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  1. My favourite Orwell book, followed by Homeage to Catalonia and Keep the Aspidistra Flying (though I haven't read any of them for years). I'm consigant of my stance as an Orwell hipster!
  2. I travelled 3500 miles for Saints games this season (and only went to half of them), coach rugby 5-6 days a week and play rugby too. If I made the (vindicated) decision to not wake up this morning to watch GB, what chance do we have of grabbing floating viewers?
  3. Hit a 220kg trap bar deadlift at 80kg bodyweight today. That's also up 20kg in the last 8 weeks so pleased with that! Can't wait to see what the remaining 4 months of pre-season bring. I've also not had a drink in 6 weeks which is generally doing great things for my health and fitness too!
  4. Handley is picked because he has the correct vaccinations to go to PNG at short notice (from playing there last year for England Knights).
  5. - New Talent Pool Dispensation – Any Player who has not previously played Rugby League is given a value of £0 in the first year of his contract and at 50% of his true value in the second year. - Returning Talent Pool Dispensation – Any Player who has not previously played Rugby League in the 5 years prior to signing is given a value of 50% of his true value in the first year of his contract and 75% of his true value in the second year. Holmes would count. Ben Teo would have 50% count for his first year.
  6. Just bought my flights to Toronto to watch Saints. Absolutely can't wait!
  7. 145kg squat at 80kg bodyweight. 145kg bodyweight would have made my weight loss for next week very impressive though!
  8. Bench and chin up are both up 12kg or so in the last 8 weeks, both still disproportionately weak compared to lower body! Hit 85kg on bench and +20kg pull up.
  9. Not exactly the same, they have changed their logo from blue/green to black/grey. That is the only change though!
  10. Bateman to centre, Hardaker to the wing. Getting the spine working is more important and moving Lomax won't help that.
  11. Lomax has looked the best of our spine players so far and you want to stick him at centre?
  12. 145kg squat today at 80kg, after legs Friday, fitness Saturday and sprints earlier. Pleased with that, probably have another 5-10kg when fresh.
  13. I'd have gone with that from the start. Widdop is faster and agile than Lomax so better on kick returns and early carries. Lomax is better at creating space for runners. If Widdop isn't in the halves, Hastings might actually touch the ball too.
  14. This doesn't read as anything to do with mental health to me. It looks like a sports psychologist, but given they can be working towards their accreditation, this is probably just a different title for such a role. More performance-focused than health.
  15. When I have had lower back issues, often it has been my hamstrings at fault so it's worth looking to stretch those too. Cat & Cow stretch have also helped me with lower back issues by improving my ability to flex and extend my spine, sometimes muscular pain isn't tightness or weakness as much as poor movement quality -
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