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  1. I'm gonna have to defend my fellow loiners here. The Aus game at 13.5k is pretty impressive when we are talking alot of £55 and £75 tickets sold. Its also more than this fixture would have got in Australia
  2. 150 seats available at Headingley was a farce
  3. I didn't go to any games in 2013. But what shocked going to the Aus v Fiji game was that there was nothing that told you it was the a world cup. Absolutely nothing going on around the stadium, no freebies,no flags,no entertainment. I enjoyed the game but the Rhinos usually put more of a show on regular season games.
  4. Agree its mad, they could have hired me to sell the tickets door to door in Warrington for the last 2 years and would have got more
  5. I thought it was awful, hope they don't bring it to SL
  6. What we thinking about the QF's and SF alot of tickets are £75,£85 and £110 Who is paying £110 to go to Elland Rd? Or £75 at the DW?
  7. £100 to watch England at Lords is different than France vs Greece in Doncaster. Im sure you wouldn't pay £100 for a seat in the eco power stadium.
  8. Not even £25 its £29 including the ridiculous processing fee
  9. We got 2013 right just like the Womens Euros got it right. There is nothing wrong with being an affordable sport there is a market for it.
  10. I would love to have been in that meeting with the people who set prices, because I'm not sure what they were smoking. Any sober or sane individual would have laughed at thier proposals. Just like we did on here. Trying to ignore market forces was ridiculous. Like I said on another thread. Kia don't just raise thier prices to match ferrari because they both have four wheels and an engine.
  11. The biggest issue was the pricing. Any idiot idiot could see but the guys at RLWC didn't do anything until a few weeks before the tournament. There is something out there called market forces that you can't just ignore. Kia can't just raise there prices to match Ferrari's just because they both have four wheels and an engine. We stupidly raised our prices to a premium without any justification. Just because Union and NFL can flog £70-£100 tickets doesn't mean we can. The Women's EUROs got it right, they realised what market they were in a priced accordingly.
  12. They always get it, especially from the starstruck English refs
  13. Was working today tried to miss the score but failed. Bloody eck what have Somoa been doing last couple of weeks? Eating too many pies it seems.
  14. - 14 degrees!! Blimey where is it played Northern Sweden.
  15. Reminds me of the off license near to the US embassy. You needed a printed out proof of an appointment to get in that literally no one had. So it was full of stressed out Visa applicants getting prints. They must have made a killing.
  16. Its like the stuff you get from Aldi middle aisle for soccer WC or Euros problem is they are usually £9.99 while we are trying to shift that for £40
  17. Wakefield. St Helens doesn't look to bad 2hrs+ but only one train from Dewsbury. But Warrington is a right faff Wakey to Leeds then on to Manchester Oxford Rd then another change from there to St Helens
  18. Problem is and I know this is a political one but getting to the North West from Yorkshire on public transport is ridiculous. I quite fancy a few of the games in Warrington or St Helens but it takes 2-3hrs + with 2 or 3 connections from mine.
  19. I've got my tickets, just hope for at least 20 mins of competive footy. Last time I went to a Oz game was the final of the four nations at Anfield. NZ never showed up and it was the most boring sporting event I have ever been to.
  20. Yeah this is interesting and where it diverts from any NFL comparison. Where players were routinely tackling with the head as a battering ram alot of times aiming it to hit the opponents head. Like you said head contact has always been illegal at any level of rugby.
  21. Said that when this was announced last year or so. How on earth could you prove brain damage was caused by Rugby as opposed to his decades worth of heavy drug and alcohol abuse and his history of fighting and drink driving collision.
  22. Is really weird because historically the North stand is the last stand to fill up. But you can get a ticket anywhere you want so it doesn't suggest any stand is close to selling out.
  23. I thought they said only 150 tickets left for Aus v Fiji at Headingley a few weeks ago. Looked on yesterday you could buy a ticket anywhere in the ground.
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