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  1. Down to 85kg now. It has been my testing week in the gym: 125kg x 3 front squat 230kg x 3 trap bar deadlift 85kg x 3 bench 90kg x 3 pendlay row Pleased enough with that!
  2. Always go with experiences over possessions or things you will adapt to very quickly i.e. an expensive house. There's a fair bit of research suggesting we very quickly habituate to new things like houses and so on, and they consequently stop having an impact on our happiness. This doesn't really happen for travel and other experiences. Bigger mortgage also means you're financially commited long-term in a way the travel does not.
  3. What an embarrassing post, have I offended you in a past life or something? Go watch a game for any of those teams and look at who plays in a first receiver role in the middle of the pitch and try to actually pay attention to what you are looking at. It's no coincidence that Sydney Roosters had to change their playing style when Radley got injured. Maybe the issue is the lack of depth of your understanding.
  4. He was starting after an extended break into a comp which was in full flight. High injury risk and limited conditioning for contact as a result. You can control a player's attacking involvements much more than defensive involvements, so best to use him as a decoy until he is fully up to speed conditioning wise and contact prep wise.
  5. Surprised by the lack of mention of Morgan Knowles in this thread. If anything, ballplaying loose forwards have made a resurgence the last couple of years with the likes of Victor Radley, Jake Trbojevic and Cam Murray
  6. I started watching 35 minutes or so in and at that point, Naiqama was already on the wing with Knowles at centre. So some time before then!
  7. We were down to 2 substitutes given the injuries to Welsby and Percival. This also knackered our forward rotation, hard to avoid fatiguing under those conditions. I expected us to fade away in the last 20 to be honest! Hard to argue Saints didn't seem up for the WCC, that was a real contest. Why would we have moved the ball loads with two second rowers at centre?
  8. It won't be played due to the number of concussions professional players were incurring and the long-term effects that in 2070 will be much more established. People from 2070 will look back on 2020 the same way we look back at 1980 and players getting a magic sponge and playing the rest of the match after being knocked out. I say this as an active amateur player and coach.
  9. Take the 2 every time. There's an excellent blog applying Expected Points to this problem here - https://pythagonrl.com/2018/06/19/spinning-the-rugby-league-roulette-wheel/ While the data is limited to an insufficient number of sets to be too robust, it makes sense intuitively. It's more likely you score 1 try in 4 sets than 2 tries (or 1 try and receive another subsequent kickable penalty) in 5 sets.
  10. Use the 86kg please, it's probably more reflective for future use!
  11. Weight is all over the place at the minute. Got down to 83kg, then went to 86kg in a couple of days. I've just started creatine which increases water retention which is probably the culprit, but it does make it harder to track my weight change!
  12. Having weighed myself today, weight is back up to 86kg. To be honest I think I still look slightly leaner but I'll track my calories for the next week and then modify accordingly!
  13. First time I have remotely pushed it in the gym this week since the return. 100kg 3x5 front squat and 190kg 3x5 trap bar deadlift, both of which felt pretty comfortable! Excited to see what the next few months bring. No update on bodyweight as my scales have ran out of battery...
  14. Weight down to 84kg now. On top of the gym sessions themselves, walking to the gym and back is essentially the only non-exercise activity I do at the minute so that's probably helping!
  15. First gym session in 127 days today. Front squatted 70kg 2x10, which was a pleasant surprise, especially as I still had 4 or 5 reps in the tank. Pleased with what I have managed to retain over lockdown, though not sure I will feel the same way for upper body tomorrow!
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