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  1. I think you can acknowledge the issues with an area while also being aware that these towns do not exist in a vaccum. I take no joy from the current state of St. Helens. You make a fair point though.
  2. I have wondered about this. Does this mean that gyms etc. could actually decide to open? I expect if that is an option, their insurance may not be valid or whatever though.
  3. St. Helens has to be up there, which is sad, because I still identify with the town and it's people far more greatly than anywhere else. Suicide capital of the UK - https://www.liverpoolecho.co.uk/news/liverpool-news/st-helens-nations-suicide-capital-16097571 Second highest amount of anti-depressant use - https://www.sthelensstar.co.uk/news/14257071.st-helens-spent-second-highest-amount-on-anti-depressants-in-country-figures-show/ In the top 10% of local authorities for deprivation (and getting more deprived relative to other local authorities) - https://www.sthelens.gov.uk/media/10834/indices-of-deprivation-2019-summary-report.pdf There are approx. 10k people in St Helens living in the 1% most deprived of areas nationally S.t Helens ranks as the 8th most deprived authority out of 317 in terms of relative Health Deprivation and Disability St. Helens ranks as the 9th most deprived authority in terms of relative employment deprivation St Helens ranks as the 34th most deprived authority in terms of relative income deprivation
  4. I work for a company which probably has to place the highest importance on data security out of all companies. We've been allowed to WFH even before Coronavirus so I would expect it probably isn't as risky as first thought. With that said, we do all of our work on secure remote servers that can only be accessed through a VPN. On the bright side, it looks like this is more likely an issue with the tests rather than a genuine re-infection.
  5. We've hammered catching in good grip and passing for the last 6 months so we aren't too bad in that regard. We did lots of mirroring drills and also lots of general body awareness i.e. gymnastic exercises and so on which is the sort of stuff we never get the chance to emphasise usually.
  6. I coached my first socially-distanced rugby training session last night. Pleasantly surprised with how it went and how many rugby skills we were still able to work on! All it took was some creative thinking and ~100 cones.
  7. Maintaining weight is a constant struggle for me usually, so being trapped inside has been quite a nice break in that regard as my calorie expenditure is much lower. Given my maintenance is currently 3300/day, you can imagine what it was before lockdown!
  8. Weight is down to 84kg. Finally got a scales to measure it! Gradually gonna reduce my calories but not been restrictive yet, currently maintaining weight at around 3300 calories.
  9. It's just their website hasn't been updated. They ran an u15s team in a Yorkshire League in 2018 but i believe didn't have the numbers for it last year. However, they have been present at the last few junior festivals at Outlaws (where I coach).
  10. They do run some juniors, though I'm not sure how many. I can't tell you the full criteria to be honest, it was a couple of years ago when we looked at it. From memory, there was some stuff about needing juniors, a reserve team, a clubhouse within view of the pitch, I can't remember what else.
  11. This would be awful for the game. There is a trade-off between safety of attacking options and ruck speed currently. The lowest risk option is 5 scoots, followed by 5 one-out carries. Teams don't do that at the minute because if they do, defenders can solely commit to the ball-carrier and dominate the ruck.If you introduced a maximum of two defenders in a tackle, all you have to do is 5 one-out carries because you will have such quick rucks that you may as well take the safest option. In addition to this, you would see bigger and bigger players, because there would be a greater competitive disadvantage to a lack of size. Currently you can have a smaller forward pack than the opposition but outplay them if you can put numbers into the tackle and win the ruck despite this. If you say a maximum of 2 players can make a tackle, smaller players are going to consistently lose out, so there will be a general trend upwards in terms of size. In addition to this, what happens when 2 players is simply not enough to tackle someone? Taumololo would score 5 tries a game while the remaining 11 defenders watched. The thing about playing what you see isn't true either, it's just people think "playing what you see" is taking crazy unnecessary risks rather than merely choosing the appropriate option given the constraints present. Every professional team plays what they see, multiple times per tackle and pivots who cannot do that well enough will not be around for long. Imagine a team attacking the opposition's tryline. For example, they'll get to a scrum line and count numbers on the short-side to check for an overlap - they'll play what they see by passing left or right from the PTB to where they have the advantage. If the markers aren't set, forwards will play what they see by hitting behind the ruck or the hooker will jump out. Now if the halfback gets the ball, he'll play what he sees by taking an inside option if the defence are set out wide. If he's on the outside of his man, he'll play what he sees by throwing a dummy and running. Assuming he hits the man out the back, this player will also play what he sees. If a defender has turned his hips, he can play what he sees by hitting the short option. If no defender has turned his hips, he'll likely go out the back to the fullback. If the fullback sees the centre jamming in on him, he'll play what he sees by hitting the short or long pass in hardly any time. If he has time, he may double-pump the ball and make a decision based on whether he sees the centre plant his feet. If the defending winger is ahead of the ball, he may go over the top or put a grubber in behind. All of this decision-making, along with information about individual match ups, game circumstances, weather, pitch condition etc are being factored in every play of the game. It's a myth that modern pivots can't play what they see, what they are seeing is just far less obvious than some of the awful defence from decades ago.
  12. For anyone who found Cummings' trip to Durham a concern, he's just been spotted in the crowd for Sydney Roosters vs South Sydney!
  13. The two aren't particularly related, muscle pulls are a question of load exceeding a muscle's capacity. https://www.pogophysio.com.au/blog/the-3-key-stages-for-achilles-tendinopathy-exercises/ Start with isometric holds and progress as mentioned in the link - there's videos for each section. To be honest the isometrics alone would probably be sufficient depending on the end goal. One other thing I found beneficial was sleeping with my feet off the edge of the bed (if you sleep on your front). In theory because you sleep with your Achilles in a shortened position, that could be contributing to it. I agree on running, but burpees are even worse and are an exercise that places loads of impact through the joints for no real benefit. Rugby league players are probably the only group where they have merit.
  14. What ligaments was it? Ankle I take it?
  15. Coventry Bears were in NCL before they entered League 1. Bristol Sonics and Nottingham Outlaws amongst others were also in the Rugby League Conference which was comparable. Wolfhunt have entered YML 5 so are some distance away from NCL currently but I expect they'll get promoted pretty quickly for the first couple of years. Nottingham Outlaws applied for NCL in recent years but the league wanted to see further progress with junior development first, and we have since changed our mind on what is most appropriate for us. The difficulty with applying for teams outside the heartland is on meeting some of the non-playing factors. As an example, if you recruit heavily from the student game but don't have your juniors in an organised league, you may struggle to evidence hitting some of the criteria.
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