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  1. Bentley isn't the default interchange for Roby at all, Aaron Smith is. We rested 10 by my count: Coote, Makinson, Naiqama, Percival, Lomax, Fages, Walmsley, Thompson, Roby, Peyroux, with Taia still out injured. It's not just about next week, it's about the long term management of accumulating fatigue. It's a long season and you have to take rests where possible. We have just beaten 2nd, 3rd and 4th in consecutive weeks, it's an appropriate time to rest players. You're wrong, that is not a rule.
  2. I don't understand why it's disappointing, Saints have earned the right to do this. It's Holbrook's job to do what is best for Saints, and if that means resting players which then works against Hull Kr or Leeds, then so be it.
  3. Current exercise routine is gym Monday - Friday, rugby Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday, fitness Tuesday, speed work Thursday and yoga every day. Still maintaining weight at 79kg or so but at probably upwards of 4000 calories a day! My resting heart rate is back in the 40s now which is good, but I'm having to be a bit cautious in terms of the conditioning volume due to being in rugby season. In the off-season I'd quite like to start properly running a bit more.
  4. Indeed, and that is my argument. The difficult part is the behaviour change, not the actual physiology of it.
  5. Sorry but that's just not true. A calorie is a fixed unit of energy. The point at which a calorie deficit exists may differ, but a 500 calorie deficit is going to going to see people lose around a pound a week. Alternatively, when you were a student you did a lot of general moving about and you now have a less active lifestyle, but exercise more. While metabolic slowdown occurs with age, it typically isn't too drastic, i.e. a couple percent per decade. People are also horrendous at estimating the calorie content of what they actually eat. "More than 4,000 people tracked what they are for four days. Men reported consuming an average 2,065 calories a day, but were estimated to actually consume 3,119; while women reported 1,570 but actually consumed 2,393." I think this thread massively overstates the complexity of physically losing the weight. It is genuinely as simple as working out your maintenance calories and eating 500 less a day. The difficulty comes from the mental and emotional aspects to doing so, and the fact that behaviour change is difficult, not from questionable arguments about nutrition.
  6. I grew up in St. Helens and took it for granted until I moved to Nottingham. I probably have more appreciation for it now. Just little things like now if I see someone in an RL shirt now its a big thing and i'll try and get talking to them, rather than it happening multiple times just going to Tesco. Another one is now having to explain "Not THAT type of rugby" and what the difference is. I do miss St. Helens in this regard!
  7. Wigan's points came from 2 penalties and a charge down despite plenty of field position. I knew we would win when they were 6-2 down and chose to take a second penalty at goal, how negative can you get? Too many players from the Wane school of rugby i.e. wrestling and gang tackling over everything else. Good win for Saints despite not playing particularly well. The lack of Roby, Paulo and Knowles playing at 2nd row makes our ball movement a bit clunky, and taking Coote off with 20 to go exacerbated that. Lomax is head and shoulders the best ballplayer in Super League this year.
  8. What evidence do credit reference agencies have that you can pay off your debt if you have never paid off any debt? There is statistical modelling behind these decisions. If never having debt was a really good thing for credit risk, it would be rewarded. Unfortunately this is potentially a consequence of an increase in "Freemium" products - money is presumably made through marketing etc rather than subscriptions as it may have been in the past.
  9. Yes and this would have been done automatically by the credit reference agency without needing the woman to provide payslips.
  10. He's played twice against Saints and created nothing. It wasn't even like his pack got dominated last night.
  11. Horrendously negative from Wire and I think it cost them. Pleasing to beat them with our 3rd choice hooker and playing the entire match with 3 subs bodes well for our fitness. I still feel like we need an actual halfback though. On another note, Austin is the most overrated player in Super League. Absolute flat track bully.
  12. So why bother increasing police numbers if they do not directly impact the number of crimes committed?
  13. Have you told him that police numbers have no impact on crime? I remember you making that point previously. Did Boris not vote for cuts to police budgets? If only he had been in a position to fight against those cuts...
  14. It takes a strange (but unsurprising) type of mental gymnastics to argue that every woman in the vicinity of an MP is a potential terrorist and therefore fair game to grab by the throat, however a woman screaming “get off me” is a lovers' tiff.
  15. A pretty poor performance by Saints given the standards set this season, and I think that should be worrying for Leeds given the margin. Our ball movement looks clunky without Knowles and Paulo, and too often we went for the miracle pass having not earned the right to. It's still a win though!
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