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  1. Very good signing. Looked dominant in the back end of the Q Cup season and the Championship is probably a lower standard than that. Very good workrate too.
  2. Doing a presentation this week to the uni RL club I coach on mental health matters. Looking at my own experiences, treatment, other coping mechanisms and how to have a productive conversation about mental health. Hopefully will be ~40 lads there so should be good!
  3. Really like this one, just wish the sponsors were better integrated, and there was slightly fewer lines on the upper chest. Don't know what I think of the away shirt!
  4. That's like saying they should also not need practice of catching, passing, sidestepping etc. It also ignores the fact that tackling is a perceptual skill as much as technique. By not practicing it you risk this perception deteriorating and the tackler being more at risk than before, especially as attackers presumably won't be banned from practicing their sidestepping or carrying position into contact.
  5. Nobody is being forced to take risks with their future mental health. They're choosing to do it because they enjoy it.
  6. The USA women's football team brings in more money than the men's. What is complaining about their request for equal pay despite that signalling?
  7. If this year's ISC performances are anything to go off, he's going to be an absolute gun. Left-handed too. Would like to see him get a shot at fullback though.
  8. I don't expect that experiment to persist to be honest. With Gamble and Te Maire Martin the Broncos have a couple of serviceable stand-offs now, especially with Reynolds doing the bulk of the organising and kicking.
  9. Perhaps, but I don't think power or go forward is their limiting factor anyway. Look at that spine.
  10. I think the conditions to use it are so restrictive though. Think you need 3 failed HIAs to apply?
  11. I don't think that was intended to be a conclusive list. Derby Elks also ran two senior teams this year
  12. Midlands Regional Academy were around before 2017, I want to say 2014 or so. The development hubs concept I remember being discussed around 2017 but I'm not sure if it ever successfully got off the ground. Before that there was no real direct link between the two, though often players who graduated from the Midlands Academy went to Cov. I'm not a fan of the rebranding in isolation but it makes more sense in the context of further upcoming announcements. I'm glad to see the return of a community Coventry team too.
  13. 7-8 metre offside means defence goes back less far, spends proportionately longer per tackle already back, set and waiting to come forward, and therefore has greater line speed.
  14. I think while any rule changes must be carefully considered for the risk of changing the game too significantly, where we can clearly impact is 1) punishment 2) post-concussion 3) training/scheduling/rules. Number 1 has obviously been spoken about plenty. I currently coach a university RL team, and here is the post-concussion protocol we have. 1 - absolute rest for 2 weeks 2 - re-test for concussion against baseline 3 - if pass the re-test, can slowly progress from a light jog to playing over the following week. If fail the re-test, I think it's another week or two before you can go again. If any of the progressions in activity result in the return of symptoms, you return to absolute rest. As coach, I get no say in this, nor do the RL club generally - it's all administered by the medical staff at the uni. At absolute best, after being removed from a match with concussion, we'll have them back in 3 weeks. Often it's more likely to be 4-5 weeks. These are students, playing at a far lower intensity, and likely only playing 10-12 matches a year for 3-4 years at most. With regards to training/scheduling, neck strength is a huge protective mechanism for concussion, and one that I believe isn't trained sufficiently enough. A longer pre-season also protects against injury (presumably including concussion), and providing that training is sensible, a shift towards fewer games is likely to result in fewer concussions. Instead, we rush players through pre-season, cram loads of games in and hope for the best. Fewer games and stricter Return to Play protocols are two fixes that could be implemented without fundamentally changing the nature of the game. Unfortunately, clubs wouldn't like them for obvious reasons.
  15. Part of the logic for the changes to tackle height in RU is to reduce the risk to tacklers too by attempting to ensure the heads are at different heights. Ross Tucker has some interesting posts about it on his website.
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