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  1. Just woke up from nightshift. What a disappointment just on every level. How on earth did they reach this decision!! I'm disgusted.
  2. There seems to be momentum with the Bulls. I think they are softening us for a Bulls comeback. I am really dreading Monday anorl.
  3. I get that now and again a stand out player from a mediocre team should win like a Rangi Chase. But McShane is a slightly above average hooker who has had a pretty ordinary season.
  4. Its crazy that the 12th club isn't known at this stage. Clubs have already sorted squads for next year, this 12th club will be fishing for scraps and with half Central funding. RL is really fantastic at making itself look tin pot.
  5. Yeah i thought originally Bradford had no chance. But more and more I hear noises that seem to be quite favourable towards Bradford. My opinion is they should be no where near SL at this moment.
  6. Just turned on. How has Kendall got another play-off game after the disaster last week!?
  7. So the master plan is to reintroduce the US sports stye nicknames that we did in 1996
  8. It was obvious what Mcallorum was trying to do, its not hindsight I knew by the first replay that he was trying to get him up to stop the penalty and incredibly he didn't get one.
  9. Yep he should be dropped from SL for a while in my opinion. Unfortunately we don't have loads of refs to choose from so might not be possible.
  10. Hopefully all the officials for that game should be done for the season.
  11. Picking him up with a head injury is incredibly dangerous. He knew exactly what he was doing. Fortunately the officials that night were beyond incompetent.
  12. I don't get that report. What has it to do with Catalan if Super League can't negotiate a substantial TV deal. Although they have brought in 290,000 euros of TV money over 5 years going by the reports figures. This of course doesn't include the cost of the production team and hardware of 100+ live SL games that would have not been otherwise shown. I'd like to know what other one English club is directly responsible for 290k of funding. Infact I would love to know what any sponsor gave SL anywhere near the 290k they received from French TV. I think it is a very small list. This is of cours
  13. Kendall is in charge. All Leeds players seemed to see it, Mcallorum knew as he tried to get Dwyer to his feet.
  14. Crazy!! Kendal and his team needs retraining and not officiate a game until then.
  15. 24 people want Fev in SL !! Couldnt even field a side last year was it. Play with a team full of Leeds 2nd string.
  16. Should be Tolouse but no doubt they will give it to Leigh if Derek Beaumont sponsors some competition with AB decking no money probably just free garden decking for all SL club chairmen.
  17. Champions League games are happening all around Europe today and tomorrow
  18. Champions League, Europa League International games will all be continuing so if any SL club say they won't travel should face sanctions and given the loss. My gut feeling is RFL/SLE will bottle it and ask Catalan to camp in UK and sanction them if they refuse haha pathetic. Its all for the clubs to save a few quid on booking chartered plane trips.
  19. You can charter a plane from a regional airport to perpignan coach straight to stadium then coach back after game. No more risk than going to Hull
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