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  1. Yeah I'm going to the coaching webinar by the RFL on Tuesday so I can start planning properly! I expect we'll link in with the local universities for our friendlies, obviously they've missed out on a season this year so I think should be really keen!
  2. There's already been some experimentation with this. The difficulty at senior level is the stronger and weaker teams are split pretty evenly, so an East/West split you end up with fewer competitive games. On the juniors, one thing that was introduced in 2019 was an 'Origin' series (for lack of a better term). As the junior season runs over the Summer, to continue RL activity from September onwards, there was an East v West series. A few training sessions at a hub in each side (open to all), and then one or two games against the opposite side of the Midlands. Each team even had a brand ne
  3. Ha I know what you mean on the anxiety point. Previously that would have been my position but remote working has meant there are a lot more options. To be fair I'm currently in settled employment already which is probably what makes me hesitant! Yeah that's a good point. The work is broadly similar as what I am doing currently. Long-term being an RL coach is the goal, so my main trade off is 1) can I save up enough to be able to take risks with coaching 2) am I gonna compromise the coaching I currently do, to do so. Thanks for your thoughts guys. Got a couple of interviews next w
  4. Very exciting! Am surprised with the phased return to contact given it's so close to friendlies starting.
  5. On the push ups, it may be more sensible to elevate your hands if possible rather than do them from your knees. It's the same goal i.e. deloading the movement, but alters the movement less, meaning it will transfer more to full push ups.
  6. Real hopeful that he stays injury free, not only from a point of view of his mental health but also he's a great player with the potential to play for England. Awesome to see him use his struggles to help others though, sometimes things like that can be bigger than rugby.
  7. Looking into new roles, and have been offered interviews for a couple of contractor roles. I never thought I'd be okay with that lack of stability, but the money is awfully tempting. Take home would be 250% of my current role, and 175% of the best available elsewhere. Has anyone ever done similar? If so, any thoughts? My main concern is about work-life balance I think.
  8. With 4 weeks until touch rugby returns and hopefully 8-9 weeks until full contact matches, I'm starting to cut a bit of weight. Starting at 85.5kg today, aiming to get down to 80-81kg. Still training pretty well with 4 gym, 2 sprint and 2 conditioning sessions a week. Just need to prioritise sleep, recovery and mobility a bit more!
  9. Seems strange that Saints vs Warrington is being played just before the 21st June, when that is one of Saints biggest home crowds each year.
  10. Talent ID in this way has so much margin for error though. I've seen too many times the experts get it wrong on such big bets, especially when there is virtually no actual match evidence to go on.
  11. Fifita has proven he can do it at NRL level, and is still being overpaid by virtue of joining the Titans. Besides, do you believe Suaalii would see out his full contract? I don't.
  12. In my eyes, no, just because you're trying to force an equivalence between two competitions that aren't equal in practice. You see this with the BUCS (University) competition, where there's a Premier North and Premier South, but the bottom team in Prem North will usually beat the team coming 3rd of 6 in Prem South for example. The final is almost always between two Prem North teams, and usually 3 or 4 of the Semi Finalists are Prem North teams. At League 1 level, better to let teams compete against each other and learn from their experiences, and this is without considering the validity that p
  13. In one sense it's great there's so much decent competition. In another sense, it's a shame cause it means there is no real standout!
  14. In terms of Outlaws, our position remains that if stepping up to League 1 just means that we 1) just have to pay a bunch of Northerners to travel down to play for us 2) are no longer able to concentrate on the things we currently do well, then it isn't worth it. Our juniors are concentrated primarily at the younger age groups, even if they were playing a full season in an organised league (they're not). While we are taking steps to develop our club and the game in the Midlands, any League 1 presence for us at the minute would be fundamentally built on sand.
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