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  1. On that particular one perhaps, but that's only cause he didn't execute the late hit particularly effectively
  2. How can he be adjudged to not be competing for the ball...when he has won the contest for the ball?!
  3. Surprised by the lack of mention for Paasi! Thought he was the forward most responsible for our change of momentum with his ruck speed and offloads. All the Cas fans I came across were great.
  4. Just bought tickets for another 4 games now that it has been confirmed as going ahead, taking me up to 16 in total! Might be difficult balancing this and the rest of my life for the period the RLWC is on...
  5. Of the 8 fullbacks better than Walsh, 6 are from NSW. The two Queenslanders are injured.
  6. If the Aussies don't want to travel then they don't have to travel, let them be known as the players/administration that lost the World Cup for Australia. If Australia fall in line, the rest of the countries will. Let the players pressure their teams.
  7. Agreed, but then it was probably intended for Lomax to be the dominant half until his injury. Also we already know Williams is a good player, perhaps there's more benefit to Wane seeing how some of his other options go!
  8. Probably not given he's been healthy, but that combined with the jet lag from a flight from Australia and the fact his contact skills are likely off given the fact he hasn't played, is probably enough of a combination to see him miss out.
  9. To be fair, Walsh would have played QCup last year if not for Covid, and started this year in Cup. If it wasn't for RTS leaving the Warriors, he would probably have spent a lot of this year 'learning his trade' in QCup anyway.
  10. Really? He's at most the 8th best fullback in the NRL currently. It's just the others are either NSW or injured. 1. Tedesco 2. Turbo 3. Ryan Papenhuyzen 4. Latrell 5. Ponga 6. Gutherson 7. Brimson Arguably even Nico Hynes too.
  11. Could we not just go back to awarding penalties?
  12. Out of curiosity, the people talking about how nothing is proven, what is your interpretation of last night?: - Clubb said it, Savelio is telling the truth - Clubb did not say it, Savelio knowingly made it up - Clubb did not say it, Savelio imagined himself being racially abused It has to be one of the three, so which is it?
  13. I've seen a couple of them wearing Manly Sea Eagles and London Skolars kits too. Talk about variety!
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