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  1. Yeah our media and pundits are often our worst enemy. When the SL teams were regularly winning the WCC it was because the NRL clubs were treating it as a joke not even as important as a preseason game. Once the NRL were back winning it was because the SL was just rubbish compared to the NRL. So rubbish infact that every time we had to discuss if the game was even worth playing anymore.
  2. Oh I love these posts about how lowly the opinion is Australians hold about SL. Who bloody cares. In soccer I have never watched a La liga match, couldn't tell you who's top of the league same with Serie A, Bundesliga etc.. but I'm still interested in Champions League because international club games are interesting. In RL we have 4 countries who have professional clubs its not beyond the realms of possibility to generate interest in international club games without making every Australian RL fan get up at 2 am to watch SL.
  3. I agree if you want NFL you just go to the London games. Going to a small soccer/rugby stadium with small crowds and rubbish amenities to watch semi pro American football is not why people follow NFL.
  4. I don't think so, alot of soccer pundits and fans bemoan the amount of Burnley v Watford type games the PL has.
  5. Not that many sports have promotion and relegation. Mostly its just soccer.
  6. I've been hoping for the day Toulouse gets in SL for years. Thankfully it has happened, even though it should of happened last year at least. I really find it amazing how we could be messing around with the idea of the likes of Leigh and potentially Featherstone in SL when we are fighting for our lives and trying to prove to sky we are an elite competition.
  7. Could the Catalans v Toulouse derby be the one to finally replace the Leeds v Bradford crowds
  8. I'm extremely happy we have Tolouse in SL but in reality it should of happened last year if not 2/3 years ago. It makes the competition look and feel much more elite with another big city club, who are a proper historic rugby league club not just a team plopped in Toronto. To think we could have ended up with Featherstone in SL when we are trying to prove to SKY that we are a top product.
  9. Guess what guys nobody in the UK watches the Belgian First Division must mean its doomed to fold within the decade.
  10. Such a weird mentality we have in RL No body watches the EFL championship play-offs and say well its not the quality of the Champions league what an embarrassement.
  11. Would love it too happen, but if I see it being announced that a 3 match series to be played at the Leigh Sports Village I'm gonna lose my s***
  12. I don't buy this argument. Everyone loves winning. I don't think suddenly losing will bring the fans back. The All Blacks have won 80% of their matches in their 100+ year history.
  13. I'd wager if it doesn't go ahead. That will be time for the RLWC for a long time.
  14. Would you trust Aus to take part in 2022. I wouldn't.
  15. More of a thread about if it would be possible. And if anyone could come up with line ups.
  16. Could we come up with two sides from SL based players?
  17. I agree, but RFL/IRFL would never have the backbone to ###### off NRL. Although they must realise that they are no longer friendly partners and the quicker we move on from them (NRL) the better.
  18. The RFL and IRFL have no backbone so it is likely to be postponed. But in my opinion. You can easily make up two Australian and NZ invitational teams from players over here and players willing to break ranks.
  19. Unfortunately we now have to act as if Australia and NZ no longer exist in the international game. It will be difficult but it must be done. We can no longer depend on them to act as a friendly partner.
  20. I just bought the Oxen Leeds Cotton Jersey and its the weirdest cut I have ever seen on a t-shirt. It's like a corset in the midriff,no wonder its on sale already.
  21. Huh!? Thats literally what I said. We never needed to sign big names due to our success in the past, now we are struggling to progress while we blow big money on firefighting.
  22. I'm not saying your wrong but as someone else mentioned in the last page. Leeds have never needed to sign a superstar. We have always lost players to Wigan, Warrington and Saints because of our previous salary policy. But we never needed to push the boat out because of the "golden generation" Who was the last World class singing Leeds made Ellis, Peacock? Were taking a decade ago. We haven't been challenging for great signing for years. Now we're blowing money on anyone that's available like Lui or at the time an injured Gale.
  23. I think this is indicative of Leeds demise. It was a desperation signing. I might sound like a prima donna Leeds fans but the '17 GF win and last years Cup win has papered over some huge gaping cracks. We have been a poor side for 4 years now and we are a million miles away from Saints, Warrington and Wigan. We need a proper plan and stop with the desperate signings.
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