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  1. The guidelines did initially say that. It changed within an hour or two.
  2. Is it? From what I have seen, we are seeing steeper increases. Are you familiar with the concept of exponential growth?
  3. There's a good thread here on "panic buying", which seems to fit with my own buying habits.
  4. Gym has just shut down.time to test my powers of creativity! Bought a couple of bands recently which should help. Can't believe how much dumbbells cost.
  5. Anyone else worrying about how to keep up their gym routine when coronavirus takes over?? Seriously considering ordering some dumbbells for home!
  6. Standing is £22 which isn't too bad. Canadian accent on the PA is a novelty!
  7. Decided this morning to attend, the 200 mile round trip is considerably more enticing with it not being a Friday night! You'd like to think it's a comfortable win for Saints but it wouldn't surprise me if we are a few bodies down on last week, it looked like Naiqama and Peyroux took knocks. Edit: Just seen the team, we're actually stronger than last weekend as Grace is back in the team.
  8. Also played against Corey Aston, James Woodburn-Hall (at university) and quite a few League 1 players. Coached Lewis Peachey (Cas), Josh Hodson (London Broncos) and a couple of League 1 players a bit in their junior days too, not that I have anything to do with their success!
  9. Played with Ben Currie, Andy Ackers and Chris Hankinson. Also played against Ben, Chris, and Dom Manfredi. I remember turning up to Wigan Service Area trials and finding out I was competing with Dom for a fullback spot which was pretty dispiriting! This was all u15s-u16s. It's funny looking back at how some of the best players at u16s end up doing relatively little. There was a lad called Chris Taylor who was one of the best players in the country at u16s (along with Ben Currie and Dom Manfredi) and ended up playing for Whitehaven. Injuries are a lottery.
  10. A lot of the time it's just about just continuing to show up. Consistency trumps intensity. Down to 85kg thia week though it may be statistical noise. Calories down to approx 2800. Still getting stronger though!
  11. His footwork is pretty good, and his passing is generally good, but he is 18 or 19 playing against the best team in the world. I've seen enough of him in Super League to be confident hes going to be very good.
  12. I just cant see Welbsy/Costello/Bentley competing with Tedesco/Morris/Manu. Huge underdogs here.
  13. I think if there was any chance of the injury being made worse and ending his season, they wouldn't risk him for a game we are likely to lose regardless of his inclusion. I'm happy to back that the medical team know what theyre doing. Taia is underrated, hes consistently top 3 or so for metres and tackles at Saints. Knowles is a great player too. LMS and Peyroux I agree with you though.
  14. I do as I'm told in my programme! Thursday is one of my speed sessions and rugby training so anything that made me suffer too much would adversely impact the training that matters the most. I've never tried the ski but it looks pretty tough, and also with a few more movement options than most cardio. Will give it a go at some point!
  15. Saints have said that there is no risk of playing making his injury worse, and he is being operated on next week anyway. It's just whether he is willing to play through the pain. I don't see how that is showing disregard for his welfare personally.
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