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  1. it might be beneficial to do both at points. For example, if trying to improve your 5k time, do a fast 3k one day, and a slow 7k another day.
  2. Not famous but his dad owns Mark Thompson transport and they apparently do quite well for themselves.
  3. Saints could have made him a marquee player. Besides, his family are multi-millionaires. I'm pretty sure he isn't going because he needs more money, more because the NRL is the premier rugby competition in the world.
  4. I can't imagine being on £75k and doing anything other than saving a ridiculous amount, even with kids. I'm on about £35k, make no effort to save money at all (beyond a sharesave scheme), have a ridiculous food bill and still put £300 a month into shares/savings. My rent is comparable with your mortgage though obviously without the costs of maintenance, but I'm amazed you feel that way.
  5. Roosters are considerably weaker than when they won the Grand Final though. No Cronk, no Mitchell, and Mitchell's replacement (Billy Smith) has injured his ACL. Still can't see us winning though, especially if Coote is out, which looks likely.
  6. Was it because it was given for him moving off the mark? I was at the game so that is just a guess but would explain it.
  7. I think it would be doable (Saints came pretty close in 2006, largest defeat was 4 points), but that sort of consistency means you probably haven't rotated your team much. With our crazy season length, it isn't worth it! We're still also a bit vulnerable with kicking to Grace, Naiqama defending shape and our lack of a long kicking game.
  8. No. Too many games to be constantly 'on'. That's ignoring whether it's even worth it, rather than rotating and building for the back end of the season.
  9. Pleasing thing about Saints compared to last year is I think our defence looks better. In particular our first up contact and spacing when the opposition is in their own half seems a lot more ruthless. We also showed more patience tonight than a lot of last year. Didn't expect us to win by that many though, especially with Coote going off!
  10. We did the same last year and it worked out alright. I don't know how much teams get out of loads of friendlies anyway.
  11. There's a record of you paying for that in a way that there isn't with cash. Do you seriously believe that people would turn you down if they legitimately believed they could make money off you? People with no credit history are a significantly higher than standard risk. This is not stupidity regardless of how much you don't like it.
  12. No it doesn't. How can you prove to be a good borrower if you've never proven you can borrow and pay something back? Credit risk is fundamentally about maximising the number of people who borrow and pay it back properly. Why do you think they would deny you credit unless it made risk-sense to them?
  13. I did read something about how Blue Monday is actually just a PR stunt invented by a travel company in 2005. With that said, I expect the combination of such short days, the weather and potential financial stress after Christmas could all be aggravating factors.
  14. Sertraline means I wake up more in the night. Literally the only side effect I have experienced in a year of use. Life-changing benefits though! The variance between people's experiences is crazy.
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