months behind the others in terms of recruitment, as we have the last couple of years.
  14. Our form is LWLWLWLW... On our day we can do a job, but remain woefully inconsistent and can't seem to string 2 wins together to give us breathing space in the relegation battle. Wigan seem on good form and it would be very hard to see anything other than a home win. I just hope if that's the case our points difference doesn't take too much of a beating.
  15. Likewise (but obviously from a Rovers perspective)... I don't care how it happens, but the 2 points is all that counts.
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