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  1. I don't think Hastings did as much as I expected. I expect the reason is because Salford's game plan was to work over your middles, but I thought he would become more prominent as the game opened up. Agree with your summary and I said that during the game, Salford had the better territory but you had more players who could finish half chances. I think Hicks said that to S'OL that clubs got an email in the week about the head patting. I'm happy to see it stamped out.
  2. Great gesture. Hopefully Cas fans repay them by turning out in numbers.
  3. Interesting difference between the two teams in Salford just being happy to work Wigan's pack over whereas Wigan looking to give the ball a lot more air. Thought Wigan's disallowed try was wrong. I think the missed ball strips by both teams show what we lack by not having a pocket referee. Exciting game, tense too!
  4. Sad news for one of my former clubs. I do wonder how they could get to the point of owing that much though!
  5. Saints players, Saints coaches and Saints members.
  6. Because its strange that the player deemed the best player of the season by the team which won the league by 16 points isn't on the short list. It shows that this is a dumb way of picking the awards though.
  7. The paying public were given plenty of notice about the team Saints would have out, with Holbrook even telling people on Monday in the local news rather than wait till the squad was named. They could choose not to go. Which first team squad players should Saints not be allowed to play? Why wasn't us playing an "academy+" team an issue when we rested 7 of our starting 13 against Catalan in April? Oh, we won by 36 points...
  8. First game against Hull KR we rested Percival, Walmsley, Roby and Taia. London took advantage of us resting players, Hull KR weren't good enough to do so. It's strange to argue that Saints shouldn't be allowed to rest players for the sake of helping out teams who haven't been good enough.
  9. We might not be bad until we get to the point where we don't get two bites at the cherry.
  10. We had Coote, Makinson, Lomax, Walmsley, Taia out. A pretty decent side still but that's our best ball players, our best winger, our best prop and our best second rower.
  11. I think lack of desire is often exaggerated in Super League players. This is definitely the case in tonight's scenario.
  12. I'm glad you are because seemingly nobody else is! It's absolutely empty, but it does mean Saints are behind the sticks for once.
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