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  1. Ikind of tally's up with those Headingley press releases of only 150 seats left. Really weird as there was at least 1000 seats available on the night.
  2. Yeah its funny how much derision it gets but when the hooter goes it always a tough game.
  3. I don't get why everyone gets so worked up. Its only a competition akin to the Super Cup, Charity Shield or the FIFA club world cup etc... Just like those games, its a bit of fun but ultimately worthless. Doesn't mean it should be scrapped though. It doesn't need to be the greatest achievement in RL it can just be what it is. Which is an exhibition with some silverware at the end.
  4. wasn't saying you did, just a rant about this early bird fallacy. Not many businesses can rely on oversubscribed events. We certainly can't so being flexible on prices is a must.
  5. Watch the France v Lebanon match from 2017. It was laughable.
  6. Yep, That bit of Wales pressure had Tonga all over the shop and nothing was penalised. Loads of offsides and ruck infractions.
  7. pulled up Wales with a couple really soft set restarts while letting Tonga off with the same.
  8. That works if you have a in-demand event that is likely to sell out x times over. But whats the incentive to buy a ticket to an event a year in advance that won't sell out and because of some dogmatic reasons you refuse to be flexible on pricing when you have 10,000's of empty seats. Sometimes 75% of the stadium is empty.
  9. I don't really get this. Why is it a bad thing to be dynamic and flexible on prices. If your the kind of person who buys a ticket a year in advance then you'll probably always do it. Just like the people who pay high prices on holidays 2 years in advance. Because these people like to have things organised. I'm the opposite. I like to float around at the last minute or a few months prior and look for sales or bargains. Whats wrong with trying to get the "floating voter's" cash.
  10. Exactly, the last thing I want is a English ref. They get starstruck by the Aussies and give em everything.
  11. Problem is the strongest French team is going to involve loads of Catalan players. And quite rightly they shouldn't have to release 10 players mid-season. Its quite a large disadvantage.
  12. I think it was for tackling the player by grabbing his collar. Does that even count as a high tackle? not sure
  13. Literally just tackled the bloke . Is it against the rules to grab a collar
  14. Not sure where the money is going. Because it sure ain't going on any entertainment or festivities on game days.
  15. I disagree, we are not cheaper than comparable sports. The ticket they want me too pay £110 for at Elland Rd is circa £40 for the biggest soccer league (premier league)in the worlds most popular sport. I can get a Champions League game at Man City for £22 Yes RU,Cricket and Wimbledon is expensive but the have 150 years of upper class establishment support that we do not. It is not comparable. We have to exist in what market we exist in, we can not pretend we belong to another.
  16. I'm not that worried about the Emirates game, its a world class facility in a world renowned city. I am worried about £110 tickets at Elland Rd and £75 £55 for Hull, Huddersfield and DW
  17. I don't thing discounting would be a mistake, I think its probably the cpr that we need at least for the knockout stages. We haven't seen the games that are costing £110, £85 and £70 yet
  18. Ah that's what must of happened to me, thought I was going mad. I've had to register several times and updated my account because I could never log on. Like you say after a fluke I got on the right page and was able to buy tickets.
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